It is always good to share a problem and get good and sound advice that offers some practical solutions to troubles eating you up inside. What kind of problems do we face? there are plenty indeed. There is only one person who can solve all our problems in this marvelous Universe, however it still isn't wrong to get good and sound advice from somebody in this world. 

Everybody needs good advice to problems we face as we journey through life. Alexanders Advice Blog has been designed to tackle many of the common problems that always affect us. Issues basically to do with relationships and Self development are basically the main areas of concern. The way you use this information to make personal decisions shouldn't be meant to bring you personal harm but actually should assist remove the heavy load you have to carry everyday. So, Ultimately you decide how you want to lead your journey in this world but the information in this Advice Blog is mainly meant to give you a different side to the whole coin and possibly help you make the right decision.This Advice Blog is meant to help you! This site is mainly targeted for people 18years and above.

Alexanders Advice Blog will attempt to offer the best advice to some of the problems that affect everyone and will also give you the opportunity to express your views. Feel free to suggest topics you feel should be included at advicealexander@gmail.com. All the best!


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