Monday, 30 December 2013

When you feel you will always be alone

Negative feelings inside

There are some people in life who haven't really had it well in the world of relationships. They ofcourse have dated a couple of times but things haven't really worked out well for them always resulting in a painful break up. Others have actually never even dated in their life and even though they have wanted to, they just feel like nobody is really interested in them. Heres some good advice for you, if you are one of those people? you are not alone. Lets dive into this further!!

When you feel nobody cares

Yes, it is so easy to feel negative feelings in your mind right? Just think of it, everyday you walk down the street or take a bus or fly on the plane, you always see couples together happily showing affection to each other. Most times you may even ask yourself this question "Why can't that be me?" When you think of the many times you have tried to enter a relationship or when you remember those painful break-ups you went through, you just feel nobody really cares.

Having negative feelings is normal but the truth is, you have to control those feelings. First, you must realize in the first place that there are people in this world who genuinly care about you. You also have to realize that the reason you may be single could be because the right person hasn't showed up yet. But heres some good advice for you, if you continue to allow negative feelings to take control of your life heres what it can do to you.

1. Hate couples; You might start hating people who are already in a relationship simply because you are not in one yet. That can happen alot sometimes and you dont want to be a part of it because there are alot of couples out there in this world.

2. You might shut yourself out; Yes you might end up shutting yourself out from reality which can really have heavy consequences. That is something you shouldn't even think of doing at all.

3. You might reject any possibility of being in a relationship; Because you are so negative about yourself, there is always a chance that you would never want to be in a relationship...EVER!!

Ending the negative feelings

Start by talking about your feelings to a close friend or relative, it wouldn't hurt to pour your feelings out to them hoping to receive the needed comfort. Another thing is to remember that you will not always be alone because with time you will find the right person. Getting involved in hobbies and keeping busy all the time will truly help get something out of your system. Heres some good advice for you, only you can make it happen....All the best!!

Dealing with long distance relationships

When distance kills love

There are a lot of long distance relationships in this world today and the truth is, we all know that this presents a few challenges right? or maybe alot of challenges. However, you have to admit that many long distance relationships have also worked too. But what do you do when distance actually begins to corrode, erase or even kill true love? Well heres some good advice for you, you need to act quickly and FAST!! Since you may be dating lets dive into this shall we.

Why it happens?

Just why does long distance relationships fail to work sometimes or why do they even begin to kill true love? Well, you have to agree that being with someone in person and seeing their faces really makes a big huge difference. Alot of couples who are long distance can't just stand being alone and sometimes it hurts so bad that they begin to choose other options such as seeing someone else. Never a good idea!

While its true that these challenges do take place, there is still real reason to believe that things can still work. Love can conquer distance and the thing is, if you truly believe in each other you can still try to fight for your love. Heres some good advice for you, the key to maintaining a strong bond is communication, communication and communication.

Communication beats all odds

You have to communicate and communicate everyday. You see folks, you have emails, you have phones and you have many other form you can use to strengthen the bond. How often should you communicate? Well everyday. Communicate in the morning, afternoon and evening...make sure that your presense is felt even though you are so far away.

Are you thinking about what to talk about? Just talk about anything...Ask each other how the day was, ask yourselves about food, travel, entertainment. Heres some good advice for you, make it interesting, make it easy and fun.

When the time finally comes during the year, you can several times make visitations to each other and make each moment memorable. There is no copy and paste solution to this, but the couple has to pull through this together. Heres some good advice for you, make it happen. All the best!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Questions to ask yourself before breaking up

Something to consider always

There may be those times in life when we just think that the relationship we are in is going nowhere. That has happened to alot of people but still, should we rush into a break-up? or should we first seat down and understand some important questions. Heres some good advice for you, there are a couple of questions you should always do well to consider before rushing into a break-up. Lets dive into this shall we.

Questions to ask yourself

1. How big is the problem?; There are always valid reason why two people may choose not to be together however, is the problem that big that you can no longer be together? Ofcourse, thats for the couple to decide, but if a simple misunderstanding is present you really need to ask whether a break up is the solution or there could be other means. Heres some good advice for you, solving misunderstandings is key.

2. Any possibilities of giving the relationship a chance?; You know, sometimes we quickly rush into a break up without seriously considering the possibilities that the relationship can actually work if we give it a chance. Ofcourse circumstances do really vary but the truth is, if you seat down and reflect and then discover that you can actually give the relationship a second chance, why not do it.

3. How do you really feel?; Sometimes we may tell ourselves that we want to break-up but when you seat down by yourself you soon realize that you actually don't. Now we are not saying that you should remain in a relationship that is clearly bad for you however, for the relationship which is good and you know deep inside you dont want to break up, then rethink your decision seriously.

4. How do more experienced people feel?; It isn't wrong to get good and sound advice from people who care about you and are more experienced. However, remember that any decision you make in life becomes your responsibility and not the responsibility of your advisers, remember to weigh things carefully no matter what sort of advice you receive.

If your decision is to break-up

A break-up is never a good time for anybody. However, some break-ups are necessary while others are not. But heres some good advice for you, if you decide to break-up you have to live with your decision and make sure not to hold any regrets about it. There is need however to really think things through before coming up with a final decision. Be happy...All the best!!!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Work and Family

Maintaining a balance

Being part of a family unit is really something truly special. However, the truth is most of the times work can seriously get in the way of family. How so? Well the more time you spend at work, the less time we spend with our families. But the truth is, we all know that we have a responsibility to take care of our families however the question still lies, how do we maintain the balance? Heres some good advice for you, priorities do really matter.

Setting your priorities

1. Spending time with your spouse; Your spouse really matters a lot in your life and the truth is, they really need you. However, sometimes work can really get in the way of a happy marriage and if left unchecked can spell trouble. How do you get around this? well first things first, always include some quality time strictly for you and your spouse. It doesn't need to be the whole day but could it be sufficient enough for both of you never to complain? Ask yourself that question.

2. Spending time with your kids and going out; Yes the kids also need your time and help. Why is it crucial that you spend quality time with your kids, well the truth is you want whats best for your kids and the last thing you need is seeing them bring harm to themselves. When you seat down and listen to what they have to say, you give them the opportunity for you to become closer with them and get to know them in ways you didn't really know before. You don't want your kids growing up and never knowing you at all now do you? Act promptly.

3. Giving some time to yourself; There is something you should always remember, you as a human being also need time to yourself. There is no need to add so much pressure to yourself because the truth is, for you to function well and be beneficial to your family, you also need to be okay internally. Take some time off and do things to ease yourself from all the pressures in life. Go out with friends and have a drink or two. Heres some good advice for you, don't neglect yourself.

Accepting a well paying job

You might be privileged to be given a higher paying job but you have to ask yourself these questions...Will it give you sufficient time for family? Its your call...ALL THE BEST!!!

Single parent advice

Are you ready for remarriage?

Being a single parent is never easy because the truth is you become the father, mother, breadwinner and friend to your children all at the same time. Ofcourse you may think in your minds how wonderful it would be to have a spouse who would not only show some love to you, but also show love to your children. In this day and age everything seems to be a challenge but heres some good advice for you, are you really ready for a remarriage? if so, what are key things to consider before entering a remarriage? Heres some good advice for you, READ ON!!!

Considerations when thinking of a remarriage

Yes being a single parent is hard enough right? I mean think of it, everyday you are worrying about how to meet the costs of your children, how to meet their emotional needs and how to meet their daily concerns. Ofcourse, you also want to be loved by somebody and thus ease the heavy load away. Ofcourse, you should realize that not anything that comes your way is acceptable....The thing is, you need a spouse who will understand your situation well and understand that there are kids that both of you have to take care of.

If you have decided to remarry after losing your first marriage due to death or divorce, it is always good to consider the realities surrounding your circumstances. Heres some good advice for you, you need to analyze your situation critically and also analyze how the spouse you are considering remarrying also considers things. Take for instance, how does he/she view your kids? Quit frankly if they cannot love your kids or atleast try to, then that may spell just a bit of trouble. Ofcourse, you may also want to consider how they feel that your Ex will have to visit everytime and again.

However, when considering remarrying somebody, it may also be wise to consider how generally they handle matters as a whole. You know, you don't want to bring into your family somebody who will just give you an additional burden in your life and the life of your  kids, but you have to bring someone who will lighten your load, add value to your kids and make you happy. Ofcourse, love between you and your future spouse is also a good thing. Heres some good advice for you, ask yourself whether you really want this or not.

Announcing to your kids the good or maybe bad news

Your kids have a major role to play in the whole equation because the truth is, you care about them alot and the last thing you want to do is make them feel sad. However, what is good news to you may turn out to be terrible news to them. When telling your kids about your possible remarriage, dont drop it like an atomic bomb. But you should be able to tell them in a tactiful and gradual way. Just how do you pull it off?

Well you can start by asking "How would you feel if you had a new dad or mom?" or "How would you feel if I got married to a close friend of mine?" you know such questions will atleast push the idea into the childrens mind that maybe you are considering it or it may help you understand their reaction. All in all, you shouldn't expect it to be 100% smooth transition but whatever the case, they may have to learn to accept your decision as a parent.

Whatever the case, you can still be happy. All the best.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Making someone fall in love with you

Fact or reality?

There may be somebody you like so much and how you wish they could just fall in love with you too.Well the trouble is, no matter how much you try to make it happen it just doesn't happen. But before we even go any further on this one, is it possible to make somebody fall in love with you? Well heres some good advice for you, anything can happen in this world.

What falling in love involves

Sometimes love is just so hard to define because people fall in love with somebody due to a whole combination of things. Some people fall in love with somebody because of looks, others fall in love with somebody because of money. Well whatever the case most people see love as a really strong intensive feeling which engulfs a persons whole mind and body. To cut it short, its a romantic feeling which two people feel for each other.

Getting somebody to feel the same way about you is not an easy thing because the truth is, we all have our backgrounds, tastes and preferences. However, in my opinion I think what we like is not necessarily what we always need. But then, the question is how does somebody get another person to fall in love with them. Heres some good advice for you, it isn't easy. But here are three steps you can do.

3 Vital Steps to get somebody to fall in love with you

1) Find out what they like; Bingo!!!! you see folks the thing is we all have our tastes, likes and dislikes but the beauty about this is that if you are able to know exactly what the other person likes, then you might have a good chance in drawing them to you. So heres some good advice for you, its time to do your homework.

2) Give love to receive love; You know, you are not going to believe this but to some people who have completely no interest in you, showing them how much you care about them can make them think twice about turning you down. Yes, you have to give love to recieve love. How do you show that you care about them? It is by what you do and by what you say. Are you always there when they need somebody to cry their tears on?.....Doesn't always work but could work for you.

3) Do something sweet and show good qualities; You may have the looks but sometimes the people you want to fall in love with you dont even look for that,,,,they look for substance. You have to be able to exhibit good qualities that can draw them to you. Good qualities such as being well mannered and behaved, having a good reputation e.t.c ofcourse not everyone goes for that but in your case, that may be something really, really important. If its a lady, get her some flowers for crying out loud.

Remember, there is no text book way to do these things but the bottom line is, you just want to make the effort and who knows, it might just work. Heres some good advice for you, make it happen today!!

How to have a successful relationship

Little things that make a difference

You have to agree that relationships these days are on the rocks and make no mistake, each and everyday presents couples with new challenges. But to have a successful relationships really calls for two people to really commit themselves to each other and thats THAT. However, why do many relationships fail and how can relationship be a success always? Heres some good advice for you, sometimes its the little things we do that can spell success. Lets dive into this further shall we.

Things each couple should do

1. Generosity; You know alot of times these days couples find themselves trapped trying to make ends meet that they have little time for each other. Heres some good advice for you, you need to be generous with your time, affection and love. Yes, being generous with your time will go a long way as you get to know each other.  Work and hobbies shouldn't get in the way of any arrangements you may have.

2. Trust; It really matters a lot when two people have trust for each other because thats what can really make the relationship work. Have you ever seen how insecure some couples are simply because they dont trust each other, that can bring alot of anxiety in the relationship. Trust conquers suspicion and trust also strengthens the bond. Both people in the relationship should also work hard at earning their trust. 

3. What we say; Abusive speech and anger between two people can really tear things apart. However, when our everyday conversation is always upbuilding many couples find themselves lasting together for a long time. Ofcourse, differences will be there but whatever we do, it does count what we say and how we say it.

4. Forgiving; Ofcourse its easier said than done but you have to admit that when two people are forgiving it really keeps the relationship going despite what mistakes could have been committed. Whichever situation we may face this is really something we should all consider.

5. Commitment;  there is only one person in our lives not two or three or four...JUST ONE. Most successful relationships know this very well.

Hope this helped, All the best!!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

How to reject somebody without hurting them

Its never really easy

Lets say you are not interested in somebody even after they have been persueing you for many months, just how do you reject them without hurting them? Well, it may look easy but the truth is things can get really complicated if the person you are rejecting is (1) your Ex, (2) someone you like or (3) someone you are not interesting in. Heres some good advice for you, lets dive into this further shall we.

3 testing situations

1. Rejecting your Ex; Lets say you broke up with your Ex months ago and after some time the both of you become good friends. Lets say your Ex wants to be given a second chance but you soon decide that it cannot happen. Just how do you spill the beans?

Over the years you have known each other its obvious you also know their personality quit well right? So make sure when breaking the news to them you do it in a way that they won't get offended. Since you have known each other quit well, you will be sure that at a certain time of the day or at a certain place or in a certain way of expressing yourself will you be able to break the news without offending particularly them.

2. Rejecting someone you like; If there is someone out there who is persueing you and you clearly like them but for some reason known to yourself you decide to reject them, just how do you do it? Well heres some good advice for you, if you truly like them you are going to do it in a way you wont want to offend them.

You first have to begin by telling them how you really feel about them and also explain other positive qualities you have personally observed.But when breaking the news, just explain to them why you think it wont be possible for the two of you to have anything...SEEE. Ofcourse, if you are still not sure about the possibilities of the two of you, you may want to still maintain a just friends arrangement.

3. Someone you are completely not interested in; For somebody you are not interested in, simply put yourself in their shoes. If you were in their shoes, how would you like the bad news to be broken out to you. Heres some good advice for you, if circumstances permit might want to consider breaking the news in a polite but considerate way. It's your call.

All the best!!

5 reasons people play hard to get

Why people play hard to get?

Have you ever wondered why the person you keep on persueing just keeps turning you down even when you work so hard to give you a chance? Well heres some good advice for you, there are many reasons behind it some of them good reasons while others lame. But the thing is, whichever way you look at it, these things happen and will continue happening. Heres some good advice for you, lets dive into this topic further shall we.

5 reasons why people play hard to get

1. They just aren't interested; When somebody plays hard to get, they are probably not interested in you at all. Its plain simple and nomatter how hard you try to draw their attention, you are just not their type. Heres some good advice for you, the truth can hurt sometimes.

2. They are not yet ready; Somebody may be interested in you but the mere fact that they are not ready for a relationship can really spoil things. You see, some people are just recovering from a broken heart while others had a nasty experience which has caused them to look at relationships in a negative angle. Some people are not ready for a relationship because they have career prospects in mind too, while others are not yet of age. Many reasons, many angles................ it is your call.

3. There is someone else; You can't ignore the fact that the person plays hard to get because there is someone else in their lives.Plain and simple.

4. They are observing you; When a person turns you down it doesn't always mean that they have rejected you completely but it can also mean that they want to be sure that they are making the right decision. So sometimes people may play hard to get because they are actually observing your qualities, your personality and your other attributes. The thing is, before anyone can commit to relationship they have to be sure they are making the right decision.

5. They know your character; Some people play hard to get because they already know the persuers character as simply being bad. Plain and simple.

 Handling a rejection

It is never easy being rejected especially by someone you have had high hopes for. But the thing is, everyone is entitled to make their own decision whether it may seem wise or not. Heres some good advice for you, if you ever get rejected.........MOVE ON!! but also remember that a NO could mean NO but at the same time a NO could mean YES. All the best folks!!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Signs you may need someone in your life

Something you may have overlooked

There always reaches a time in a persons life when they need someone to be with. Ofcourse not just anybody counts in our lives but each one of us needs the kind of person who will definitely complete us and make us happy. Ofcourse because of our busy schedules or maybe even past disappointments we may sometimes convince ourselves that everything's okay and there is no need for me to get married. While staying single is even better heres some good advice for you, if you need somebody to be with that is perfectly normal. Lets dive into this shall we.

Signs you want to settle down

You definitely have been trying to write off the whole idea of trying to find that one true love in your life haven't you right? Well heres some good advice for you, you probably have been trying to but deep inside we both know you really want it. There are 3 signs that show deep inside you really want to start dating somebody.

1. overwhelming loneliness; There comes a time in a persons life when we just feel lonely and sad. Yes because of not having somebody to love and be loved by that somebody it can really have a negative impact on us. It happens alot and despite what you might do, when its time to settle down you just can't really find an alternative.

2. your reaction around other couples; Lets say you are invited to a gathering and at that gathering everybody has somebody to walk around with except yourself. If that wasn't a problem then most people wouldn't see anything wrong with it but for those who really need somebody in their lives, they know fully well that they cant stand watching others dating when they themselves have no one to be with too. That can signal that you need somebody in your life.

3. Your moods; Believe it or not some people are extremly moody simply because they want to have somebody in their lives. Not that even people who are dating never get moody but the truth is, it may be a possible sign to you that you want to begin seeing somebody. So start seeing somebody.

Seeing the right person

When it comes to choosing somebody to be with, not everything that comes is best for you. You have to be selective and establish what it is you really need in somebody in order to have a successful relationship and marriage inview. For starters, the best thing you can do is get to know a persons character through other well trusted people or through your interactions with them. Heres some good advice for you, it is never good to rush into a relationship out of desperation but it is always good to remember that choosing the right person counts alot.

When you finally decide to date, date for the right reasons. All the best!!

Telling someone how you really feel?

You like somebody, what do you do?

There is somebody you really like out there very much that it hurts so much that you don't have the courage to let out the truth. Heres some good advice for you, you are not alone. You have two options, you can either keep it within yourself and let time passes until it dissappears or you can gather up your courage and actually go and tell them.

The fear of rejection

This is definitely the number one reason people never want to tell somebody they like how they truly feel, because of the fear of rejection. We all have this kind of fear and the truth is, being rejected is never a good feeling at all. It could be that in our minds that we know we want to tell them but at the same time we have that feeling that we might just get rejected. How do you get around this?

Well for starters, if you really like them as you say you do then nothing should hold you back unless you have a really good reason that they wont accept you. Normally, we just create stuff in our minds that make it seem we will get rejected when infact we wont. To get around this here's some good advice for you, gather your courage and make it work.

How to tell them

There are many ways you can tell them and they dont have to be the most famous ways, the thing is you want to get the truth out. The thing is you have to go to them and tell them how you feel and what is on your mind. If you two have been friends for some time or just know each other, you can initiate a conversation and begin expressing yourself freely. When getting the truth out to them, dont scare or alarm them with words like "I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!" all of a sudden. Put them in a comfortable mood and be tactiful in expressing yourself.

Start by saying something about the wonderful things you like about them. Don't bore them with a whole lot of things but just have somewhere to begin your story. Then, when they see that you have something you want to say, let it all out. Expect anything and always remember there isn't anything wrong in wanting to find a partner you will spend the rest of your life with. All the best!!!

When your boss starts making advances

Your boss wants a relationship

The working world is just filled with surprises isn't it? But the truth is, the mere fact that we spend most of our precious time at work instead of at home with our families actually makes the working world our second home in a way. However, what would you do if your boss started to make serious advances at you? Well heres some good advice for you, there is need to think things through seriously.

Think things through seriously

Having a relationship is somethings most people in life want in general. However, when a boss asks to start going out with you, that in itself is a little complicated. You see folks, in some organizations dating in the workplace is prohibited. And whats even worse, if you are caught sometimes the last person to get the blame is your boss meaning you will be the first one out of the job.

Another thing you really need to ask yourself is, how will other workmates view me when the truth gets out there? Alot of times, workmates wont really see you in a positive light because all those promotions you will have will be because of your relationship. All those improved salary scale you may have, is because of the relationship you have. People will definitely talk about you alot and you have to live with that.

Another thing is if your boss is already married, then you should know definitely that it wont work out. If you are married, it is just the same thing. You see how complicated it is dating a boss? Heres some good advice for you, maybe you really have to think things through.

When it may seem okay

At the end of the day whether somebody is a boss or not, the thing is you have to ask yourself whether they are the right person for you. Are they the kind you want and need? Do they have the right qualities and do they also have a good reputation? Are they available? What will be the consequences if I actually do? If you consider wanting to date your boss then thats your decision to make but remember the working world does bring alot of complications along with it. It is completely your call, heres some good advice for you, make the right decision and think things through.

All the best!!

How to really get to know somebody

Getting it right the first time

When it comes to the world of dating the thing is, we are all trying to receive love and give love. While we all know that we would like to have some level of romance, the world of dating all narrows down to really getting to know somebody. Why is that important? Well heres some good advice for you, you want to have somebody by your side whom you know very well enough to come to the conclusion that they are the kind of person you really want to have in your lives.

Just how to do it

When you are getting to know somebody there isn't really a copy and paste methodology to it because quit frankly these are the kind of staff which should come naturally. However, a lot of times we see that some couples end up fighting because they thought they knew each other well when infact they didn't. Well heres some good advice for you, it can happen all the time. Lets dive into this further shall we. There are five possible ways you can really get to know somebody very well.

1. How they react to problems; Every relationships has its own ups and downs but the thing is, just how do we react to them? Usually a person who goes through a series of problems brings out their true strengths and weaknesses.

2. Ask questions; You don't have to ask interrogating questions that makes them feel uncomfortable but just ask the kind of questions that are friendly and put the both of you at ease. Questions like What are your hobbies? What is your favorite food or drink? These may seem like silly questions but you might just be surprised at just how much they matter.

3. Talk about serious issues; You can always talk about things that you forsee may affect the relationship if just left unchecked. Marriage is definitely one of those important issues.

4. Be observant; It does help alot to be really observant on the way they handle daily affairs and perhaps how they treat others. Take for instance, if somebody is hardworking, orderly and has important priorities in life, then that can indicate to you that they are responsible.

5. learn from past examples; There may be characters you interacted with in the past who demonstrate similar behaviour characteristics with the one you are dating. Referring to a past example may tell you a little bit of how the one you are dating actually is.....but not always.

Handling the truth

There are times when we thought we knew somebody but after dating for some time you get to really see their true colors. Heres some good advice for you, it is essential that a healthy amount of time passes before you actually begin to push your hopes too high. But when you soon discover the truth that the lady or guy you are dating isn't really whom they say they are, that can really turn ugly ecpecially if what you have discovered is bad.

There are two things you can do either 1) break-up or 2) Use that as an opportunity to extend forgiveness, improve a persons personality or accept and move on. All the best!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Handling difficult people the right way

Learning the ropes

Difficult people are the kind we will always have to run into all the time in our lives. Whether its at the mall, work, home or anywhere else...the thing is they are the kind we have to learn to deal with. If you are usually running into those kind of people well heres some good advice for you, quenching fire with fire is usually going to worsen things. However, lets understand who actually are the difficult people.

Some characteristics of the difficult ones

Lets start by saying that this list is not gospel truth it is just the opinion of this website but if you feel that something isn't right then you are free to comment. Well, who are difficult people?

1. People who dont take advice even when they need it; Well some people just dont think they need good advice and they think they are on the right track even when everyone knows they are not. Ofcourse, circumstances vary from person to person but heres some good advice for you, they are the kind who cant usually be advised what to do.

2. They dont take orders; Well unless you are the president of a country, at some point we all need to submit to somebody. Well the difficult ones never want to submit to anybody and never want to take orders from anybody no matter what. In short they are not humble.

3. They are argumentative; difficult people are so argumentative that the last thing that you really need when you are around them is to just see the argument end. They argue almost about anything and when they have the perfect opportunity to do so. Its almost like they love it.

4. They are provocative; Believe me, if you have interacted with them then this doesn't even need any explanation.

How to handle them

Handling difficult people is never easy but the thing is you have to learn to co exist especially if you are in the same workplace. You see folks, there is no copy and paste way to deal with them but the thing is YOU JUST HAVE TO.  But ofcourse there are a few suggestions that can help you handle a difficult person.

1. Dont fight back; If you fight back at them you will only be making them even enjoy what they do more, which is being argumentative and bossy. Try not to be like them by taking a different kind of approach which will reduce less aggression and less differences.

2. Establish a common ground; There may be some things which both you and a difficult person have in common. You have to identify those things and use it as your advantage to making your interaction with a difficult one less frustrating and less provocative.

3. Dont interact too much with them; You don't have to associate much with them honestly because that will just only ruin your day. However, if circumstances cannot permit such a thing then you have to swallow it all in and hope for a better day.

All the best folks!

Your friend is being cheated on

To tell or not to tell?

The world we live in is just filled with cheating in relationships. Ofcourse, thats the kind of world we live in and that's the way it has been for a long time. However, the worst can happen if you are the victim yourself right? Well heres another one, what if you found out that your best friend is being cheated on and you actually were an eye witness to the cheating...what do you do??? Well heres some good advice for you, its never easy. READ ONNNN!!!

A friendship that can be strengthened or destroyed

The difficult thing here is, whether to tell your friend or not about what is happening behind their back. Ofcourse what comes into your mind is whether they will believe you or not, or whether they will think you are trying to wreck their relationship for whatever reason. It even gets dicear if the cheater actually knows that you found out.

Well heres some good  advice for you, whatever the situation you have to act with discretion. The mere fact that you know about your best friend problems gets you automatically involved. However, whichever way you look at it, sometimes a friendship can be strengthened or even destroyed just because the truth was revealed. So what should you do in such a situation? Well heres some good advice for you, you have to think things through really carefully.

What can result when you reveal the truth

You would be doing your friend a really big favor which one day they may come to thank you for. Just imagine if you had been in their shoes, wouldn't you like your best friend telling you the truth? Ofcourse it's never, but the good news is, when somebody in any relationship cheats it could signal the following things namely;

1. They are of bad character; It could be your best friend is dating the wrong kind of person and now is the time for them to wake up to reality and take corrective measures.

2. The relationship has had serious problems; When somebody cheats it could be there are problems in the relationship that perhaps your best friend didn't even really know were so serious. Cheating is never justified for whatever reason, but that can really act as a wake up call to him/her that something isn't right.

3. There are serious questions that need answers to; You know sometimes we are blinded by love that we really fail to see what is really standing right in front of us. Sometimes we should have answered important questions but we deliberately chose to ignore them. This provides and opportunity to answer them folks.

Ofcourse in worst case scenarios the friendship you once shared with your best friend could be ruined but if they really get to put themselves in your shoes, they will understand eventually what you were going through. Whatever the outcome, heres some good advice for you, you did the best you could. Take care!!


How to get over a crush

You have a crush....Fix it

Its never easy being human right? especially when you find yourself falling for somebody way out of your reach. Well, the truth is it can happen all the time because whichever way you look at it you are only human. Well, how do you actually get over a really serious crush on somebody who is seemingly out of your reach? What exactly is a crush anyway? Well heres some good advice for you, a crush left unchecked can drive you crazy. Lets dive into this shall we.

You like somebody soooooo much!!

Many times in life or maybe just a few special times, there is this one somebody you think about all the time. You think of them when you are asleep, when you are eating, when you are doing your chores, when you are on the bus, when you are having a conversation, when you are even with them.....You just think about them all the time like they were a part of you. Ofcourse caring about somebody isn't a bad idea because having a special feeling and showing love is good.

However the way we control our feelings for somebody really does matter a lot because the truth is, we dont want to complicate things especially if we are already in a very serious long term relationship with somebody else. Now you have a crush for somebody and for whatever reason you just want to get rid of it, heres some good advice for you, there are 4 ways you can do it successfully.

4 ways to get over a crush

1. Avoid your crush; You have to avoid contact with your crush at whatever costs it takes because the more you get to meet them and interact with them the more you become fond of them to the point of falling madly in love. Heres some good advice for you, it's your call!!!

2. Take control of your thoughts; You have to take control over your mind and thoughts by trying as much as possible not to think or fantacize about them. Heres some good advice for you, you can do it by being self disciplined and telling yourself to think of something else.

3. Talk to a close companion; Talk to somebody you know will understand you and perhaps who will give you some practical suggestions to avoid over thinking about your crush all the time. You might just find that, it can be of real help in a weird kind of way.

4. Get involved in more thrilling things; There may be things which can actually keep you very, very busy and take your mind off the feelings you have for the other person. Heres some good advice for you, make sure to keep yourself busy all the time.

If you feel your crush is the one

Assuming you re single, if you so happen feel that the person you have a crush on is available and single too, now is the time to take action. But before you do so, heres some good advice for have to ask yourself these very important questions.

  • Do they feel the same way for me too?
  • Do they have the qualities I want and need in a successful relationship?
  • Are they of good character and reported well by others?
  • Do you have the same interests?
  • Will others I love accept them or would I need a lot of convincing to do?
Heres some good advice for you, whichever decision you is your call. All the best!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Life after Marriage

Enjoying both happy and sad

You may just be contemplating Marriage or maybe you recently got Married and like all newly weds, everything feels so wonderful. It really does counts to be happy even in a world which is filled with problems. Well, the thing is everybody wants to have a happy Marriage and in their lives they just want to have peace while raising a happy family in their midst. Ofcourse it is usually hard to accept what reality has to offer because the truth is, Marriage is just not only a beginning of happy moments but also the beginning of some sad moments as well. Lets dive into this shall we.

Happy moments in Marriage

Often times the happy moments come in because two people are perhaps in love, or enjoy being together or enjoy doing staff together. Ofcourse, when you come to think of it further, Marriage does come with other more precise happy moments as well. Heres some good advice for you, take a look at some of the happy moments many couples enjoy.

1. Being together and sharing sweet things; The happy moments shared when two people are together cannot be overly emphasised because the truth is everybody enjoys being with that one person they so desired in their lives. Ofcourse, it even becomes more happier when two people exchange good words of commendation, sweet things or even loving things that amounts to something.

2. Expectations met; Everybody has their expectations about Marriage and most times when those expectations are met, the couple just feel happy and happy all the time. Ofcourse we are not talking about far fetched expectations here but all we are saying is that, we all want to get something out of Marriage and when that is gotten then we feel happy.

3. Children all grown up and responsible; Having children is a wonderful moment indeed because just looking into their sweet tender eyes can make you happy. Even more happier, is when you watch these children grow into responsible adults, that can really make you feel complete. Heres some good advice for you, its never easy to raise children but seeing them grow into good responsible adults in Marriage can be a happy moment.

4. When you can have your own home; Well some joys in Marriage can come when a family has their own home. Anyway most families do, but what we are saying here is it really feels good when after all those years of toiling between jobs trying to make ends meet, you finally build or buy your own family home where the two of you can reside until death together. That can be a happy moment for most people.

How to handle sad moments in Marriage

Sad moments in Marriage are as they say sad moments. However, whatever the case, they are some of the challenges we just have to face in life. When faced with a sad moment, that is the time to have support from especially people who care about you alot. Walking that difficulty alone may not actually be a good idea but having people by your side who care about you and want you to succeed can amount to something. Heres some good advice for you, make it your goal to be strong inside and out. Make it your goal to grab the bull by its horns and say, you wont let go totally even when faced with sad moments in the home.

Heres some good advice for you, you can conquer all those sad moments by doing the following key things

-Seek support from people who care about your alot
-Give yourself time to heal from the sad moment
-Get intouch with your inner self and solve the problems you are facing
-Dont give up
-Accept it has happened and try to move on

 All the best

Monday, 9 December 2013

In a relationship, but thiking of someone else

A dicey situation

Alright, you are in a relationship already and have been dating someone for quit sometime now to the point that the two of you are considering wedlock. However, for some unknown reason which you cannot understand you are always thinking of somebody else of the opposite sex, and I mean always. When you are at your home you are thinking of them, when you are on the phone you are thinking of them  and when you are doing whatever other thing you do, you are thinking of someone else. Just what is the problem? Well heres some good advice for you, you need to dig deeper into your emotions.

Why you cant stop thinking of them

Thinking about somebody else could be normal since we are only human but it could also signal a number of things about your life and about your circumstances. In my opinion, there could be three reasons why you think of somebody else all the time and I mean all the time. Heres some good advice for you, see the reasons below;

1. they remind you of somebody; Well ofcourse this is a lame reason but think of it, sometimes we meet people in this world who remind us of people we used to interact with a few years back and it gives you good memories. Well heres some good advice for you, there is always something we can learn from others.

2. You like them; Yes, this could be the most common reason somebody thinks of somebody else even when they are in a relationship. When you like somebody it could be because of fine qualities you have noticed in that person which ofcourse makes you feel drawn to them. Maybe those are qualities you dont see in your current relationship and somehow you slowly start drifting apart. Scary but true.

3. You love them; After liking that other person for a long time you soon begin to develop real feelings for that person which eventually turns into love.

Handling your emotions

You know, it is common to like somebody else even when you are in a relationship. However, you need to ask yourself these following questions before deciding to take any drastic action.

- Is breaking up really the right thing to do considering what we have been through all these years?
- How long have I known the other person and how long have I known the current one?
- Are there serious concerns in the current relationship that warrants for a break up or is just my desire for somebody else which can easily go away if not real?
- Is my love real and genuine?
- Does the other person feel the same way?
- Have I just considered love and emotion as the only qualifier, or have I also considered other important qualities that make for a successful relationship in the other person I so desire?
- Do I see myself married to the other person more the current one in a few years time, or am I just fantasizing things off with the other?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself. However, heres some good advice for you you make the choices and have to pay the price for them good or bad. All the best!!!