Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Life after Marriage

Enjoying both happy and sad

You may just be contemplating Marriage or maybe you recently got Married and like all newly weds, everything feels so wonderful. It really does counts to be happy even in a world which is filled with problems. Well, the thing is everybody wants to have a happy Marriage and in their lives they just want to have peace while raising a happy family in their midst. Ofcourse it is usually hard to accept what reality has to offer because the truth is, Marriage is just not only a beginning of happy moments but also the beginning of some sad moments as well. Lets dive into this shall we.

Happy moments in Marriage

Often times the happy moments come in because two people are perhaps in love, or enjoy being together or enjoy doing staff together. Ofcourse, when you come to think of it further, Marriage does come with other more precise happy moments as well. Heres some good advice for you, take a look at some of the happy moments many couples enjoy.

1. Being together and sharing sweet things; The happy moments shared when two people are together cannot be overly emphasised because the truth is everybody enjoys being with that one person they so desired in their lives. Ofcourse, it even becomes more happier when two people exchange good words of commendation, sweet things or even loving things that amounts to something.

2. Expectations met; Everybody has their expectations about Marriage and most times when those expectations are met, the couple just feel happy and happy all the time. Ofcourse we are not talking about far fetched expectations here but all we are saying is that, we all want to get something out of Marriage and when that is gotten then we feel happy.

3. Children all grown up and responsible; Having children is a wonderful moment indeed because just looking into their sweet tender eyes can make you happy. Even more happier, is when you watch these children grow into responsible adults, that can really make you feel complete. Heres some good advice for you, its never easy to raise children but seeing them grow into good responsible adults in Marriage can be a happy moment.

4. When you can have your own home; Well some joys in Marriage can come when a family has their own home. Anyway most families do, but what we are saying here is it really feels good when after all those years of toiling between jobs trying to make ends meet, you finally build or buy your own family home where the two of you can reside until death together. That can be a happy moment for most people.

How to handle sad moments in Marriage

Sad moments in Marriage are as they say sad moments. However, whatever the case, they are some of the challenges we just have to face in life. When faced with a sad moment, that is the time to have support from especially people who care about you alot. Walking that difficulty alone may not actually be a good idea but having people by your side who care about you and want you to succeed can amount to something. Heres some good advice for you, make it your goal to be strong inside and out. Make it your goal to grab the bull by its horns and say, you wont let go totally even when faced with sad moments in the home.

Heres some good advice for you, you can conquer all those sad moments by doing the following key things

-Seek support from people who care about your alot
-Give yourself time to heal from the sad moment
-Get intouch with your inner self and solve the problems you are facing
-Dont give up
-Accept it has happened and try to move on

 All the best

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