Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Why its so hard to move on again

For some its so difficult

Moving on after a break-up, rejection or even heartbreak is really so difficult for some. In some cases, its not that they don't want to move on, but sometimes they can't just let go of a past memory which is constantly on their mind like a plague. As different as we are, we all vary as to the way we react to problems or disappointments. Some find it easier than others to get back up on their two feet again but the truth is, if anybody wants to be in a relationship again we just have to move on. Here's some good advice for you, it's easier said than done.

Why so difficult

Basically scars take some bit of time to heal. You will be absolutely surprised that for some people a scar can even last a decade. The thing is, in my opinion we all vary in our emotional and psychological balance. Some people heal quickly while others take time to heal. Basically that's the problem. However, lets briefly understand three situations that perhaps makes it difficult for some to begin a relationship all over again.

1. Rejection; Some people have been rejected a few times and they just didn't understand why. So, even when an opportunity is available to date somebody who they may like and who clearly likes them in return, Just the thought of a rejection makes it extremely difficult to try again.

2. Break-up; Some people have gone through a horrible break up in life ( most breakups are horrible ) but the thing is, to them they are certain that it might happen again. So what do they do, they just decide not to take any chances at all.

3. Disappointment; Some people have been disappointed alot of things when it comes to love.  They may have been in love with somebody but due to circumstances beyond their control, they just can't be together. The thought of those past disappointments just hinders them from giving love a second chance.

The solution

Moving on is never easy but heres some good advice for you, you can do it. In my opinion, we need help from friends and family who can encourage you to move on. You need to let out your feelings to someone you trust. Most importantly, you need to allow some healthy amount of time to pass before you can date again. In short, you need to be ready.

There is no clear cut solution to this, but in a nut shell try to make it happen. Here's some good advice for you, you can make it work. All the best!!


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