Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dating a Co-Worker

Is it really worth it?

You ve heard of the saying "you don't choose whom you fall in love with" right? Well, is it really worth it falling in love with a co worker and actually dating at the work place? It may look like something easy but lets face it, sometimes there could be serious complications. Heres some good advice for you, you have to weigh matttes carefully.

Learning from experiences

Most workplace relationships can have a negative impact on the way you work with your co worker and the way others view you in the work environment. Take for instance, if somebody was dating a boss for some company, the first thing that will come into peoples mind is he/she is succeeding at work because of the relationship with the boss. Ofcourse, you may be skilled and well qualified for the job but the mere fact that there is something happening, people will always think negative.

Another thing is that, if you have a relationship problem with your co worker that can really affect both your performances and really put the two of you in an uncomfortable position. The worst part is if you two never want to see each other again, and because you are at the workplace you are just forced to meet each other daily. That again can be really uncomfortable.

But when does dating a co worker become a good thing? Well there are some experiences when it has actually worked out. You can find them out.

When drawn to a co worker

Life is just full of surprises isn't it? We may of course be drawn to a fellow co worker whom we like. But what can possibly done? Well heres some good advice for you, carefully consider what you are about to get into. Here are a few questions you should do well to ask yourself always.

1. Is this really something appropriate?
2. Will I be able to handle things if things dont work out?
3. If the company policy doesn't allow dating at the workplace, am I prepared to suffer the consequences should they find out
4. Is he or she really serious? or they are just toying around?
5. How will others view this?

Ofcourse, it is your call. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you think things through carefully. Heres some good advice for you,have no regrets. All the best!!


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