Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why you cant forget him or her

Memories from the past

There is definitely somebody you used to court with the hope of one day seeing the both of you spend the rest of your life together, but sadly things couldn't work out. Ofcourse that can happen alot in this world because these days everything is just so uncertain. But you know what even hurts the most? is the fact that no matter how hard you try you cant just forget that person. Well here's some good advice for you, some memories are just hard to forget.

Reasons you can't forget

The reasons you cant forget is simple, it could either be because you loved the person so much or you haven't found somebody whose better than the previous one. But lets be honest with ourselves, why are you really finding it so hard to forget? Yes you may have loved the person so much and yes it could have hurt so bad when you had to call it quit....But there are also other details that can make you recall the past. Those things could include the following namely;

1. Old pictures; Do you have old pictures in your boxes or closset that you are secretly keeping. Having them hidden somewhere is one thing, but occasionally looking at them will really make it difficult to forget the past. Heres some good advice for you, you have to make a decision.

2. Places; We can't always avoid going to places which bring back good romantic memories of the two of you together. But you can do it for the time being....Unrealistic you say? well heres some good advice for you, you have to start from somewhere. If you continously visit romantic spots which will just reopen old wounds, you might just find it difficult to forget sometimes. Well thats just my opinion..take it or leave it.

3. Seeing them; The biggest problem why it is just so difficult to forget someone for some people is because they have to meet them everyday. Plain and simple.

Moving on

You have to move on in life and thats just how it is. If you continuously dwell on the past then sometimes you may find it really hard to move ahead. One thing you should do is give yourself time to heal and if possible spend your time with close family or friends. Remember, being with people who care about you will act as a distraction from focusing your thoughts in the past. When the time is right, you may find a better person and become happier than before. Dont lose hope and all the best!!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Topics for long distance relationship couples

Keep the flame going

Long distance relationships are never easy because the truth of the matter is that we all want to be close to the person we either care about or love. Although many think that long distance relationships dont work heres some good advice for you, they actually do work. Ofcourse like some relationships, not always..one of the things that can lead to long distance relationships ending is if the couple begin to grow apart. Heres some good advice for you, dont allow that to happen but keep the flame going. Here are some few topics you should always discuss in your relationship.

Topics for long distance couples

1. Family; There is always alot to learn about your loves family. You can start by getting to know the parents, or getting to know the siblings or even getting to know some of their cousins. You might be amazed at what your loved one will want to share about them and possibly what interesting stories may drive you to talk more. Ofcourse, it shouldn't be gossip but something upbuilding.

2. Future endevours; Both of you may have future activities or goals that each of you would like to achieve and whats even better, most of you may actually share the same interests. Getting to talk to each other over the phone or through the internet may draw you ever closer always knowing you share something in common. Although its not always a big deal if you have a few differences, heres some good advice for you..similar ideas can give an added advantage.

3. Their feelings; In your discussion always get to know about how they feel about anything. It is always good to find out how their day was, how work was, how they feel and whether they are okay. Asking those questions shouldn't be mere routine but the hearer of your words should get the sense that you really care about them. Once they can sense that one special ingredient will they then be moved to even converse further at length opening up to whatever problem they have.

4. Some funny moments; Talk about things that will make the two of you laugh or that you know is amusing. Ofcourse you shouldn't fake a laugh but whatever it is that made you laugh at some point in time should be able to make other people laugh as well. Heres some good advice for you, saying something amusing doesn't mean you have to be a comedian but just learn to have a sense of humor.

5. Marriage; Not everybody enjoys this topic for whatever reason but the beauty of it all is that someday we all want to settle down. Talking about the possibilities of tieing the note shouldn't scare any of you especially if you both have the right qualities and you two both are in love with each other. Heres some good advice for you, just make it happen.

Keep the communication

Long distance relationships isn't always an easy ride because lets face it, there are some challenges However, the key to any successful relationship is to keep communication lines always open. Remember, let not the long distance separate what you two share. All the best!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Best ways to say am Sorry

Sometimes its really hard

Alright you just made a horrible terrible mistake and just have no idea how to say you are sorry. Its never easy getting the words out especially when you are weighed down with guilt and sorrow. However, apologies in whatever case are never easy to say but whats important is, at least you tried. Apologies are easier said than done, but what is really important is atleast you meant it....Well assuming you did. Here is some good advice for you, whatever happens..you should give it a shot.

5 ways to apologize

1. Send a sorry note; You can always send a note explaining how sorry you are and how bad you feel about the mistake you made. Although this isn't the most effective in my opinion, it is one step close to ironing out some differences. The note should be properly written and atleast should show much thought and effort you put into making it look presentable. Think of it, why do you think some people even send flowers?

2. Apologize through a close friend; If the person you care about doesnt want to see you but has a very close friend whom he/she trusts in, you can apologize through them. What does this mean? Well heres some good advice for you, tell the friend how sorry you are and what you would do to patch things up. You see, if you are able to win sympathy from their close friend, then will it make it easy for him/her to plead on your behalf on the person you care about. Not always successful but could amount to something.

3. Say it out in front of everyone; There may be occasions when you two may bump into each other maybe on an engagement party or family re-union or other important occasions, that could be a really good opportunity to get your feelings out. After respectfully excusing yourself in front of everyone you can just look into the eyes of the one you care about and sincerly say how sorry you are for the mistake you made. Heres some good advice for you, its never easy.

4. Tell them privately; One of the best ways to say you are sorry is to walk over to them and apologize. Ofcourse, its never easy admitting your mistakes especially when its face to face to someone you offended. You can tell them sincerely from the heart with no strings attached because you truly care.

5. Never let go; The best most assured way to win an apology is never to give up on an apology in the first place. What does that mean? When you aplogize dont expect to be forgiven the first time especially if it was a serious offence. What will really help is to keep on fighting for the person you care about and never letting go even if it takes a year, 2 years or even 5 years to win a forgiveness. Heres some good advice for you, persistence is key.

However, the best apology is the one you mean. Heres some good advice for you, you can do it. All the best!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A shaky friendship after revealing the truth

Things change completely

You have been friends with a member of the opposite sex for some time, or probably since you were kids. Ofcourse, as two people begin to grow up even their feelings for each other grows as well. Ever heard of the saying that a man and woman cant just be friends? Well, you soon decide that it is now time to tell the person how you really feel for them but soon realize that after revealing the truth, things begin to change and not for the better. Heres some good advice for you it can happen to anybody.

Best friends soon become distant

Well when two good friends if not best friends begin developing feelings for each other, that can really put things in a very dicey situation. The truth is, sometimes handling the truth isn't easy. Lets say Tom tells Ashly how he really feels, what does Ashly do? She may get confused and eventually what was once a friendship turns into something else. But why is that the case? Why can't best friends graduate into a relationship which can eventually lead to Marriage. Well heres some good advice for you, there are many reasons.

Some of the common reasons is that, they are not really ready for a relationship in my opinion. Yes ofcourse they may have feelings but sometimes they don't really understand their emotions. In other occasions, one of the two just doesn't see the other as being somebody they could ever possibly date. But whatever the reason, after the truth is revealed, what was once a friendship turns into something nothing more than a gap that keeps growing. Althiough this doesnt always happen, it can't be ignored that there is need for some serious damage control. What can somebody do to try and restore the friendship that was once lost. You have to realize that sometimes you can reverse the situation but in other cases it cant be reversed.

Heres some good advice for you, you can atleast give it a shot.

Restoring your friendship as it was before

For starters you dont have to be sorry about how you feel but if you think an apology will make them feel more better and comfortable, you can say it. You can also make it a point never to repeat the topic ever again unless you are sure that bringing it up may bring home better results. The thing is, you want to act like you acted before you actually told them how you felt. If they ask you again about what you said, just respond like this "Oh, that was nothing....serously dont worry about what I said". Pretend as if nothing happened.

When you do that, it may be hard but you are just trying to restore the friendship both of you had. However, if you still have feelings for them and would like to get to know them better by dating, you can still give it a second shot. If it fails again, well recycle the same method again and again. Never tried it, but you can.

Here's some good advice for you...Whatever the result at least you tried. All the best!!!

The Value of Waiting

Patience is key

Finding somebody you are going to get Married to and spend the rest of your life with surely is everybody's desire, well at least almost everybody's. You see, it isn't always easy finding that one true love and for obvious reasons, we live in a world were people come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences and are just different. However, heres some good advice for you, whatever you decide to do, do not rush. Learn to exercise patience in this area, lets dive into this shall we.

Why waiting is the best option

You know people have various reasons of not exercising patience when it comes to relationships. You see, when we say being patient we are not saying that you should seat back and relax and just wait for things to happen. Ofcourse you can make an effort to find that special person, but the thing is we dont want to act in desperation as if there was no hope. How do people act in desperation, well here are two common situations they do that.

a). Accepting anything that comes; Some people because they are so desperate for somebody in their lives, they will tend to get involved with people whom they know fully well arent the right persons for them. Heres some good advice for you, we dont want to make any rush decisions.

b). Getting involved too quickly; Some people rush into a relationship too quickly without really knowing what they are getting into. Because of desperation they never take any caution whatsover resulting in them getting really hurt should things not really work out. Heres some good advice for you, have some breaks.

What are the benefits of waiting and being patient when it comes to finding the right person to be with. Well remember, we are not saying that you should wait by seating back and not taking any action, but being patient means not being too desperate but being optimistic that things will turn out okay. The following are some of the benefits namely;

1. Peace of mind; When you have that waiting atitude in you, you will have that peace of mind knowing fully well that things will turn out okay one day.

2. It allows you to grow; Waiting gives you an opportunity to grow emotionally, psychologically and mentally. When you finally reach that stage of maturity you will soon realize that you are better equiped to handle relationship problems or challenges in a calm and collected way.

3. You get to find the ONE!! Because of not rushing but being patient, you soon realize that the person you eventually meet, is the ONE.

All this is just my opinion folks but whatever you decide to do, stay safe. All the Best!!!

Monday, 21 October 2013

What her eyes tell you

Be able to read the signs?

You may be asking yourself why this one lady is always staring at you? Or you may just be asking yourself why is it each time I have a conversation with this one girl, the way she looks at me is just so different. Well, there could be alot of reasons behind that but heres some good advice for you, there is something you should know about someones eyes, especially a ladies. Alright...........Enough talking, READ ON!!!

What she's actually saying

Often times we tend to underestimate the power of ones eyes. Eyes are not just for looking but also for communicating. You know when somebody gives you a strong intimidating look at you it may mean they are angry with you. When somebody rolls their eyes away from you when you open your mouth it may mean there is nothing that you say that they consider as important. You see, for a lady  the principles could be the same but not always.

Just because she may light up around you doesn't mean she actually wants to start dating you, ofcourse there may be those possibilities but lets face it, it doesn't always mean that. But lets say, there is this lady whom you find staring at you most of times, what does it mean? Well it could mean alot of things such as;

1. She finds you handsome; You may be good looking and there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing also wrong with others admiring your good looks. However, when somebody likes the way you look it only means that. Ofcourse, going out may be a possibility but it isn't always.

2. She wants to start dating you; There are possibilities she wants to begin dating you. Ofcourse, that doesnt always mean that shes not dating somebody else. So, if you want to be on the safe side you have to do some serious background check.

3. Shes asking questions; There may be questions shes asking herself about you as she stares at you. Questions like, have I seen this guy before from somewhere? Will he accept me if I asked him out or does he even like me? Would he make a good Marriage partner or date? In short when she stares at you she is asking herself some questions.

4. She wants to have a conversation with you; She may just want to have a conversation with you with no strings attached. So dont always think its because of anything deep.

If she likes you

Its alright to begin dating anyone of your choice with the hope of finding somebody you would like to spend the rest of your life with. However, it is always good to choose the right person. Heres some good advice for you, before you consider her take some time to get to know her better and get to know whether shes reported on well. That will be to your benefit. Heres some good advice for you, take your steps with caution. All the best!

5 misconceptions about relationships

Many times people have their own understanding of relationships which can be either sound and clear or just way off. You see, because of different circumstances and different experiences in life we tend to misunderstand relationships and anything attached to it. Am I making any sense? well heres some good advice for you, read on.

5 misconceptions about relationships

1. What happened before will happen again; Alright you were hurt by somebody you liked or if not loved so much right? Well while its true that what happended before can happen again, we have to be true to ourselves, it doesn't always happen like that. Yes, past bitter experiences may actually prevent us from moving on to a new stable, secure relationship. We need to remove that fear and get back on track as soon as possible. Remember, dont hold that misunderstanding in you indefinitely, MOVE ON!!

2. All guys or girls are cheats; We all know this isn't true right? But it is all too easy to say it especially when you as an individual went through a horrible ordeal. However, ofcourse there are many out there who dont take love and relationships seriously, but that doesn't mean that all men are cheats or all ladies are cheats. Heres some good advice for you, you just need to find the right one.

3. Its love all the way; Yes love will always be there, but not always all the way because there will always be challenges that affect a couple. The thing is, we all have to be prepared for them. What really happens if our expectations are so high? Well we may just end up getting dissapointed and giving up on love forever. Lets not fall into that trap folks.

4. I can change him/her; While its true that a couple can have a very powerful influence on each other, heres some good advice for you...You can't really change a person but if somebody wants to change they will do it because they want to not because you want it.Ofcourse situations differ.

5. They will never find out; Getting to know somebody really narrows down to learning about each other. Ofcourse there are some secrets they will never find out about you. However, you mustn't always think they can remain concealed forever especially if it affects the two of you. Heres some good advice for you, find an appropriate time to tell them and dont let somebody else do it on your behalf.

Making the best of your relationship

Having a successful relationship really requires two people to communicate and let their love grow for each other. Love is a gradual process which doesnt happen all of a sudden but really takes time and effort from each person. Key questions that everyone should ask themselves if they want to make their relationship work are,

1)What is the best thing I can give to my loved one? Is it my time, is it my love and my generousity? Often times we tend to forget how much time is needed to make a relationship grow.
2)How can I show I am always there for them? Are you always available to listen to their problems and act upon them? Something you can ask yourself.
3)What do I really want to get from this relationship at the end of the day? Is it Marriage?

Heres some good advice for you, lets make it happen. All the best!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to avoid falling into the same trap

Pain is no gain sometimes

The pain that comes with being in a relationship filled with heartbreak and sad moments, yet that is what alot of people these days experience. You see, it isn't anything really new because the truth is relationships are becoming more and more dicey these days. Some may wonder whether its better to be single and alone, or to spend the rest of our lives waiting for Mr/Mrs right. Well heres some good advice for you, the right person is out there somewhere. However, incase our relationship ended, is there anyway to avoid falling into the same trap? Heres some good advice for you, we may need to learn from our mistakes.

Learning from mistakes

Many relationships these days are started because two different people fall for each other. Well, the thing is, as they begin getting to know each other they soon realise that what was once beautiful turns out to be nothing more than ugly. Relationships in itself is not bad but the thing is, we ourselves can turn it into undesirable if we are not careful. In my opinion, we need to learn from our mistakes. Here are some common mistakes people can make which only leads them into pain and heartbreak.

1. Falling too fast; Some people fall inlove with somebody too quickly without allowing sufficient time to pass in order to really get to know somebody. The thing is, we need to allow sufficient time to pass before we can actually give our heart to someone we just met. Sadly, many have had to learn the hard way such that when they find out the true colors of the person they are with, it just turns ugly for them.

2. Expecting perfection; Ofcourse we all want the best of somebody nomatter what it takes, however, we must not expect perfection. It is definitely easier said than done but heres some good advice for you..we need to face this reality. Nobody is perfect!

3. Ignoring harmful traits; There are times because we are in love we just fail to take note of the warning signs. That can happen to many people alot these days. However, you have to realize that in the end its you who pays. Dont want that happening again dont you? heres some good advice for you, take note of the warning lights at all costs. Dont say you were never warned.

4. Jumping into conclusions; You know sometimes because of past experiences we have faced, we may be tempted to conclude things so quickly. When we ring somebody's phone and they don't pick up the phone we may actually think that they are cheating on us. Well, running into conclusions so quickly can eventually destroy the trust you once had for each other and just destroy everything all together. Here's some good advice for you, take it easy. When you hear a negative rumor, the first thing you want to do is know whether its true but not to conclude that it is actually true.

Valuable advice from people who care

Believe it or not there are people in this world who are genuinely concerned about your welfare. Usually its family members but there may be also close friends. While you have the final say on how you want to lead your life, it does help to take in sound advice from people you know really care for you. Older folks may actually have alot of knowledge and experience that can help you make the right choice. Anyway, that's just my opinion but here's some good advice for you, it does sometimes pay to listen. All the best!!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Dangers of having negative thoughts

Negativity could be destructive

There are so many negative things happening in this world today and we see it on T.V, hear it on the news and even face it in our own lives. But lets get to the point, is being preoccupied with negative thoughts justifiable? Well heres some good advice for you, ITS NOT!! You could actually be exposing yourself to some dangers. Lets dive into this shall we.

Dangers of negativity

You know what? there isn't really anything wrong with having a measure of negative thoughts in our heads. Why? Well having a portion of negative thoughts may help us even avoid dangers in life. Take for instance, you know very well that lions are dangerous animals and having the negative thought that should you get near one, you would be eaten could actually help you avoid that kind of danger. However when does negativity become so bad?

You know, there are many negative experiences in life which we have gone through and for some it would take forever to forget. However, we want to avoid being overwhelmed with negativity. Being overwhelmed with the negative things in life could actually deprive us from being happy. Being too negative could also affect how you relate with others and how you will generally take life. So what are some steps you can take to remove those negative thoughts from your mind?

Steps to removing negative thoughts

1. Socialize with positive thinkers; Having a measure of associates who are not always negative could actually help you think positive. Remember to take caution when choosing the right kind of associates to socialize with.

2. Train you mind; Take full control of your thoughts and what you think about. If something negative gets into your head, try by all means to throw it away.

3. Keep busy; Get into things or hobbies you enjoy that make you feel happy and relieved. You can jog or play some sport, just quench all that negative energy you once had away.

Although there could be other ways to get rid of negative thoughts heres some good advice for you, you want to be happy. Whether its easy for some people or hard for others to do, the point is atleast you made the effort. All the best and don't give up!!

Love at first sight

Fact or Fiction?

Is there really such a thing as love at first sight? Well, ofcourse we all see some of these things in movies or in novels but the thing is we have to be able to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction. First of all what exactly is love at first sight? And who says it doesn't really exist? Well heres some good advice for you, in my opinion maybe it does but not all the way.

Love at first sight

What exactly is love at first sight? Well, have you ever seen in the movies or read in the novels where two people meet for the first time and within a few seconds or minutes they just fall in love....That is love at first sight. Ofcourse, many people out there will confirm that they did actually fall in love with somebody just by meeting them for the first time and everything seemed to fall into place. But then you would ask, was it really love or was it an attraction?

You see heres the news, even though there are some cases of people who fell in love just by meeting each other for the first time which eventually led to Marriage, the truth is those cases are rare. The love we all know takes time to build. Love involves some form of generosity, patience, fellow feeling, sacrifice, interest, kindness and a combination of other desirable qualities. When somebody meets you for the first time what really attracts you to them could be their looks and the wonderful first impression they give you. Lets be honest with ourselves, even if we fell in love with a total stranger would that mean you truly love them from the heart? Highly unlikely.

Here's another good example for you, imagine you fell in love with a total stranger you met for the first time and later learn't that he/she is a hardcore criminal...Would your love for them endure? If it does, then maybe that's true love but in the real world, your interest for him would just die away. Here's some good advice for you, lets face reality.

Cultivating love in a relationship

Truly falling in love with somebody should all begin with getting to know that person as an individual and eventually developing love for them. In cultivating that love, we shouldn't expect it to just happen over night but lets give the love time to grow. Here's some good advice for you, love is like pretty flowers that blossoms forth. All the best!!

5 reasons why people date

Dating is one of those things in life we probably will all go through in life because lets face it, our desire to want to be with somebody and probably share the rest of the life with that person is really high. However, believe it or not, people have so many reasons why they want to date. Wanna know? Here's some good advice for you...Read on!!

5 reasons why people date

1. Peer Pressure; Some people date because they are pressured to date. Whether they are ready or not, the people around them may exert an overwhelming influence on them that makes them feel that if they can't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, then they are outcasts. Heres some good advice for you, date because you are ready to and because you want to.

2. Fun; People these days date because they just want to have fun. Well whether thats good or bad the thing is, people are doing it. In some cases because some people in this kind of situation wont take dating seriously, this only leads to a break up within just a few months or weeks.

3. Marriage; Some people date because they would like to get Married. In the process of searching for somebody they would like to spend the rest of their lives with, they soon discover some qualities they are looking for in a  person with the view to Marriage in the future.

4. Make a statement; Other people date not because they really want to but because they just want to prove to the rest of the world that they can go out with whoever they want, whenever they want. Wierd reason right? but its true for some people.

5. Love; There are people in this world who never really thought of ever dating because at that time in their lives they never found the love of their life. However, when they actually fall in love with somebody they really find it in themselves to begin dating without any letups. Heres some good advice for you...love is like pretty flowers that blossoms forth.

Why you should be dating

Dating at the end of the day narrows down to one point, you want to be with somebody you love and whom you can spend the rest of your entire lives with. So, when thinking of dating there is every reason to think of the possibilities of tying the knot one day. Ofcourse, that's really your decision but in my opinion I think dating should lead to Marriage. Here's some good advice for you, the choice is yours.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Why they cant be together

They are inLOve, but not together

Have you ever been in a situation in life were you feel you love somebody so much and so strongly that it hurts inside but you two are not together. That can be really painful knowing deep inside it should have happened. You see, love is like pretty flowers that blossoms forth and most times the feeling of loving somebody is something truly wonderful. But what really makes it so difficult for people who are in love to fail to make that vital step of being together? Well heres some good advice for you, there are many reasons.

Reasons why they aren't together

1. They don't open up; If two people are in love with each other and they are scared to open up on the way they feel for each other, then possibilities of them ever being together turns to become more and more dim. Heres some good advice for you, tell them how you feel.

2. They are in circumstances hard to control; We all have different circumstances in life which could be sometimes hard or relatively relatively easy to control. What could these circumstances be? well perhaps it could be that they both live in completely different lives and live in completely different parts of the world such that if both of them had to stand a chance, one of you would have to sacrifice. Weird huh? But completely true.

3. They are affected by what other people say; Some people may have negative or positive things about your intentions to be with that one person you love. However, if there is something negative they tell you, that can really affect your possibilities of ever being together with the one you love. How does that happen? Well after you get that information, you will definitely want to play it safe than live your life sorry.

4. They are not sure about how they feel; Some people who have fallen in love for the first time or after a long while fall in love again, may not fully understand how they feel. Actually because of that, they arent really sure as to whether they should pursue their love or not. They just feel lost and in the end tend to keep what they feel to themselves. In other cases, that feeling they have inside may turn into fear and in the long run nothing happens.

5. They are not inlove with the right person; Lets face it, sometimes we fall in love with people who are not really the right persons for us. Ofcourse our hearts may be drawn to them but their lifestyle and probably their behavior is clearly not for the best. Here's some good advice for you, sometimes love is blind.

Whatever reason you feel is correct, in my opinion atleast one of them can prevent two people from being together. All the best!!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Asking for a second chance

Not easy at all

Most times we make mistakes in relationships whether big or small that offends someone we care about. However, it is usually the big mistakes that can cost somebody. Why is that the case? Well the truth is, we hurt the feelings of the one person we care about and it is never easy sometimes to be given a second chance from the one we care about. You see, mistakes arent really supposed to happen but the truth is they happen so heres some good advice for you, you can be given a second chance if you only take the following crucial steps.

Steps to being given a second chance

1. Accept your wrong; When you make a mistake it is always important to accept that you erred and that you were responsible for your actions. In short, there is no need in trying to come up with excuses as to why you did it because that will only make it difficult for the other person to forgive you. Ofcourse, you can tactifully reason to the person why and how it happened.

2. Be persistent; Because of the seriousness of the wrong you did, some people will clearly refuse to give you a second chance. Its not that they don't care about you, but the thing is you hurt their feelings so much that they don't really see why they should continue going through the pain. Heres some good advice for you, in order to be given a second chance you have to be persistent. You have to keep on letting them know that you need them in your life and that you didn't mean to hurt them...Even if they push you away.

3. Get some help; There is nothing wrong in having a close friend or relative talk with the person whom you offended. They may be able to help you save your relationship and you might be surprised at how much of an influence they can have on the person you care about than you thought.

4. Patience; Sometimes after putting so much effort you soon realize that things are just not working at all. Well heres some good advice for you, you need to cultivate patience. Sometimes allowing a bit of time to pass may give the offended person time to think and reflect whether there is any possibility for the two of you again. During that time they try to establish whether you have really changed or whether you really mean what you said. Patiently allowing them to think matters through will show that you have their interests at heart too.

When not given a second chance

If by some reason you are not given a second chance, then that can be a sad thing. However, remember not to hold it against the offended person because they obviously had their reasons. Heres some good advice for you, use that experience to learn about where you should have done better and what you can do to improve. Dont lose heart, all the best!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Do you feel bad about your looks?

A nightmare that can affect anybody

Sometimes we just look at ourselves and feel that maybe we are not as good as we want to be. Perhaps you would like to have a better appearance in the color of your hair, or your eyes or your body. Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with the idea that we don't look good enough that it just hurts inside. Are you one of those people? well here's some good advice for you, you are not alone. Lets dive into this shall we!

Conquering negative energy

You see, many people struggle to conquer the negative feelings inside because they think they look bad. Some people will tell them so but in other cases, nobody says a single word at all. But whatever the case, it just feels bad and removing that feeling of hurt is a really big challenge. The thing is, what you think of yourself or how others think of you has an impact on your self esteem. But then, what really is the problem? Well there is nothing wrong with having a balanced view of yourself when it comes to your appearance but it is very important that each and every individual exercises caution on the way they view themselves.

You don't want to be overwhelmed by negative feelings. Sometimes you may think you look bad but others may actually feel you look fantastic. There are important things we should do well to remember. There are things you can change about yourself and there are things you will never be able to change. In my opinion I dont recommend plastic surgery unless you have an absolutely good reason for it. But there are things you probably can change about yourself to make you appear better infront of others. Heres some good advice for you, read on!

Things you can change

1. Your personality; Believe it or not, even people who were born beautiful can turn ugly if they are not really happy. So, if most times you are always angry with others and negative, you might just find that your appearance to others will definitely be soiled.

2. Your daily habits; There are some habits that can really make you appear bad instantly or even in the long run. Lets say this for example, some people's cloths are always untidy and they never take time to pay attention to themselves. That can definitely make them appear bad. However such can only be changed if we turn the bad habits we are so used to doing into something good.

3. Some of your looks; If you were so poor at combing your hair, in order to look better start combing your hair properly. If the attire you wear isn't really appealing, start wearing something modest and appealing. In short, make the effort to change looks about yourself that can actually be changed. Ask somebody close for an opinion and work on it if possible.

There is nothing wrong of being conscious about the way you appear. However, lets not easily be too carried away by what we see on T.V, but try to be realistic on what you can change about yourself and what you just can't. Here's some good advice for you, appreciate who you are. All the best!

Friday, 4 October 2013

When to pop the big question

You have been dating somebody for a while and as years have passed by you have really come to love them not because of their looks but mainly because of their personality. Ofcourse, we always ask ourselves when is it the right time to pop the big question of Marriage. Well heres some good advice for you, there isn't really any appropriate time because much depends on what you yourself want. However, we shouldn't ignore one thing, that everywhere you go in life timing is everything.

Getting the timing right the first time

Yes, you have been dating each other for a long time or probably you haven't really been dating but you both feel that you would make a great married couple. There is no reason to hold back especially if you have known each other for quit sometime. Lets say the both of you are the right age, earn a living and are able to raise a family together, then in my opinion Marriage should be a possibility for the both of you. However, there have been cases were some people have poped the big question and they just got horribly rejected infront of so many onlookers. That may have hurt!

But when is the timing really right? Well you can always do well to ask yourself the following important questions before proposing to your loved one.

1. How well do you know each other; This is pretty obvious and you may have heard this quit alot but sometimes we may tend to overlook this. Anyway, you dont have to know a person 100% before getting Married but the point is you want to establish whether you share the same interests, have the same goals, have the same desires for Marriage and perhaps even good Morals.

2. Do you both want to get Married to each other; Its really hard to tell whats on the mind of anybody however in my opinion, if a person does not really talk about the possibilities of wanting a family then it may raise a bit of some doubts. There should be some hints that the person you are dating wants to get Married to you.

3. Do you have some serious doubts; Before popping up the big questions make sure to clearup any doubts you may be carrying in you. There is absolutely no need to make your life difficult because the truth is, you want to enter your Marriage with a clear mind and no barriers. Ofcourse, every relationship will have some barriers but heres some good advice for you, if you think this one doubt you have is so serious....Wait a little until you clear things up.

4. Is the environment conducive; The best time to make a proposal to someone you love is if the prevailing situation in both your lives is relatively stable. Take for example, you wont propose to someone who is clearly, clearly busy at that moment in time and is trying to sort out something really important. But as somebody who has studied the environment you would look for a better opportunity to pop the big question. Maybe when they are relaxed or when there is no major events happening in their lives. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

There are ofcourse many other questions out there that should make you establish when to pop the big question but the point is, you should get the timing right. All the best!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Distractions that can hinder your progress

Making progress at Work and with Family

Making reasonable progress at work and with the way we interact with our families is a good thing. What kind of progress are we talking about? Well, when it comes to work life, we are talking about progress made in the way you handle work responsibilities. Do you effectively do your work assignments properly? do you meet deadlines? do you get it right? e.t.c And when we talk about progress made in the family, we are talking about being with your family and enjoying quality family time. Both Work and Family are areas if left unchecked can possibly impact on your life in a way. What kind of distractions can hinder you from making any progress in these two areas, here's some good advice for you...READ ON!!

Some common distraction

1. Television; Although this is usually found in the home you may find it to be a distraction even at the place of work. Ofcourse the television offers a wide array of information which can be really enticing at times. But being the distraction that it is, you may just find out that valuable time you should have spent on work or with family is invested so much on the Television.

2. Internet; The world of cyberspace is just so exciting sometimes. However, so much time spent on the internet whether through our phones or by use of the computer have robbed family time as well as time which should have been invested in work.

3. Personal problems; We go through alot of problems today don't we? However, most of the time we spend alot of time trying to solve problems in our head which just acts as a distraction in making progress in our family lives as well as at the place of work

4. Hobbies; There is obviously some hobbies that you really love to do right? however, those hobbies can actually be a distraction if left unchecked. They can actually rob you of spending time making progress at work or with family.

If you have noticed from these four distractions what exactly is the common feature in all? well its time. The thing is, we all need time and effort to really make progress. Unfortunately time is not a luxury and no matter what we do, time will always be limiting. Heres some good advice for you, we should learn to manage our time wisely.

The principle is to plan our day effectively and efficiently not allowing for any distraction to hinder us from making the much needed progress. By doing so we will derive maximum benefit. All the best!!

Why its so hard to move on again

For some its so difficult

Moving on after a break-up, rejection or even heartbreak is really so difficult for some. In some cases, its not that they don't want to move on, but sometimes they can't just let go of a past memory which is constantly on their mind like a plague. As different as we are, we all vary as to the way we react to problems or disappointments. Some find it easier than others to get back up on their two feet again but the truth is, if anybody wants to be in a relationship again we just have to move on. Here's some good advice for you, it's easier said than done.

Why so difficult

Basically scars take some bit of time to heal. You will be absolutely surprised that for some people a scar can even last a decade. The thing is, in my opinion we all vary in our emotional and psychological balance. Some people heal quickly while others take time to heal. Basically that's the problem. However, lets briefly understand three situations that perhaps makes it difficult for some to begin a relationship all over again.

1. Rejection; Some people have been rejected a few times and they just didn't understand why. So, even when an opportunity is available to date somebody who they may like and who clearly likes them in return, Just the thought of a rejection makes it extremely difficult to try again.

2. Break-up; Some people have gone through a horrible break up in life ( most breakups are horrible ) but the thing is, to them they are certain that it might happen again. So what do they do, they just decide not to take any chances at all.

3. Disappointment; Some people have been disappointed alot of things when it comes to love.  They may have been in love with somebody but due to circumstances beyond their control, they just can't be together. The thought of those past disappointments just hinders them from giving love a second chance.

The solution

Moving on is never easy but heres some good advice for you, you can do it. In my opinion, we need help from friends and family who can encourage you to move on. You need to let out your feelings to someone you trust. Most importantly, you need to allow some healthy amount of time to pass before you can date again. In short, you need to be ready.

There is no clear cut solution to this, but in a nut shell try to make it happen. Here's some good advice for you, you can make it work. All the best!!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dating a Co-Worker

Is it really worth it?

You ve heard of the saying "you don't choose whom you fall in love with" right? Well, is it really worth it falling in love with a co worker and actually dating at the work place? It may look like something easy but lets face it, sometimes there could be serious complications. Heres some good advice for you, you have to weigh matttes carefully.

Learning from experiences

Most workplace relationships can have a negative impact on the way you work with your co worker and the way others view you in the work environment. Take for instance, if somebody was dating a boss for some company, the first thing that will come into peoples mind is he/she is succeeding at work because of the relationship with the boss. Ofcourse, you may be skilled and well qualified for the job but the mere fact that there is something happening, people will always think negative.

Another thing is that, if you have a relationship problem with your co worker that can really affect both your performances and really put the two of you in an uncomfortable position. The worst part is if you two never want to see each other again, and because you are at the workplace you are just forced to meet each other daily. That again can be really uncomfortable.

But when does dating a co worker become a good thing? Well there are some experiences when it has actually worked out. You can find them out.

When drawn to a co worker

Life is just full of surprises isn't it? We may of course be drawn to a fellow co worker whom we like. But what can possibly done? Well heres some good advice for you, carefully consider what you are about to get into. Here are a few questions you should do well to ask yourself always.

1. Is this really something appropriate?
2. Will I be able to handle things if things dont work out?
3. If the company policy doesn't allow dating at the workplace, am I prepared to suffer the consequences should they find out
4. Is he or she really serious? or they are just toying around?
5. How will others view this?

Ofcourse, it is your call. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you think things through carefully. Heres some good advice for you,have no regrets. All the best!!

Why she never picks up the phone

There must be this one person you are either dating or intending to start dating with the hope of one day being together forever. Ofcourse in both instances, you may be trying to call her but she just never picks up the phone and you tend to wonder why. Well, here's some good advice for you, there may be many reasons, but depending on the situation I would prefer we took both cases separating. Read on folks!!

The person you are persueing

If you are a guy persueing somebody you think you like, well the first things you really want is to communicate with her. Getting her phone number is one of the most easiest things to do but getting her to answer your calls sometimes can be so hard. Alright then, you have been trying so hard to call her but everytime you try to get in touch with her she just never picks up the phone. Why? Well there are three main reasons why.

1. Shes not interested; Dont take it personal but the truth is, she may not be interested in having a relationship with you. So, instead of telling it to your face she would prefer that she politely lets you know that she isn't available. Don't take it personally.

2. Shes always busy; Although its true that ladies love their phones so much, you might be surprised that because of their very tight busy schedules they never have time to respond or even call back. In such cases, you just have to keep on trying to reach her with the hope that she would pick up some day.

3. Shes shy; Immediately some ladies realize that you are trying to persue a romantic relationship with them, they tend to shy away. Maybe because they are nervous or something. However, the good news is that they eventually feel comfortable around you and will eventually open up.

The person you are already dating

So why doesnt the person you are already dating and having a relationship with just never picks up the phone? Well, again there may be alot of reasons but the last thing you want to do is run into conclusions. However, there are 3 reasons again why somebody you are dating never picks up the phone. Read on folks!

1. Shes never with her phone; Yes while its true ladies love their phones, sometimes they will tend to leave them carelessly somewhere in the home, room or office. It could be on the charger when you are trying to ring them. When they see the missed call, they would like to call back but maybe they dont have credits or maybe they have an urgent task to attend to.

2. Shes always busy; Quite similar to the preceding.

3. Shes probably angry with you; If you have been fighting lately or there was something horrible you did, or if there is something you should be doing which you are not, then probably shes trying to make a statement. Fix it.