Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A shaky friendship after revealing the truth

Things change completely

You have been friends with a member of the opposite sex for some time, or probably since you were kids. Ofcourse, as two people begin to grow up even their feelings for each other grows as well. Ever heard of the saying that a man and woman cant just be friends? Well, you soon decide that it is now time to tell the person how you really feel for them but soon realize that after revealing the truth, things begin to change and not for the better. Heres some good advice for you it can happen to anybody.

Best friends soon become distant

Well when two good friends if not best friends begin developing feelings for each other, that can really put things in a very dicey situation. The truth is, sometimes handling the truth isn't easy. Lets say Tom tells Ashly how he really feels, what does Ashly do? She may get confused and eventually what was once a friendship turns into something else. But why is that the case? Why can't best friends graduate into a relationship which can eventually lead to Marriage. Well heres some good advice for you, there are many reasons.

Some of the common reasons is that, they are not really ready for a relationship in my opinion. Yes ofcourse they may have feelings but sometimes they don't really understand their emotions. In other occasions, one of the two just doesn't see the other as being somebody they could ever possibly date. But whatever the reason, after the truth is revealed, what was once a friendship turns into something nothing more than a gap that keeps growing. Althiough this doesnt always happen, it can't be ignored that there is need for some serious damage control. What can somebody do to try and restore the friendship that was once lost. You have to realize that sometimes you can reverse the situation but in other cases it cant be reversed.

Heres some good advice for you, you can atleast give it a shot.

Restoring your friendship as it was before

For starters you dont have to be sorry about how you feel but if you think an apology will make them feel more better and comfortable, you can say it. You can also make it a point never to repeat the topic ever again unless you are sure that bringing it up may bring home better results. The thing is, you want to act like you acted before you actually told them how you felt. If they ask you again about what you said, just respond like this "Oh, that was nothing....serously dont worry about what I said". Pretend as if nothing happened.

When you do that, it may be hard but you are just trying to restore the friendship both of you had. However, if you still have feelings for them and would like to get to know them better by dating, you can still give it a second shot. If it fails again, well recycle the same method again and again. Never tried it, but you can.

Here's some good advice for you...Whatever the result at least you tried. All the best!!!


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