Friday, 16 August 2013

Is staying single bad?

What some people think

Being single isn't all that bad because you know without having any committment in your life, sometimes you just have the freedom to do anything you want. However, in different parts of the world people may have different thoughts about the idea of singleness because to them they just cant understand why a person will even think about being single at all. There are two types of single, you have those who are not Married and you have those who are not Married and not even seeing anybody. Heres some good advice for you, the situation is quit similar for the two groups but except the later, has something that we probably must explain in this advice blog. Read on folks.

Being single but dating

People who stay single, are dating and are not considering the idea of Marriage anytime soon (or even forever) are the kind who just dont want any kind of commitment. Why? you might ask, well in most cases they just want to have their independence and they dont want to be committed to just one person but a dozen. Which in my opinion doesnt really make sense because the real aim for dating is really to ultimately find the right person to spend the rest of your life with in Marriage right? However, some just dont think the idea of a family and the idea of having to be committed just doesnt compute well. Here's some good advice for you, if you are dating somebody with no intention to Marry, then you are just toying with somebody's feelings. Anyway thats just my opinion.

Another thing is that, some who are single but are dating are maybe trying to take their time to get to know the person they are dating.

Being single but not dating

Some people are just totally single to the core without even dating anybody or without ever having dated anyone in their lives.What could be the reason why they have stayed single for so long without even considering the possibility of future Marriage. Its not that they actually want to be single, but as with most single people they probably havent found the right person yet and so they are just waiting. Another thing could be that they are just not ready for that kind of thing at all. Another thing is that, maybe each time they really want to get into a relationship with somebody it just doesnt work out...As in always.

Single but not seeing anybody really takes a lot of sacrifice because in most cases singles like this definitely feel lonely, some bit of self pit and maybe anxiety. So unlike a single whose dating these type of singles have to pull through some different forms of challenges. But being single and not dating isn't always bad ofcourse it does take some courage. Heres some good advice for you, there are acually some benefits of being single but not dating.

Benefits of singleness

  • Singleness gives you an opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally and psychology
  • Singleness gives you an opportunity to do the things you want without having to really committ
  • Singleness gives you some time to find the right person you can Marry some day
  • Singleness gives you some privacy and allows you to refelect
If you are single and you decide that one day you desire to get Married, heres some good advice for you...Just get Married. All the best!



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