Friday, 16 August 2013

How to Make a great first impression

6 Tips that you should follow

The real world we live in today wants to be around people who have a positive effect on others. This advice blog doesnt mean being positive because you have money, prestige, fame or anything big NO. But what we are actually saying, people want to be around others who have positive qualities. Quit frankly, thats why its always good to leave a lasting first impression on others who you meet for the first time because one thing for sure, they wont have anytime to really get to know you and your fine qualities. So when you leave a great first impression on others, you are actually doing them a favor and sparing them the trouble of having to spend so much time getting to know you, understanding your fine positive qualities in detail. Heres some good advice for you, there are six tips to make this work. But before we even jump into that, why is a first impression so important?

Importance of a good first impression

You attend a meeting for the first time and there at that very important meeting you meet the executive manager for a company. After having a short conversation which only lasted for like ten seconds (only kidding) listen to what he says to his office manager called Jim after they watch you leave the room quietly. "You know what Jim, I think I like that guy"

What do you think caused an executive manager of a company make a positive remark about somebody he hardly even knew. Well isn't it obvious? You obviously made a good first impression on that executive manager without a doubt. First impression matter everyday in life and that's why you will find that people respond postively if you leave a great impression of yourself in the minds of others. First impression comes with how you dress, how you conduct yourself with others, how you talk, what you talk about and alot of other things. In my opinion, if you leave a good first impression you will win your customers, you will win potential friends, you may even win other things as well. A powerful first impression works well even when you attend a job interview and it will certainly add some valuable points to nailing your job. So, how do you generate a great first impression?

6 Tips to having a good first impression

1. Look presentable; Look presentable, this advice blog is not talking about wearing expensive things and looking sophisticated but just look presentable. Look neat and tidy, make sure your cloths are properly worn and your shoes are neat. It is all these details that will add to leaving a first impression that lasts.

2. Smile; Putting a smile on your face even if you dont feel like it will send a positive signal to others which will make things easier even as you converse. However, smile appropriately and when it is necessary.

3. Have a good conversation; Make your conversation constructive, informative and even interesting. Ofcourse not everybody is gifted at conversing but that doesn't mean you shouldn't atleast try to. Having a good conversation requires you to take interest in another and pay attention to what they have to say too. That's really good advice.

4. Make it brief; Unless you are a genius of prolonging your conversation, you will discover that if you want to leave a first impression successfully, keep it brief. Why? because you will soon realize that the more time you spend, the more time people will begin to see your weaknesses. Pretty tough right? but it could be true.

5. Show some confidence and have good manners; Being confident and active will really add some light to the whole situation. Here's some good advice for you, when you extend a hand shake do it in confidence. When you talk to somebody and they ask you a question about almost anything, respond in confidence and don't show doubts. Always show some good manners as you interact with others.

6. Let it flow; Dont be mechanical like you memorized your lines from a script from a movie or something. Here's some good advice for you, Be yourself, Be natural and Be clear. That way you will surely leave a first impression that lasts.

If you come to think of it, following these six tips isn't really that hard. Here's some good advice for you, you can do it.


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