Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ending the Suspision

Challenges in every relationship......Trust

Whenever two people are courting or are on their way for a happy Marriage, the road could get very dicey or sophisticated. Trust becomes very difficult at times between two people especially if because of past experience, rumors or anything else sometimes such staff can really create deep suspicion. Heres some good advice for you, a relationship or Marriage filled with suspicion can really drain the happiness from two people. What really creates suspision these days? Heres some good advice for you, read on!!

Situations that always create suspicion

1. Rumors; Its not always the case that rumors are true nor is it always the case that they are not true. But the point is, how do you react to rumors? Most times rumors about a spouse can really destroy a really happy Marriage and create alot of tension.

2. Past experiences; Sometimes we may have gone through past experiences which have shaped our understanding of the world around us. Sometimes we adopt the policy "I can't trust anybody....Including my spouse" While that may be quite genuine, a world without trusting completely nobody is quit dangerous.

3. The Media; Sometimes the news we hear from the media usually shapes our understanding of life in general and because of that, we usually tend to be suspicious about our spouse and family members. Movies we watch and music we listen to could also be a contributer.

How to control a suspicious attitude

Not that having a level of suspicion is bad, the thing is we shouldn't allow it to control our lives. Heres some good advice for you there is need to build trust in your spouse. Couples have different ways of doing that but you can achieve this in your own way. A key note is to talk to your partner if there is something really bothering you or hitting on your chest.

If you have a valid reason to investigate matters then you can do so depending on what you think. However, trust should always be encouraged.

How do you react to rumor? Well there are valide steps you can take to really get things under control. Here they are below;

-Dont quickly believe what you hear
-Verify the source of the information and whether its a trusted source
-Talk to your spouse about it and get their views
-Dont quickly jump into conclusions but if there is valid reason, do a thorough investigation

All the best!!

Getting over a past mistake

The feeling of Worthlessness

Have you ever committed a big, huge mistake that each time you just think of it you just feel so uneasy. That can happen to anybody because the truth is, we all make mistakes. Mistakes can be big or small however, as long as we feel so bad about it for a very long time that our normal living becomes affected then there could be a big problem. Heres some good advice for you, if you are feeling worthless because of a past mistake you have to realize we all make mistakes.

A mistake you made in the past

Ofcourse the thought of it is killing you deep inside and the feeling of worthlessness is just growing inside you each and everyday. What really are some of the big and small mistakes we can ever make which can really affect us that even our own lives becomes somehow halted. The definition could be relative to different people but lets just say if it negatively affects you deeply as well as others around you, then it was a deep mistake. There are practical suggestion you can do to let go;

1. Apologize; If you made a mistake and you know it affected others deeply and also affected you, you can always start with a sincere apology and hope you can be forgiven. When people extend forgiveness to you, you will defintely feel refreshed.

2. Forgive yourself; Dont keep beating yourself up for so long that your life becomes halted and everything you ever loved doing just vanishes. You have to give yourself a chance and realize you are only human. Take time to reflect about things in a deep way. Heres some good advice for you, forgive yourself and let go.

3. Don't repeat the same mistake; You should know that repeating the same mistake on and on will just create more problems. We need to fight it and keep on fighting it. Thats just the truth.

Reflecting by yourself

This advice blog article does not condone mistakes that we all know are deliberate but mistakes are things we don't mean to do or say. Take some time to seat down and reflect on things by yourself and see what you should have done better and where you failed. Getting over a past mistake will require you to take action. You have to avoid by all means dwelling in the past and trying yourself to move forward. Take the load and throw it into the ocean because it happened and there is nothing you can do to reverse the past.

Here's some good advice for you, you need to move forward and reflect. Reflecting means drawing lessons and trying to avoid the same wrong in the future. All the best!!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Being friends with your Ex

Making peace

Being friends with your Ex isn't really a bad thing because why be enemies. However, friendship between the opposite sex is really a sensitive issue because it almost always leads to one thing. However, making friendship with your Ex is not really about getting back togather, well atleast thats what most people want to believe. We need to realize that some people want to be friends with their Ex just for the sake of being friends while others want to be friends with the aim of getting back together again. Both are not necessarily bad but heres some good advice for you, you can' have it both ways.

Hope of getting back together

Its so much easier if the two of them want to get back together, but if one of them wants to and the other doesn't, then that can get complicated. You see, if you accept to have friendship with your Ex, for whatever reason, you should realize it can go either way. Basically your Ex is a free person and isn't getting any younger...If they tell themselves that they dont want to date you but would rather date someone else and get Married to them in future, don't hold it against them.

However, how can you begin to hint to your Ex that you wan't to get back together? The thing is, you have to tell them how you feel. It all narrows down to letting them know that you wan't to reconcile because you still feel for them. However, when you tell them that, you should realize that might just affect the friendship you worked so hard to build. Heres some good advice for you, the choice is yours.

Being friends as just friends

In my opinion being friends as just friends is always going to lead to something, However lets assume that the boy/girl friendship is just like any other friendship in this world, what can we expect? Well for starters, you have to realize that even though you are just friends, your Ex is free to date whoever he/she wants. So, when you see that happen you shouldn't get jealous. Secondly, you should be a good friend by being a good advisor and not really trying to tailor things for your own advantage.

You should also realize that should your friend decide to get Married, there is a possibility that the both of you will become distant. Heres some good advice for you, let your friend be happy and dont try to interfere in their Marriage.

Sometimes, depending on circumstances, in my opinion it would be wise to think seriously about being just friends with your Ex. Anyway thats just my opinion. All the best!!

The game of Just Because

Just Because 

You know what, lets play a little game that am positive will motivate you. It is called just because. Heres some good advice for you, you are going to love it.

5 Just Because motivations for you

1. Just because you are single, doesn't mean you will always be single; Usually when people break up or have never dated in their life for whatever reason, they simply give up. The truth is, there is time for everything. You dont have to feel bad for all the loneliness, because the truth is one day you will find the perfect match. Make sure you choose the right person.

2. Just because it hurts doesn't mean it will always hurt; When we go through pain and sorrow we always tend to think that it will be with us forever. Heres some good advice for you, time can heal even the deepest of wounds, just be patient and allow you pain to subside.

3. Just because you dont have friends, doesn't mean you will never have true friends; True friends can be hard to find nowadays and for obvious reasons, nothing is perfect in this world. However, lets be honest with ourselves, perhaps we have to improve in the way we select our freinds.

4. Just because you dont have a job dont doesn't mean you will never have a job; I know after school things can be so hard for you, finding a job is just unbearable. But heres some encouragement for you, you will have a job in time.

5. Just because life is tough, doesn't mean it will always be tough; Life is just filled with ups and downs and the truth is sometimes we think it will be forever. Heres some good advice for you, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Good advice to being postive

Its not always easy to think positive especially when each and everyday presents new challenges. Heres some good advice for you, not everything is bad. To think positive all the time, here is some good advice for you,

-Be around positive minded people
-Train your mind to think positive but just dont be overly positive.Too much of anything is bad
-Take positive action

All the best!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why I always fail

My relationship never works

If you are one of those people out there who are constantly complaining that each time they date somebody out there, it just never are far from being alone. Many people out there are just so sad that almost every relationship they have just fails to work this time around. Others have gone through over 6 relationships within a short spun of time all ending with a break-up. Well heres some good advice for you, its never too late to change things.

Some reasons relationships fail

There are alot of reasons why certain people excel in relationships while others just dont. The thing is, when it comes to the issue of dating in my opinion this should almost lead to Marriage. Heres some good advice for you, there are basically 3 reasons why some peoples relationships just dont work.

1. Seriousness; Some people are not just committed to making their relationships work. Instead of finding time to be with their date whether its in person or over the phone, they are just never there. That can cause a serious problem indeed. Others just enter a relationship for mere fun without looking at it as a long term activity that can lead to something meaningful.

2. Differences; There are notable differences that may exist between the people dating. Differences in values, goals and interests can lead some to fight quarrel and even breakup. Couples have to be able to yield in some circumstances when its necessary.

3. Undesirable qualities or traits; Some people dont have the good qualities and traits that can sustain a relationship. Some easily get envious, jealous, angry, possessive and abusive in a relationship. Such qualities can only spell trouble.

Good advice to make it work

First things first you have to follow the three pointers above but then another thing is, you have to take action. Some people may actually say that my relationship still fails even when I do all the right things. Well, while that may not be 100% true there is still need for improvement. Notable things you can do is;

-Understand what you havent been doing well or could do better
-Understand the reasons you are always given by the people who break up with you and try to work on them
-Understand that it may not always be you causing the breakups but its also them
-Understand that you have to be patient and dont expect immediate results
-Understand that a relationship will one day work for you, so dont give up

All the best

Dating your Exs best friend

Is it really the best choice?

Falling in Love with an Exs best friend is one of those things which just happens and most of the time we dont see it coming. Ofcourse, many people think of the person who does such a thing as a back stubber...Although some situations may seem that way, there is need to actually understand how such things actually happen. In the first place, is dating your Ex's best friend the best choice you could think of out of the many thousand choices you have out there, heres some good advice for you it all depends.Read on folks.

Considering the situation carefully

The break up with your Ex has obviously left serious scars in the both of you especially if it ended horribly. The thing is, breakups are never pleasant for anybody. To begin with, you have to really understand that dating your Exs best friend has the possibility to end their friendship as well. Why is that the case, well for starters your Ex may still have feelings for you and when you date his/her best friend he or she may just get jealous and maybe hate the both of you.

It is always important to remember that even as you begin to date your Ex best friend, there might be situations were you two will still have to meet. Are you prepared to handle that? Another thing is something about you.......You might actually feel something for your Ex and even as you begin dating your Exs best friend you have the potential to break his or her heart should you decide to return to your Ex.

Although there is no clear cut way to deal with this, you have to put your Ex into consideration before you decide to take action. Heres some good advice for you, Questions you can do well to consider before even deciding to go out with your Exs best friend are;

-How will I be looked by others if I actually do?
-How will my Ex feel about this?
-How will I honestly think about this?
-If they end their friendship, can I handle the blame?
-Is there any way I can lessen the problem should I decide to date my Exs bestfriend?
-Do I still love my Ex?
-Have I told my Exs best friend about how I really feel about my Ex?

Good advice on what to do

Nobody can really choose who they love or not because these things just develop out of nowhere at times. But you can still make the right choice for you and others as well. Heres some good advice for you, begin thinking about the preceding questions above and make the right decision today. All the best!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Being Jealous of your friend

Trying to find a lasting solution

There are some friends out there who become jealous of their fellow friends not because they want to but because of a number of reasons. Sometimes they can't just stand how successful their fellow friend is while at the same time they hardly get to achieve anything even when they try so hard. Its like their colleague gets to be the best while they on the other hand feel cursed. Ofcourse that can happen to alot of people these days especially in a world were you can't necessarily have everything. If you are that Jealous friend and you dont like what you are feelings, here's some good advice for you, you have to destroy those negative feelings. Lets dive into this interesting topic shall we.

Why friends get Jealous

Most friends get jealous because they just dont understand how on Earth their fellow friend can be getting what they want in life, while they on the other hand are failing. Lets say that two good friends completed high school together in the same year with the same quality of grades. Friend A gets a well paying job and finally manages to buy himself a car while Friend B on the other hand doesn't get a well paying job but finds himself struggling in the streets of the city trying to make ends meet. How do you think Friend B may feel about Friend A? Sometimes, Friend B may get just a little bit Jealous....Maybe even alot.

The danger of Jealousy folks is that if left unchecked can really ruin a good friendship you both had and can lead to even more serious wrongs. Being Jealous does not reflect well on the true meaning of friendship and can bring you more harm than what you think you may be feeling towards your friend. You have to root it out of your chest, you have to destroy it. Just how do you successfully do that? Heres some good advice for you, destroying Jealousy requires you to take action.

Destroying Jealousy for your friend

If you value your friendship so much as you say you do, you have to take immediate action. The first thing you can do is force your self not to be Jealous of your friend. When your friend talks to you remove the negative things that you feel for them and cast them out. Lets look at it this way, suppose a needle accidently pierced your finger, what will you do? You are going to remove it from the depths of your finger no matter how painful it is, you are going to force yourself to do it because you value your body and your life.

Similarly, when you have Jealousy you have to take action and you have to force yourself to destroy that feeling and remove it from your system forever. Another thing that may help is not to focus talking about your friends achievements but talk about other more important things as well. Things that both of you can enjoy without necessarily developing negative feelings. Also learn to accept the situation that your friend has managed to achieve things in life while at the same time realizing that even you have managed to achieve great things in life in a different way.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but whats important is...Atleast you tried. Heres some good advice for you, remove all Jealousy today.

When your best friend begins to like you

Having a best-friend of the opposite sex

In my opinion I think bests friends should exist when they are of the same sex, however when you bring in the boy/ girl scenario its almost certain that one day they will begin to develop feelings for each other. Heres how it works folks, a guy will always be a guy and a lady as well. It is almost bound to happen that one of the two would like to have a serious dedicated relationship, thats something you cant run away from. However, lets say you are already friends with a member of the opposite sex, how do you handle a situation where either you or him/her or you two both develop feelings for each other? Well heres some good advice for you, don't rush into things. Lets dive into this shall we.

Strong feelings between two best friends

1. You develop feelings first; If you have been best friends with somebody for a long time and then you develop strong feelings for him or her, it can be really hard to open up about it. Why? well isn't it obvious, you don't know how they will react and what the confession will mean to your friendship. It can go both ways, either the confession would lead to an end to a long friendship or it could lead to a strong relationship. The truth is, its normal to develop feelings and want to be with somebody but you have to ask these important questions.

-Are you ready for a relationship in the first place?
-Are you actually prepared to be dating your best friend?
-Are you ready for a no or a yes?

Depending on the answers to these questions, it will help you see whether it is actually worth it to confess now or alternatively postpone it to a later day. If your best friend rejects the proposition, don't hold it against them or her and infact try to maintain the good friendship you had with each other like before.

2. When he or she develops feelings first; Lets say they confess to you how they actually feel for you, how do you react? Well, the last thing you want to do is overreact because that can either hurt your friend or even end your friendship. Ofcourse sometimes that can come by surprise but heres some good advice for you, try to be calm and give your best friend a chance to express themselves.

Depending on the decision you make, never tell them your decision there and then but inform them that you need time to think about it. By doing that, you will be reaffirming to them that atleast you gave it a bit of thought before coming to a decision.

3. When both of you feel the same way; Its so much easier when both of you feel the same way because atleast both of you are in the same line of thought. The questions in pointer 1 still apply to the both of you, however, you especially need to decide whether its the best time for you two to begin dating. Its one thing to have strong feelings, but its also another thing to actually know where these feelings may lead you and what they actually mean to you two.

Signs that your best friend likes you

There are no text book ways to know whether your best friend likes you more than what you think. However, you can be able to detect this by the following signs namely;

-They begin to look/stare at you in a whole different way
-They may begin to avoid you sometimes
-They may be less vocal and preoccupied in their thoughts
-Some may not be happy when they hear you are beginning to date somebody else or are also close friends with members of the opposite.

One thing you should never do when you have feelings for your best friend is to become jealous of them because that can really turn ugly. Heres some good advice for you, learn to open up and talk about it.

Monday, 26 August 2013

How to know your Date is not taking you anywhere

What dating really means

Most people think that dating is for aimless fun, but if you really try to think critically about it, you will realize that its mainly something thats supposed to lead you into something bigger. Yes this advice blog has mentioned it before and I bet you know the answer to that question, dating should lead to Marriage. I mean think of it, getting to know someone is for a long term purpose right? The thing is, everyone wants to settle down one time in life and dating gives you an opportunity to see whether this individual could be the right match. Heres some good advice for you folks, date with a purpose.

Signs that your dating is going nowhere

1. Qualities you are looking for; Maybe you have been dating this person for quit sometime, you realize that their are certain behaviors or attitudes that could really lead to serious problems in future. Take for instance, imagine your date is a drunk, do you honestly believe that they could make a good spouse if you ever got Married? Heres some good advice for you, you have the right to choose but make the right choice.

2. Consistent arguments and differences; You know, when you are dating one of the things that makes dating so challenging is if you are always fighting and argueing. Ofcourse every relationship will have some fights but if its always conistent and repeated, then that clearly shows that you two don't really have many things in common. You are always dissagreeing which in my opinion isnt a good thing at all.

3. No desires of a serious relationship in future; Dating is really about finding the right person to be with forever. When an individual is just dating for mere fun and doesn't have a long term desire for further commitment, then the relationship isn't really going anywhere.

It is always a good thing to consider settling down one day and settling down with the right person. You want to have a relationship where you feel secure and feel loved. There is ofcourse ups and downs sometimes but that shouldn't get in the way of achieving the ultimate goals of truly dating. Heres some good advice for you, you should always take dating seriously folks.

Making the final decision

Entirely you have to understand that regardless of what others say or what this advice blog will tell you, you will ultimately make the final decision. The decision you make on who you would like to be with should be the right one and should be one you wont have to regret 2 or 3 years later. Observing the initial signs can really encourage you to find a secure, long lasting relationship. Ofcourse we all know that a relationship involves other important ingredients for it to be long lasting, but heres some good advice for you, when you with a purpose. All the best!

The World of a Working Mother

Could make your head spin

Bringing up children in a family is really a challenge in this fast paced world. Imagine what working Mothers have to go through to raise their dear children in an environment where pressure mounts by the day. But why are we talking about the Mother instead of talking about Dad? Well its not that Dad isn't important but everyone has to agree that a Mother plays a very important role in raising children as well as ensuring other home responsibilities. Heres some good advice for you folks, all working moms as well as other type of moms deserve our utmost gratitude.

The working moms world

A working Mothers time is always racing against her. Why is that the case,well isn't it obvious? Most women in the family have to assume very challenging roles such as preparing meals for the family, choosing or supervising the nanny, caring for their husbands and children and also dealing with the pressure of work. Now, every working mother knows that time is not a luxury and as soon as they walk out the family home, they know that there is no turning back because they wont have the time to correct any mistakes they left at home. They have to get it right the first time.

Heres how a working Mother usually starts her straneous day;

1. She has to wake up early and bath all her kids
2. She has to organize all her work documents, pack the children food and make breakfast for the family (including the husband)
3. She has to rush and take a really quick bath and organize herself
4. She has to take the kids to school especially if its her turn to do so
5. She finally has to reach work and pull through a meeting with her boss who is always scolding her for being late
6. She has to call home in order to check on the nanny who is looking after the baby
7. Alot more other things as well

This may not be really comprehensive, but I am sure you already see the point right? The day is busy from one end to the next.

How the husband can offer a helping hand

Many times working Mothers can get easily strained resulting in alot of difficult things because of the heavy responsibility they have to pull through. Husbands can offer a real helping hand by lightening their work load. Ofcourse, they can always help out by assisting the wife in some of the house chores or by helping out with the kids. Its usually a heavy responsibility for the couple as a whole but heres some good advice for you, husbands can make it a whole lot easier by offering emotional, psychological and mental support to their spouses. All the best!!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

How to be liked by others

Anything is possible if you do it right

Everyone would like to be liked by people around them especially around those they consider important to them. You see, human beings are social beings and thats Thats!! However, why is it that others seem to be like more than others? Well there are a lot of reasons to that some of them genuine while others not so genuine. But this advice blog is talking about being liked by others because of your good qualities you display. Heres some good advice for you, if you really want to be liked by others you have to display good sound qualities.

Displaying good qualities

1. Hardworking; If you work for a company and you keep wondering why a certain employee is liked a lot, well it could be because he or she is hardworking. Hardwork can be displayed anywhere from the place of employment, at school and even in a family. When people see how much seriousness you devote to important tasks that produce good results that they also desire at the end of the day they tend to admire you. Your aim is not to be admired anyway but just to be liked. Honest hearted people will certainly like you.

2. Available, Approachable and Sociable; When people observe that you are not the type that easily shuns others away, they will be easily be prone to draw closer to you. Being sociable and available gets you liked by others because you are always there to interact wholesomely and also share upbuilding interesting ideas with others.

3. Friendly; Being friendly is another quality that can make others like you because when you are friendly you are not overly critical about others, you are not harsh and self centered and never look down on others but you actually care about other peoples interests. Important to drawing others to you.

There are alot of other qualities that a person can display to be liked by others but basically these are the main three. Now, you must realize that even if you displayed these qualities to a whole bunch of people its not actually everyone who will truly appreciate them. Why? Well some people consider such qualities as old fashioned, others consider them as outright boring while others just dont like them. Some will infact tell you that it is far interesting and entertaining if you are not even friendly at all.

So what is the point here? Heres some good advice for you, being liked by others shouldn't mean you should be liked by everyone in the world because some people don't really appreciate good qualities. But being liked by the right people at the right place and time, even if they are only a few people is as good as it gets. So what decision are going to make?

How to know they really like you

Basically that is easy because people who really like will show it clearly. Take for instance what would you say of a person who claims to like you but almost never says hi to you in the morning even though you are just close neighbors. You will definitely agree how hard it would be to believe they actually like you from the heart. So heres some good advice for you, people who like you will show it through actions and not just by word of mouth and artificial smiles.

When people like you or atleast claim to, you will only really prove it by their actions and nothing more or nothing less. Heres some good advice for, observe the actions of people around you then make a good honest conclusion. All the best folks.

Deciding whether to Commit

Marriage requires your full committment

Often times people see Marriage as a walk in a park with so many perfect things to look forward to. While Marriage may provide that, the truth is an honest reality check tells you Marriage requires alot of Commitment. What exactly is commitment? Commitment is basically a promise to stick to one person and be devoted to making the Marriage work. So in a nut shell, when you committ to one person you lose some of the personal freedoms you would have had, had you been single. Lets look at some of those freedoms shall we. Heres some good advice for you, read on.

Personal freedoms missed because of committment

1. Time; When you are single you are free to do almost anything you really want, but when you get Married your time is not 100% yours but also has to be shared with your wife or husband and with your kids.

2. Resources; Apart from time, being committed to your partner will also require you to share some of your income from work in order to see the family grow.When you are single you can use your resources any how you want but when you get Married you have to consult how the limited finances should be used or spent for the family.

3. Personal goals; When you are single you have the opportunity to achieve most of the meaningful goals which are important without being really hindered with the task of caring for your family.

Making a decision to commit or not

If you want to get Married then you have to realize that commitment is all part of the vocabulary. However, Marriage is really a personal decision that people should individually make. When you make the decision to want to commit in Marriage you should be able to ask yourself whether thats what you really want? For example, knowing that you wont have some of the freedoms mentioned in the first place, would it be wise to get Married now, or better yet even date? Are there possibilities to postpone it until you are ready? Heres some good advice for you, considering these questions can save you alot of future disappointment.

In my own opinion it would be wise to perhaps start dating and get Married when you are ready to Commit to someone. Because the truth is commitment involves your time, your resources and even your sacrifices. So when you are really ready from your heart and when you feel so ready then you will have the energy and power to put full effort to making the relationship really work. Ofcourse there will always be problems along the way, but when you are ready for committment then you will simply face those problems head on. You will grab the bull by its horns.

Heres some good advice for you, make a decision to commits or not today!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The staring look

What does it mean when someone stares at you?

Many people ask this question at work, at school in other social gatherings and still don't seem to find the answers they are really looking for. What does it mean when somebody of the opposite sex gives you a stare? Well, to be honest it could mean alot of things but think of it this way, when you go shopping and take a long look at an expensive dress or suit......Why do you do that? Well it could mean you like what you see, or it could mean that you can't believe how expensive or cheap the item is, or it can mean you admire the merchandize that you wish it was yours but can't afford it, it could mean a lot of things. Heres some good advice for you, when someone stares at you don't easily get scared.

Getting your first stare

Lets say you know somebody and on a regular basis they stare at you occasionally, what do you make out of that? Well, most of the interactions that has been observed is that the person probably likes what they are looking at. There is nothing wrong in admiring a handsome person or a beautiful lady because the truth is, its good to look at. But the dangers is that if the stare goes too far it can make the victim uncomfortable, make the person lose concentration and perhaps keep the person asking what does this stare mean? A stare can send mixed signals to a person which can just confuse things sometimes.

When a person stares at you in most cases they like what they see and they like you. But, its only a like that they show it doesn't necessarily mean they want to be in a relationship with you but they just like you because of the way you look and the way you behave. Jumping into conclusions and thinking that they want to be in a relationship with you or they love you could be misleading especially if it comes from a total stranger you just met. The only sure way of knowing whether that stare means anything is if that person actually made an effort to get to know you.

Although it is not always conclusive why a person stares, you should know that you have been spotted and they like what they see.

How to respond

If you feel uncomfortable and you don't like the person then just ignore the stare. However, if you like the person and you are sure that they are not harmful, then you can respond back with a simple smile or a simple hi or a simple look back. When you start with a hi, you allow for a conversation and then you begin to get to know each other. Heres some good advice for you, starting a conversation with someone you like will let you get to really know whether this person is right for you or not.

Making a choice

Choosing between your Ex and your New found

There are times that as you continue your search for your future Marriage mate, you find somebody you think can complete you. However, after you broke up with your Ex you soon discover that he or she still wants to get back together. But then you are faced with a serious pridicament, which one do I possibly choose? Do I choose my Ex or should I choose my new founder? Heres some good advice for you, you have to be honest with yourself.

Be honest with yourself

When you decide to walk down the aisle and exchange important wedding vows to your love, you must realize that its a long term commitment. Dating is all about finding somebody you would one day like to Marry and spend the rest of your life with. When you are faced with choosing between an Ex or a New founder, you have to consider three important things 1) Whats good for me? 2) Does he have qualities that can sustain the relationship and 3) Do I love him? Many will put all their eggs in whether they truly love somebody or not without considering the first two. Heres some good advice for you, consider all 3 holistically when selecting who to date.

1. Whats good for me; Between your Ex and your new founder, who treats you properly? Who understands you and who provides good qualities that can impact on your life positively? Ofcourse good is relative to many but the point is, your good match should build you up and not pull you down. We are not talking about financial benefits but we are talking about being a better person in thought, actions and ways of living.

2. Does he or she have good qualities; A relationship really is a long term journey and is no game where one moment you are together and the next you break it off. A person whose in a relationship should be able to commit and see a possible long term future for both of you.

3. Do you love him or her; Love isn't just about strong romantic feelings but is a combination of so many important things. In a nut shell, do you have love for the person you will be with because if you don't, maybe he or she isn't really the right person.

About your Ex

Ofcourse you may give the excuse that you know your Ex better than you know your new founder. That is a welcomed thought however, that doesn't mean he or she should be an automatic suitor. You have to dig deeper and ensure you make the best choice. Heres some good advice for you, whether its your Ex or new founder you decide to choose, make the right choice that will give you the long term benefits that you truly deserve.

Friday, 23 August 2013

How to tell someone likes you

Likes me or not?

That's a question people ask alot and alot and almost all the time and everyday. Does he or she like me? Everyday we meet different kinds of people in our lives, some of them we have a crush on and some of them we don't. But the point is we want to know especially for the ones we like whether they feel the same way...Why?? Because we just want to know!! Ofcourse it feels good to know that they feel the same way because only then can we think of possibilities of dating or even getting Married. Heres some good advice for you, someone who really likes you will definitely show it without a doubt.

Someone who likes you

Someone who likes you will show it because there is no need what so ever to hide those details unless there is a good reason to do it. When a person likes you these are the following things they do;

1. Smile; Most people who like you smile at you and enjoy being around you. Think of it, would someone who likes you give you an angry look, highly unlikely. When they are around you or they see you, their faces light up with a smile.

2. They treat you better; A person who likes you treats you relatively better and enjoys your company. Ofcourse you also enjoy theirs.

3. They are not afraid to tell you the truth; A person who really likes you will not be afraid to tell you how much they feel about you. Unless they have a good reason not to tell you, that could actually be the beginning of a good friendship.

4. They don't toy with you; Someone who really likes you will not toy with your feelings because that is just cruel. But a genuine person will consider how you feel and wont for whatever reason want to hurt you intentionally.

Taking a step further

If the person really likes you and you are definitely convinced that they do, that's when you can either decide to take a step further or not. From what I have seen so far most people want to take a step further and try and find out possibilities of dating in future. Remember that dating is all about getting to know each other and hopefully finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with in Marriage. All the best!!

Tips of Good Friends

True Friends

True friends are really hard to find these days but that is not to say you will never find those kind of friends. Everybody needs a friend whether in a small way or big way, humans are social beings and they want to be able to communicate freely about their problems and about their feelings. Imagine how miserable life would be without friends by your side. However, everybody knows that not all friends are good friends and not all friends are bad friends either. Heres some good advice for you, finding a friend isn't always the hard part but finding good friends is. Lets dive dipper shall we.

Good friends and Bad friends

Good friends are just as they are good friends. A good friend is the type of friend who is not just your acquaintance but they are something more. They are the kind who like you for who you are and are willing to give you advice even if it hurts you. A true friend wouldn't be happy when you fail and are always willing to be by your side in both good times and bad. Ofcourse, even good friends make mistakes because we are all human, a good friend will admit that they made a mistake and will try as much as possible to make amends. What about a bad friend, they are just the opposite of the good friends.

Bad friends may be fun to be with sometimes if not most, but they usually make you fall into things that may either destroy you or make you a bad person. Bad friends don't really care about your welfare and are usually concerned about what selfish gains they can get out of a friendship with you. Heres some good advice for you, avoid the bad friends at all costs.

Making a decision

You definitely want to have a good friend as your friend right? but too often sometimes people fall into the trap of associating with people who can be bad influence for them. Many think that whatever there friends do wont necessarily affect them. While this may seem true for a while, eventually you will find that bad traits from bad friends can easily rub onto you.

So when choosing a friend and making a final decision on the kind of friend you will choose be sure to ask yourself these kinds of questins.

-What kind friend will build me positively
-What kind of friend will instil in me good qualities
-What kind of friend will make me a better person to other friends, society and family
-What are other peoples opinions on my choice of friends especially my families opinion
-Are these friends interested in me or there are some selfish reasons behind it
-Are these friends willing to make sacrifices for me
-Do these friends really care for me at all

Asking such kinds of questions will actually broaden your mind and help you choose the right friends for yourself. Heres some good advice for you, choose the right kinds of friends for yourself today.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dealing with your emotions

You have a serious Crush, dont you?

Everybody one time or another will have a crush in their lives. What exactly is a crush? Well lets put it this way..Imagine everyday when you you go for work you have to interact with a boss of yours who happens to be the opposite sex. As time goes on you start developing strong feelings for him/her which eventually results in you thinking about them daily, minutely, secondly and all the time. You can't sleep at night and you certainly cannot eat, that is a crush. The point is, a Crush is an interesting experience especially if you have it for the first time. But make no mistake about it, it isn't necessarily love but it could lead to that area soon. Heres some good advice for you, deal with your crushy feelings right here right now.

Dealing with your burning feelings

A crush certainly can make you lose your mind and that is only the small part of it, when it escalates too far you might find yourself making the wrong decisions. Take for instance from the example of your boss...Your boss may have completely no idea that you have a crush on him/her but will only observe you acting so nervously around them. Not only that, the quality of your work will be affected , your interaction with others will also slow down and you may actually look depressed. That is certainly a sad scene indeed, isn't it? But lets look at the brighter side, what good can you derive from actually controlling your feelings?

Did you know that sometimes we have a crush on the wrong people? Yes that is very true and to make matters worse, if you got Married to them you would just end up living a miserable life. Here is some good advice for you, by controlling your feelings you will be able to first get to know the person you actually want to start dating. Instead of rushing to them, you will first wait to establish whether they are actually the right people for you. Another thing is by controlling your feelings it will be so much easier for you to concentrate on more important matters in life that really needs urgent attention. Learning to control your feelings will also enable you to become more mature and you wont easily be offended or jealous if you saw your crush with another person of the opposite sex.

After establishing whether he/she is right

After you have established whether they are the right person for you because of the qualities you have seen, then can you begin to approach them. Now when approaching them just be yourself and don't be nervous because that can only lead to embarrassment. The easiest way to begin is to start as simple friends and then grow the relationship in time. All the best!

Building trust in a Marriage

Why so important?

Every relationship needs strong trust between both the husband and wife. There is definitely alot happening these days that sometimes you may aimlessly have doubts about your relationship or Marriage. There is one thing about trust that many people will well agree, trust is so hard to build but very easy to lose. As a couple it is always important to protect that warm trust you have for each other. Heres some good advice for you, build the trust for each other today.

Tips to Building Trust

1. Share problems; Sometimes we want to walk the journey alone and never really realize that they are people around us who really want to help. What kind of problems can we share in Marriage? Ofcourse everyday problems you face when you go to work, when you pick up kids from school when you are alone at home. All those are problems we want to always share honestly with our spouses and not think that we are going too far. By doing that, you are showing how much you trust your spouse to give you sound advice and be the anchorage in the face of danger.

2. Solve money problems together; Money should never be a hinderance to drawing the both of you ever closer. Ofcourse this may always be hard because of souring economic times and high cost of living. Heres some good advice for you, when it comes to money you can build trust by spending the money just as you budgeted it together. Don't easily get into the impulse spending mode which would only leave the both of you argueing at the end of the day, but build trust by using the money wisely and according to plan.

3. Speak your mind out; Ofcourse that doesn't mean it should always be the case but if your spouse is behaving inappropriate even if you know it could hurt him or her but it is for their own good, just say it but in a tactful way. By doing that, they will know that they can at least rely on one person in their lives to give them an honest opinion about themselves. By doing that you are certainly building trust.

4. Be honest on your where abouts; Sometimes this may not be the easiest thing to do because of certain circumstances in life that you may go through. However, once you are honest about your where abouts even if a false rumor came out that someone saw you someplace else, atleast you will have a benefit of a doubt. Something you may really need if things really got really ugly.

5. Love; Isn't love super sweet...Believe it or not love conquers all things. Yes, when you truly love each other, trusting each other becomes so easy you wont even remember the last time you didn't even trust each other.

A Marriage relationship is very precious and as you two continue living together you will soon realize that problems and difficulties will always be there. However, heres some good advice for you, you can conquer all those difficulties. All the best!!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

When to break up

Sometimes it just has to happen

Every relationship has its ups and downs, ofcourse we know that. But sometimes enough is enough because the truth is, there are always limits to everything. Breakups are never a good thing because two people who spent so much time together, who were probably looking to having a lasting love that would be forever perhaps never saw the time when they would just have to break up. However, when is it necessary to even think of a break up? Well heres some good advice for you, break up only for the right reasons. This article is for people who are dating.

Good reasons to break-up

1. Abuse; Somebody who abuses you in word or in deeds without showing any signs of wanting to change is not the right person for you. Relationships should be a time to be happy but if the person you are with is using abusive speech or verbally abusing you, if you ever got Married do you think he/she would change? Highly unlikely.

2. Cheating; Somebody who cheats on you, certainly doesn't take the relationship seriously enough to make you the only person in their lives. Whats worse, think of the emotional and psychological damage that the whole thing can have especially on you. Heres some good advice for you, breaking up could actually be good for you.

3. Bad influence; If the person you are dating is making you do bad things which you clearly know is totally wrong, why be around them? In my opinion you would just get into more trouble, you have to make a decision and just break it off.

4. The way you feel; If you are not willing to commit to the person you are dating because of reasons best known to yourself. Do him/her a big favor and dont waste any of their time, just break it off. It is much more damaging if in Marriage, your spouse notices that you don't really love them.

Getting over a break-up

Sometimes a break up is actually a good thing because you get to avoid certain situations in life that would have further complicated your life. Getting over a break up may not be easy and people react differently to different situations. But heres some good advice for you, getting over a break up will require you to heal and also learn from the experiences you had faced.

As you break up, don't try to focus on the negative side of things but you can also learn to find some of the positive things that may have come out of the break up. Doing so will help you heal quickly and forget what may have happened. Heres some good advice for you, you can move on to the next level.

The Value of Teachers

Every parents best friend

If you are a parent you will realize how valuable your children are in your lives and the whole idea of entrusting them to total strangers is a great sacrifice indeed. Believe it or not, teachers in the education system can actually be your best friend. Teachers spend most of the valuable time with your children and for good reason, they want to help you provide some education to your child which is essential to their normal development. Heres some good advice for you, you can actually develop a level of trust with these teachers.

How to develop trust

As a parent you will surely realize how important the teachers role is in seeing your child receive some level of education which you probably would have wanted to give them yourself if you had the chance. In the teaching world, a lot of times teachers will spend ample time to get to know each child in the classroom including yours. Ofcourse, these professionals will not 100 % know everything about the children they teach but because of some interest they show they can be able to see the strengths and weaknesses in the children.

As parents, you will surely like to know details about your children which they only exhibit at school and never at home. Teachers sometimes can be the best people to find out whether your child is actually well behaved, serious at school or is really what parents think about them. However, sometimes because parents put so much trust in their children's words they simply totally ignore the words of the teacher. While this may be okay, putting too much trust in your children can also be a bad thing. There is need to have a balanced approach in handling issues to do with a child's bad behavior, poor performance or attitude as you will surely see that it might have some long term benefits.

Teachers advice is quit useful sometimes especially if that particular teacher is well reported on, has a good reputation and through your personal assessment seems friendly. Ofcourse not all teachers are the same, some just hate children or even their jobs. But as parents you can be able to tell whether this is a teacher you can put your trust in or not. So how do you actually develop trust in a teacher? heres some good advice for you..see the tips below.

-When a teacher wants to see you make sure you fulfill their request
-Feel free to always ask the teacher why your child is under performing
-Attend meetings organized by the school as this may offer you an opportunity to really get to understand the environment

Good advice to helping your child

After having a private conversation with a teacher and being briefed on your child's performance, you can actually use that information to help your own child. If your child is under performing at school the first thing you want to know is why. A teacher may offer some observations about your child some of them you will believe and others you wouldn't. But the point is, will you act on some of the suggestions offered by the teacher or you will just put it under the table? We shouldn't quickly conclude that the school isn't giving your child the best education, maybe try to act on some of the suggestions and see whether there will be any changes.

Heres some good advice for you, as you entrust your child to a teacher you can make the teacher your best friend and both parents and the teacher will see the advancement of the child together. All the best!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Connecting with Others

Why people are good with others

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good with others while others are just failures? Well look at it this way, someone just walks into a room which was once dull and nobody is talking then all of a sudden people start talking. What exactly is there secret? Well they know how to connect well with others
and that really is key even in the business world. However, this advice blog is not just talking about business but even everyday life. Here's some good advice for you, you can actually learn how to connect with others today.

5 qualities of good connectors

1. They take an interest in others; Good connectors take an interest in others. They show that interest in the way they talk to others, the way they look at them and even the questions they ask. Showing an interest is something that enables people they interact with to reciprocate back.

2. They speak well; This advice blog is not just talking about the style of talking but even the way they bring out a discussion. The discussions are usually up building and suit the audience well.

3. Confident about themselves; Good connectors bring life to the stage they are on by being confident about themselves and even about what they are talking about. Confidence in their own words and their actions brings life to the discussion.

4. They consider their audience; Good connectors tailor their discussions and their words to the audience that are present. This ensures that information given and received are relevant to the audience and does not sound alien. The best way good connectors achieve this is by making sure that whatever they do, they make sure that they say and do things that are in common with their audience.

5. Adjust well; Good connectors make sure that they adjust themselves well to the situation and the kind of mood their audiences are in. If the general mood is serious and stern they can still connect in that environment and on the other hand, if the mood is joyful they can still connect in such an environment. Good connectors make sure that they are balanced in the way they adjust themselves and make sure not to go too far or too short.

Being a good connector yourself

Being a good connector is more than an art than something which speedily develops normally. If you are trying to be a good connector, you know very well why you want to do so. However, do it for the right reasons and aim to gradually learn this skill as you interact with others at work, home or any other wholesome gathering. There are many tips on how to achieve this but here's some good advice for you, you can definitely do it. All the best!!

The world of Divorce

The possibility of reconciliation

When two people get Married the last thing on their minds is ever to get a divorce. Divorce is truly a sad experience for anybody and the truth is, nobody wants to go down that road from the beginning. However, often times people resort to divorce, and divorce and divorce. What exactly is the problem? In my opinion, I feel that two people can divorce when adultery has been established but does that still leave any room for reconciliation? Heres some good advice for you, reconciliation can really help save any Marriage. Lets dive into this shall we.

Saving a Marriage

A Marriage is really a union that needs to be cherished forever. The possibilities of raising a happy family is really the aim of most newly weds, but along the way they soon realize how difficult, stressful and annoying it can be sometimes just to make things work. No matter what problems two people face, there is always possibilities for reconciliation. What exactly are the benefits of reconciling? There are plenty, here's some good advice for you, the advantages can be plenty depending on circumstances.

1. Your children; When a couple fight, argue and eventually think of having a divorce, sometimes they forget about the happiness of their children. Children are much happier if a couple are together but ofcourse sometimes it gets complicated. However, the benefit of reconciling is that your children will be happier being in a united family.

2. Yourself; The emotional and psychological damage that a divorce will have can leave only deep scars which can take sometime to heal. But when two people reconcile, ofcourse it wont immediately remove the damage and scars that were caused because of the pain. However, within sometime one can hope that happiness will be restored.

How to reconcile

Its really a personal decision for anybody to consider reconciling depending on the circumstances that are prevailing. It does take alot of effort to forgive and forget, but the truth is it also takes you to think by yourself what really went wrong. Questions that may need to be asked are the following namely;

-Was I partly to blame for this failing Marriage?
-Can we give this Marriage a second chance?
-Can I give myself a second chance at all?

Reconciling can also involve inviting somebody who is close to the Marriage couple and who is looking for the couples best interests. This could be family members, in laws or really trusted friends. Marriage counselors in my opinion is a personal decision that a couple may or may not decide to take. When reconciling it is always important to listen to each other and try to throw the anger and resentment away. Although this isn't always easy, it can help you. All the best!!

5 secrets not worth sharing

Dont ever share them

Everyone has some secrets whether good or bad but the truth is, there are some you can share and there are others that are not worth sharing. For starters what exactly is a secret anyway? Well simply put, something you don't want anybody ever finding out even if you really had to tell somebody. There are simple secrets and on the other hand the top rated secrets. Lets get down to business, here's some good advice for you, never share these to anyone.

5 Secrets you shouldn't share

1. Where your third cheque comes from; We are not saying it is wrong sharing where you earn your money to anybody but the truth is, if you reveal all your financial information to everybody including those "by the way" money generating activities, you will find that you will be giving free information to people who will use it to build you or to bring you down. Heres some good advice for you, let it stay a secret.

2. Whose spouse you have a crush on; Sometimes we are just human and for whatever reason even if we dont mean to we may fall into the trap of being infatuated with someone who is already Married. As all crushes, they soon die but heres some very strong advice for you, NEVER EVER TELL ANYBODY HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM!!

3. How you develop your product; If you are a business man or woman and have developed a product with a unique formula or unique make-up which people in the world just love, don't ever share that information with anybody.....especially not your competitors. Unless you are thinking of losing your bearing, sharing such information especially in your early stages of development can only mean disaster.

4. What negative things you think of somebody; Everybody has their own negative thoughts about almost everybody whether we like it or not. Don't always give into the idea of "speak your mind out" unless you are looking for trouble, you would rather keep that a secret. Ofcourse, you can be honest to a true friend but not to an aquintance.

5. Whom you have ever loved; Losing a first love can be horrible but telling it to your spouse is even more horrible. Heres some good advice for you, if you are still in Love with your first Love and think it is wise to tell it to your spouse, unless he/she is from a different planet you are just looking for trouble. In most cases it isnt worth it.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Measuring your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing yourself better

Being able to know yourself better is not really about knowing what you are good at alone, or knowing what makes you sad or happy, but it also involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Why is that important? Well when you get to really understand your strengths and weaknesses can you begin to clearly know deep inside in which areas of life you can excel and in which areas you just can't. It also enables you to know where you should make some improvement or adjustments if you really want to do things better. Heres some good advice for you, get to know yourself better by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

What are Strengths and Weaknesses?

A strength is simply that quality or part of you where you excel well while a weakness is that part of you where you just don't excel well. The situation is like this, if you have dominate qualities that is not so hard to do and where you really do things well without any real problems at all, that is a strength. In short, a strength makes you move forward while weakness pushes you backward. So, that's really what strengths and weaknesses are. Lets briefly look at three common strengths and three common weaknesses people have today.

Three weaknesses

1. Self Control; Most people don't have self control. They easily lose their temper, easily get angry and easily lose themselves. Such weaknesses have costed many their jobs and even their lives.

2. Poor judgement; Some people are not reasonable in the way they handle issues in life. This has costed them dearly, but the surprising thing of all is that they never learn. They just keep making the same mistake over and over again.

3. Poor Skills; Some people don't have the needed skills to sort out or solve a problem effectively. They may be the best in all other areas but because they lack a certain skill, that can really cause a major weakness in them.

Three strengths

1. Determination; Some people have a dominate strength of being determined to achieve some of their meaningful goals they have set. This is despite of many challenges they have to constantly face all the time.

2. Strong hearted; Some people have a dominate quality of having a strong heart. What does this actually mean? well, they have a strong heart in the sense that they are able to remain themselves and keep their cool even when they are offended upon, criticized or hurt.

3. Self Motivated; Some people are actually good at motivating themselves to push on even when there is nobody around to motivate them to action. In situations where there is no one to by their side, they have the motivation to move forward.

Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses

In most cases, you definitely know yourself quit well. But you also know situations in life which you feel you can make some drastic improvements in. Lets say you easily lose your temper even on the smallest things, then you have already identified a major weakness which you know should be adjusted. So, just how do you make the necessary changes? Well here's some good advice for you, that involves you taking action.

If you easily lose your temper, here are some questions you need to ask yourself
  • Is losing my temper easily going to make me a better person, or would it just make others hate me?
  • Are there possibilities I can make improvements to control my anger? Maybe by seeking help?
  • If someone irritates me, before I respond can I hold my thought for a minute or two without bursting it out?
  • Am I actually achieving anything by getting angry even for small things?
  • Why do I easily lose my temper anyway when I could be worrying over more important matters?
When you finally learn your weakness then can you turn it into a strength. Actually, measuring a strength doesn't necessarily mean you have to compare yourself to others, but it just means you gauging how far you want to improve yourself and to what level. You can always seek the opinion of well trusted friends or family members on how well you are doing then can you make the needed adjustments. Hope this good advice helped.

How to Reject Him

Especially when you seeing somebody else

For the ladies you have definitely received a couple of advances from a alot of guys you either liked or didn't really like. Whatever the case, you just thought to yourself he just wasn't the one at all. So, here's a question for you, how do you reject a guy who really likes you and is so persistent to the point you just don't know what to do? Actually, it gets even better....You like him. Heres some good advice for you, rejecting a guy is totally, totally easy if you come to think of it. But it just gets complicated if you like him, and you are dating already and you dont know what to do. Lets dive into this further shall we.

How it all started

You meet a certain gentleman somewhere and it doesn't take long for the both of you to like each other. Ofcourse that can happen all the time because we are all human right? But knowing the principled lady that everybody knows you to be, you don't want to raise hopes in the gentlman you just met because you are already dating. However, it just so happens that you find yourself conversing and conversing and soon realize that you have so much in common that is scary. A few weeks later, the gentleman trys to get close to you and keeps trying to persuade you to be his. Just how do you do it? Heres some good advice for you, it all begins with you.

You see, in my opinion if any lady out there wants to reject a man and make him leave her sight never to be seen again, she can do it. However, the difficult part is deciding whether you really want to. If you are already dating but you meet someone else, you really have to come up with a decision. In my opinion, it isn't right to break it off especially if the guy you are already dating is a real gentleman and hasn't done anything...Anyway thats just my opinion. But everyone is entitled to make their own choices in life and its no forcing matter. So, lets see how you get a guy to flee from you just incase you want to reject his advances.

Tips to reject a guy

1. Tell him; Simply just tell him you are not available and not interested. You can tell him over the phone or when he comes over to see you. Just tell him you are not interested and that's that.

2. Show him; When you are not interested in him you should actually mean it. Don't invite him to make more advances to you by giving him a warm smile, or by staring at him.....simply make it clear you are not interested by not even looking at him even when you meet him. If he says hi, don't give him a convincing hi.

3. Be forceful; If he still can't get the message and still makes some serious advances to you, you will have absolutely no choice but to be forceful and aggressive. You can tell him firmly to his face in front of everyone that you are not interested or, you can simply do the same thing but with much more anger and agression. Hopefully he will get the message then,

These three pointers only work if you are sure you don't want him near you but if you are not, then in my opinion you have to make a decision. Heres some good advice for you, hope your decision is worth it.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Customer care service

Some people will never learn

You know, the hospitality industry in any country is an income generator and especially when you travel any where in this world, people want the best service they can receive from their hard earned money. It is just sad to say that in some places customer care really leaves much to be desired. This advice blog is not just talking about customer care in hotels or restaurants, but even in reputable companies or places where you really need to be treated right. What are signs of poor customer services, in my opinion I don't need to spill the beans for you but I will do it anyway.

Signs of poor customer services

1. Rude receptionists;  Some receptionists you meet at the counter are just plain rude and it ends there. However, they may be different reasons for this but as a customer you still deserve to be treated right. Heres some good advice, don't overreact just keep your cool.

2. Poor response to queries; Some organizations just take so much time to get a job for customers done as soon as possible. Ofcourse again there may be different reasons for that but heres some good advice, if not great advice for you, don't overreact.

3. Reluctancy in opening and closing; Some organizations just open and close whenever they feel like it. Its either they open late or they close early.

4. Environmental hazard; Some companies are not so clean and tidy. Whenever you walk into their offices you can't even find a place to seat.

Good advice to dealing with poor customer service

Wherever you go or whatever you do, you have to hold your cool. Don't overreact or get into a fight with a rude receptionist or employee who just doesn't know how to treat a customer. The last thing you want is to have high blood pressure because of a total stranger. One thing that can help, is to report the complaint to the superiors, but remember don't be boiling hot to the point you create more problems by throwing things at each other. Just hold your cool.

As a customer there is no doubt that you demand only the best service and you deserve to be treated right. In my opinion, if the service is so bad and the organization hasn't changed you can always change services to someplace else.

Love and Money

When does it come in the way??

Some people feel that money just seriously comes in the way of a relationship and not in a positive way but in a negative way. You know, it really isn't hard to understand this because we see it sometimes on T.V how a guy suddenly becomes garbage because he doesn't have a coin or how a guy would rather date a rich lady just to run away from poverty. But this is not only what we talking about here, we want to really know why money even gets in the way of a relationship? Or maybe, shouldn't money actually increase the relationship bond. Heres some good advice for you, it all depends. Lets exactly understand how money seriously gets in the way of love in my opinion.

How money gets in the way of love

1. Time; When two people are Married or are heading towards that, making or finding Money may take much of your time. I mean lets face it, you may be working overtime just to provide the perfect life for you and your family without actually realizing how old you are getting. There is valuable time getting lost to making money which maybe could have been used for family.

2. When you want to settle; When you want to settle down with your future spouse, you will soon realize that you don't actually have the money you would have wanted to really start a family. Its not that you don't have money but you just don't have enough of it. Sometimes that can cause a problem not only to you personally but even to the person you want to get Married to. Here's some good advice for you, don't lose yourself.

3. When the family doesn't approve; Some families are well to do in terms of having the best amounts of money and in some cases, they wouldn't want their son or daughters getting into a relationship with somebody who isn't well to do. The reason is that maybe they are concerned he just won't provide the life that they want for their daughter or if its the other way round, they just don't want to be linked to the lower class.

4. Decisions on how to spend it; When two people are Married, they obviously have their own desires in the use of hard earned money for the family. However, many times today disputes between Marriage mates is because of Money. Sometimes there's an argument on what shouldn't have been bought or what should have..In other cases, its about why the money was spent in a certain way when it should have been spent like this, it can get really ugly at times.

5. Change in attitude; In some cases money gets in the way of a relationship when because of changes in circumstances the once strong relationship begins collapsing. For instance, if there has been a job lose by one of the spouses in the family, this can really cause a strain to everyone. This would mean adjusting to a lifestyle that nobody is used to and being embarassed at times because people have to watch your downfall. At times, even the atitude of a Marriage mate can change towards the other. Hard times indeed.

Good advice on Money and Love

Money in a relationship is important because lets face it, you want to go out for drinks, you want to start a family and raise kids. That's evidence enough that it is surely important but however, should it be too important? Should money be placed so highly that you have to sacrifice things that you know you cherish? that's really a personal question for you but here's some good advice for you folks, put Money in its proper place.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Things you should always say to your partner

Using words to keep the bond

If you are Married, you will likely want to stay that way forever because you value your relationship, your children and even your spouse. Losing them is the last thing you would ever think of in this life we live in today. Did you know that words are pretty much the best way to strengthen the bond between the two of you? Well heres some good advice for you, use words to strengthen the bond between the two of you by saying the right things everyday, every week or even every month. Lets look at a few things that you should say to your partner as you journey through this world of many challenges as well as opportunities.

Things to always say

1. "I love you"; Well this is something people would not usually miss because it is pretty obvious. But saying these words can mean a lot to your partner especially if sometimes they have doubts whether you still feel the same way you felt when you first met. You dont have to say it everyday but just saying it most times will assure them how much your really care.

2. "You look good"; Have you ever walked into a restaurant and felt that nobody really likes me because of my looks even if most people around you know you look good. Well that can happen all the time in a world that really emphasis a perfect body, perfect face or perfect everything. But you see, you can tell your partner how good they look especially if they have taken so much time and effort to look that way. Heres some good advice for you, when you are going out for dinner you should compliment them.

3. "Am Sorry"; If there is something you did wrong and you know what you did was definitely wrong, don't shy away from apologizing. When you apologize don't just say you are sorry but also mean it. Sometimes couples shy away from apologizing because they think its a sign of weakness or they feel that they wont be forgiven. You wont believe how much healing a simple apology can have on somebody.

4. "You don't know what you mean to me"; When your spouse has some doubts about the relationship or maybe just needs some reassurance, saying those words can really, really make the day become brighter for your partner. You can use this phrase when giving a gift, when trying to reconcile or when trying to do anything worth strengthening the bond. Here's some good advice for you try it.

5. "I dream't of you last night"; Again saying this is not an everyday thing but imagine how it would make your partner feel when you just wake up one day and look into your partners eyes and just tell them that you dream't of them. You know what you are actually saying, you are again not only reassuring them but making them feel important. Heres some good advice for you, you can use these lines whenever you feel like.

6. "I always feel secure with you" Believe or not but this line of words can actually make your partner feel like you have confidence in their abilities, in their love for you, in their decisions and in their opinions. Its always good to reassure your confidence and to make your relationship become strengthened.

There are tons of other things you can say to your spouse but the point is, you want to strengthen your bond and want to make it last. Heres some good advice for you, make your Marriage last always.

How to tell him

Revealing what you feel inside

Being human at times can be a challenge especially when you realize as a young lady that you have strong feelings for somebody you get along with. Remember, falling in love isn't a crime especially if the person you are falling for has the fine desirable qualities you are looking. Ideally it should be easier for a guy to make his intentions known easily but in some cultures, it can pose a real challenge for a woman to do it. So brings the first question, how should a lady whose in love with a gentleman actually break the news to him. Heres some good advice for you, read on.

Crush, Infatuation or Love?

Before you can make that move yet, you have to ask yourself whether those feelings are real or are just a walk in the park. The reason is simple, you dont want to either raise false hopes in the gentleman or embarass yourself for taking such a step which may later destroy a once joyful friendship you enjoyed with him once upon a time. Experiences have shown that a once warm friendship between two people can become dismantled terribly because somebody poured out their feelings. While this is not always the case, it does pay for you to be sure of what you are doing. Here are some few ways to know whether what you feel is not just a crush or infatuation but is true love.

1. Have your feelings for him endured a considerable length of time

2. Are your feelings for him mainly because of his looks or financial status, or there is more to it?

3. Are you willing to respect his decision to reject you (if it so happens) and still remain friends, even if you see him with another lady he hopes to get Married to one day?

If  your answers to 1-3 are yes, Yes, YES!! then you have true love and you should be proud of yourself. But the question still stands....HOW DO YOU TELL HIM?

Breaking the news to him

The best way to tell him is not to do it in a nervous way but just be honest because the truth is, it is not a crime to fall in love. So, if you are a lady here are some valuable pointers you just need to know about. Firstly you want the person to know about your intention without actually breaking it out at first. Why is that important, well you dont want him to be caught off guard by the news. Secondly, you want him to realize how much he means to you through your actions. So, this entails being more than a friend to him and making him realize that if ever he had any intentions to date, you would be the first one he should choose.

Here is a suggested line that can really make breaking the news to him easy. Lets say that his name is Kevin, just how do you do it?

You; Kevin (for a few seconds look into his eyes to see his reaction) I have something important to say (Look at him again and try to send him a sign)

Kevin; What?? (he looks back with concern in his eyes)

You; Kevin I think I like you (pause for a while) I want us to be more than friends

Kevin; What are you saying?

You; I want to be more than a friend to you kevin. We ve known each other for a long time...And i like you more than you think. I want us to be together.

Unless Kevin is out of this world, in normal circumstances he should have already got what you said. So, dont worry about him giving you the answer there and then. Hope this good advice worked for you, all the best!

How to Make a great first impression

6 Tips that you should follow

The real world we live in today wants to be around people who have a positive effect on others. This advice blog doesnt mean being positive because you have money, prestige, fame or anything big NO. But what we are actually saying, people want to be around others who have positive qualities. Quit frankly, thats why its always good to leave a lasting first impression on others who you meet for the first time because one thing for sure, they wont have anytime to really get to know you and your fine qualities. So when you leave a great first impression on others, you are actually doing them a favor and sparing them the trouble of having to spend so much time getting to know you, understanding your fine positive qualities in detail. Heres some good advice for you, there are six tips to make this work. But before we even jump into that, why is a first impression so important?

Importance of a good first impression

You attend a meeting for the first time and there at that very important meeting you meet the executive manager for a company. After having a short conversation which only lasted for like ten seconds (only kidding) listen to what he says to his office manager called Jim after they watch you leave the room quietly. "You know what Jim, I think I like that guy"

What do you think caused an executive manager of a company make a positive remark about somebody he hardly even knew. Well isn't it obvious? You obviously made a good first impression on that executive manager without a doubt. First impression matter everyday in life and that's why you will find that people respond postively if you leave a great impression of yourself in the minds of others. First impression comes with how you dress, how you conduct yourself with others, how you talk, what you talk about and alot of other things. In my opinion, if you leave a good first impression you will win your customers, you will win potential friends, you may even win other things as well. A powerful first impression works well even when you attend a job interview and it will certainly add some valuable points to nailing your job. So, how do you generate a great first impression?

6 Tips to having a good first impression

1. Look presentable; Look presentable, this advice blog is not talking about wearing expensive things and looking sophisticated but just look presentable. Look neat and tidy, make sure your cloths are properly worn and your shoes are neat. It is all these details that will add to leaving a first impression that lasts.

2. Smile; Putting a smile on your face even if you dont feel like it will send a positive signal to others which will make things easier even as you converse. However, smile appropriately and when it is necessary.

3. Have a good conversation; Make your conversation constructive, informative and even interesting. Ofcourse not everybody is gifted at conversing but that doesn't mean you shouldn't atleast try to. Having a good conversation requires you to take interest in another and pay attention to what they have to say too. That's really good advice.

4. Make it brief; Unless you are a genius of prolonging your conversation, you will discover that if you want to leave a first impression successfully, keep it brief. Why? because you will soon realize that the more time you spend, the more time people will begin to see your weaknesses. Pretty tough right? but it could be true.

5. Show some confidence and have good manners; Being confident and active will really add some light to the whole situation. Here's some good advice for you, when you extend a hand shake do it in confidence. When you talk to somebody and they ask you a question about almost anything, respond in confidence and don't show doubts. Always show some good manners as you interact with others.

6. Let it flow; Dont be mechanical like you memorized your lines from a script from a movie or something. Here's some good advice for you, Be yourself, Be natural and Be clear. That way you will surely leave a first impression that lasts.

If you come to think of it, following these six tips isn't really that hard. Here's some good advice for you, you can do it.

Is staying single bad?

What some people think

Being single isn't all that bad because you know without having any committment in your life, sometimes you just have the freedom to do anything you want. However, in different parts of the world people may have different thoughts about the idea of singleness because to them they just cant understand why a person will even think about being single at all. There are two types of single, you have those who are not Married and you have those who are not Married and not even seeing anybody. Heres some good advice for you, the situation is quit similar for the two groups but except the later, has something that we probably must explain in this advice blog. Read on folks.

Being single but dating

People who stay single, are dating and are not considering the idea of Marriage anytime soon (or even forever) are the kind who just dont want any kind of commitment. Why? you might ask, well in most cases they just want to have their independence and they dont want to be committed to just one person but a dozen. Which in my opinion doesnt really make sense because the real aim for dating is really to ultimately find the right person to spend the rest of your life with in Marriage right? However, some just dont think the idea of a family and the idea of having to be committed just doesnt compute well. Here's some good advice for you, if you are dating somebody with no intention to Marry, then you are just toying with somebody's feelings. Anyway thats just my opinion.

Another thing is that, some who are single but are dating are maybe trying to take their time to get to know the person they are dating.

Being single but not dating

Some people are just totally single to the core without even dating anybody or without ever having dated anyone in their lives.What could be the reason why they have stayed single for so long without even considering the possibility of future Marriage. Its not that they actually want to be single, but as with most single people they probably havent found the right person yet and so they are just waiting. Another thing could be that they are just not ready for that kind of thing at all. Another thing is that, maybe each time they really want to get into a relationship with somebody it just doesnt work out...As in always.

Single but not seeing anybody really takes a lot of sacrifice because in most cases singles like this definitely feel lonely, some bit of self pit and maybe anxiety. So unlike a single whose dating these type of singles have to pull through some different forms of challenges. But being single and not dating isn't always bad ofcourse it does take some courage. Heres some good advice for you, there are acually some benefits of being single but not dating.

Benefits of singleness

  • Singleness gives you an opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally and psychology
  • Singleness gives you an opportunity to do the things you want without having to really committ
  • Singleness gives you some time to find the right person you can Marry some day
  • Singleness gives you some privacy and allows you to refelect
If you are single and you decide that one day you desire to get Married, heres some good advice for you...Just get Married. All the best!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eating chocolate is good for you

Don't think its just for kids

Chocolate is a very wonderful delicious dark brown candy that we all usually love to eat occasionally. Ofcourse too much of it could be bad for you teeth but the good news is that I just discovered some wonderful benefits of having a good proportion of chocolate in your weekly or daily routine. Who ever said that chocolate was just for kid, heres some good advice for you....It could be good for you actually.

Benefits of Chocolate

1. Chocolate is good for your heart; Would you believe and I thought this stuff could kill you. But actually, chocolate has some cardiovascular benefits and could lead to redcuction of the risk of heart failure. In one study, people who ate two servings of chocolate reduced the risk of heart failure..WOW!. Another thing, those who ate a square of chocolate a day lowered blood pressure and reduced the risk of heart attack.

2. Happier kids; Crazy isnt it but true. In a study it was actually discovered that those who ate chocolate during pregnancy were better able to handle stress than those who didnt. And you know what, their children born smiled more and were more happier.

3. Diabetes prevention; You better believe it, diabetes prevention coming from a candy. Quite weird if you come to think of it but not nearly hard to believe if you are a fun of chocolate right?

4. Boost intelligence; In a study that was conducted it was concluded that chocolate actually helped blood flow to key parts of the brain for 2 to 3 hours critical to boosting intelligence.

So you see, chocolate isn't such a bad idea after all. But that is not to say it is medicinal however there is no need of denying that it does have some powerful health benefits. Heres some good advice for you, Eat some chocolate.

Caution about eating chocolate

Remember that anything in life is done with moderation however, when it specifically comes to chocolate please remember that you eat it in moderation. Chocolate is filled with calories and so if you increase chocolate intake, try to cut back on something else as well. All the best as you enjoy chocolate and its benefits to the full.

Leaving a relationship

The best time to call it quit

You have been dating for quit sometime now and everything used to be so it seemed. You used to have such a good time and even the feelings you had were bigger than most people whom you would see make up and break up. It never occured to you for a single second that both you and your love would ever reach the stage of considering a breaking up. It happens all the time these days...People are breaking up and making up all the time and its kind of turning into a normal trend. But why do people break up anyway? Heres some good advice for you, breaking up may actually be good for you as well as bad. But before we even go further, we need to understand the whole situation to the fullest sense of the word.

The situation of a young couple

Young couples are usually full of themselves and are usually inexperienced, so sometimes they make wrong decisions simply because of a simple mistake. When two young people fall in love, they first thing they think in their minds is that everything will be perfect, maybe thats what we all think. But when reality knocks on our doors, then thats when people rush into thinking of a break up.

Lets take for example, two young people who have been dating for 3 months and slowly they soon realize that the strong feelings they once had slowly reduces. Does that mean its time for a break up? Some young couples actually think that's the best time for a break up because what is a relationship without being in love with anybody. Heres some good if not great advice for you folks, the heart can easily mislead us. You know something, sometimes you have to use your head. Dont always just rely on feelings to make the decisions for you but try to understand or analyze the situation carefully.

When young people meet each other and suddenly realize that the relationship isnt as interesting as it once was, then people think of a break up. But is that wise? Here is something for you, these things happen but if you are considering of leaving a relationship you should leave it for the right reasons.

Good reasons to leave the relationship

1. Emotional, psychological and mental unreadiness; You know sometimes you can carry out a self examination of yourself and try to really understand if this is what you really want. Remember, if you end up marrying a person and you are not ready to commit to the relationship, then you shouldnt be dating in the first place. Dont waste the time of your loved one, tell him/her what is on your mind and whether or not you are actually ready to commit to a Marriage one day.

2. Abuse; If you are constantly being abused whether in word or actions, then you shouldn't be part of the relationship at all. I mean why should you sacrifice your precious health on somebody who doesn't care about you at all. Alright you might say "But I Love Him/her" Try to seat down and analyze whether that's a wise course of action.

3. Bad Influence; If the person you are dating is making you do things that are not right, then you should consider leaving. Ofcourse that might be a hard thing to do but here's some good advice for you, consider leaving unless there is a good reason not to.

Leaving a relationship may be one of the hardest things anyone can do, but it is also important that you realize that sometimes its a good thing to leave if you have to.But if its for simple reasons such as a difference in opinion and you know its a problem you can talk about, why not give the relationship a second chance. All the best.

Parental Guidance

Choosing the right entertainment for your kids

When you are raising children in this world today, the kind of the entertainment does matter alot. If you are a parent you are obviously concerned about bringing up your children in the best way you can. However, we all know that the whole world is flooded with all kinds of entertainment some of them good while others are bad. Heres some good advice for you, as a parent you have to censor all kinds of entertainment that can harm the mental up-bringing of your children at all costs. Lets dive into this topic further shall we.

Entertainment you may need to guard

1. Sexual entertainment; Your children believe it or not can be exposed to all kinds of entertainment at school, at home or even anywhere else. Heres some good advice for you, children shouldn't be exposed to entertainment of a sexual nature. There are precautions you as a parent can take to avoid such a risk such as activating the parental control on T.V or even on the internet.

2. Violence; Bloodshed and violence is quit rampant in certain parts of the world. Heres some good advice for you, children dont need to be exposed to such kind of entertainment. This entertainment could come in whatever form you can think of but the point is, violent entertainment can shap the child to think that violence is actually okay. What do you think?

3. Bad language; If you wake up one morning and you discover that your child gives you a piece of some bad language, it is probably because he/she learn t it from a movie. Children shouldn't ever be exposed to bad language. This may not only be through movies but also through interacting with friends who use bad language. As parents, you should be careful whom your children actually play with.

Entertainment that matters

Whether young or old there is some entertainment that children would enjoy. Usually such entertainment is the kind the whole family can derive satisfaction and benefits. You see folks, entertainment isn't just about entertaining ourselves but it should also instill in us some powerful lessons. Ofcourse, it isnt always the case but the point is, you want to give your child a chance to grow normally and be instilled with good morals.

So the kind of entertainment for children should not be provocative, should draw good lessons, the whole family should be able to watch it without anyone being uncomfortable and  should derive satisfaction. So here's some good advice for you, protect your child's mental upbringing by providing them with good, sound and modest entertainment.