Sunday, 18 August 2013

Measuring your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing yourself better

Being able to know yourself better is not really about knowing what you are good at alone, or knowing what makes you sad or happy, but it also involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Why is that important? Well when you get to really understand your strengths and weaknesses can you begin to clearly know deep inside in which areas of life you can excel and in which areas you just can't. It also enables you to know where you should make some improvement or adjustments if you really want to do things better. Heres some good advice for you, get to know yourself better by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

What are Strengths and Weaknesses?

A strength is simply that quality or part of you where you excel well while a weakness is that part of you where you just don't excel well. The situation is like this, if you have dominate qualities that is not so hard to do and where you really do things well without any real problems at all, that is a strength. In short, a strength makes you move forward while weakness pushes you backward. So, that's really what strengths and weaknesses are. Lets briefly look at three common strengths and three common weaknesses people have today.

Three weaknesses

1. Self Control; Most people don't have self control. They easily lose their temper, easily get angry and easily lose themselves. Such weaknesses have costed many their jobs and even their lives.

2. Poor judgement; Some people are not reasonable in the way they handle issues in life. This has costed them dearly, but the surprising thing of all is that they never learn. They just keep making the same mistake over and over again.

3. Poor Skills; Some people don't have the needed skills to sort out or solve a problem effectively. They may be the best in all other areas but because they lack a certain skill, that can really cause a major weakness in them.

Three strengths

1. Determination; Some people have a dominate strength of being determined to achieve some of their meaningful goals they have set. This is despite of many challenges they have to constantly face all the time.

2. Strong hearted; Some people have a dominate quality of having a strong heart. What does this actually mean? well, they have a strong heart in the sense that they are able to remain themselves and keep their cool even when they are offended upon, criticized or hurt.

3. Self Motivated; Some people are actually good at motivating themselves to push on even when there is nobody around to motivate them to action. In situations where there is no one to by their side, they have the motivation to move forward.

Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses

In most cases, you definitely know yourself quit well. But you also know situations in life which you feel you can make some drastic improvements in. Lets say you easily lose your temper even on the smallest things, then you have already identified a major weakness which you know should be adjusted. So, just how do you make the necessary changes? Well here's some good advice for you, that involves you taking action.

If you easily lose your temper, here are some questions you need to ask yourself
  • Is losing my temper easily going to make me a better person, or would it just make others hate me?
  • Are there possibilities I can make improvements to control my anger? Maybe by seeking help?
  • If someone irritates me, before I respond can I hold my thought for a minute or two without bursting it out?
  • Am I actually achieving anything by getting angry even for small things?
  • Why do I easily lose my temper anyway when I could be worrying over more important matters?
When you finally learn your weakness then can you turn it into a strength. Actually, measuring a strength doesn't necessarily mean you have to compare yourself to others, but it just means you gauging how far you want to improve yourself and to what level. You can always seek the opinion of well trusted friends or family members on how well you are doing then can you make the needed adjustments. Hope this good advice helped.


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