Saturday, 30 November 2013

Knowing your limitations

Use your realistic lens

We all have limitations in life and that's that. We cant always make the rules, we can't always choose where we want to go, who we choose to be and how things may end. Ofcourse, in my opinion most times the wrong decisions we make costs us dearly. However, heres some good advice for you, if we are going to do things properly in our lives we have to know our limitations. But what exactly do we mean? heres some good advice for you......READ ONNNN!!!

What are your limitations?

We all have certain limitations and when we talk about limitations we are simply talking about your weaknesses that make it difficult if not impossible for you to achieve a certain goal. There are certain times we just don't have the right tools or skills to get something done the way we want it to be and thus that becomes our limitation in a way.

Take for instance, you want to embark on an important project. Now, you seat down and realize that you need a loan from the bank that can help you achieve your goal. Ofcourse, getting a loan will help you achieve your goal but the only limitation you have is that you can't guarantee yourself that you will get the loan and whats worse, if you were denied that just dont have enough strings secularly to find the necessary funds for the project. That becomes you limitation.

So, alot of times we may actually be faced in such a predicament and learning to accept our limitations can ease us off from all the pain and anxiety of not making things work. However, that doesn't mean giving up. Heres some good advice for you, lets dive into this further shall we.

Not giving up

Even when you may have certain limitations it doesn't necesarily mean that you should completely write things off. Take for instance, you may not be good at public speaking at the work place but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't read a speach or you cant even write a speech. In this world, sometimes there are ways to get around things without hurting yourself or anybody else. Heres some good advice for you, giving up is entirely your decision.

But whether or not you decide to give up you always have to recognize yourself using the realistic lens. Take for instance, somebody tells you that a certain job is looking for certain qualifications which you know you dont have. Although there have been few instances when people not qualified got picked for that same job, you still shouldn't put your hopes too high. You have to carry that realistic lens with you and realize what is realistically achievable and what is not.

However, even when you carry yourself each day knowing you have certain limitations you shouldn't really give up. Heres some good advice for you, you can do it. All the best!!

How to engage with your audience?

Just what you really need

If you are priviledged to be in the working world, you will know straight away how difficult it can be just to get stuff done. Some people find it so difficult to really be convincing at what they do and what they say. The truth is, sometimes its not really the qualifications you hold in the working world that counts, but its whether you are able to engage with your audience and be convincing. Heres some good advice for you, lets make it happen.

1. Engaging with your boss

Your boss is the most important person you should be pleasing in the working world, take it or leave it. However, lets just say each time after talking with your boss you always get the feeling that he/she just never listens to you. Well, many people these days might feel that way for a number of reasons but heres some good advice for you, sometimes it isn't anything to do with your boss but it may have everything to do with you. Ofcourse we have bosses that are difficult, but the question to you is how do you get around that? By engaging contructively with your boss.

First things first, you want to be able to lay out your points clearly and to the point. You have to be convincing and you have to get them to understand your innermost concerns. Make sure to read between the lines and know when they are in a good mood or not. Know when its the right time to talk and know when they are available to your concerns. One important thing every employee must learn to do if they want to engage with their bosses easily and get to be listened, is if they cultivate a friendship with their bosses. Ofcourse having a sense a humor isn't a bad thing but what your bosses want to see is bright fresh ideas on how to bring the company or organization to its best performance.

2. Engaging with people at a meeting

You may have been assigned a presentation to make at a meeting and you just feel that your audience is intimidating and that you wont get the answers you are really looking for in a discussion with them. Ofourse that can happen to alot of us, but you see when at a meeting the key thing you want to do is make adequate preparations. Making adequate preparations before a meeting is important because when you are prepared then can you participate, then can you be convincing and then can you be engaging.

In a meeting it is vital that your ideas and comments to the other people is valuable and contributes to something. If you are making a presentation, why not pose some questions and see whether those questions can be a starting point for discussions. Remember whatever the case, be friendly at the meeting.

3. Engaging with co-workers

In every organization , you have to realize that you and the rest of the employees are a team. You can't run away from this fact but the truth is no matter how you see things, having a healthy relationship with fellow employees is good. How do you engage with fellow coworkers? Well heres some good advice for you, gossip, backbiting and back stabbing isn't a good thing. As coworkers we have to learn to build each other up by discussing good bright ideas.

Heres some good advice for you, lets make it happen. All the best!!!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Feeling insecure in your relationship

A sad reality that affects many people

Have you been feeling insecure in your relationship lately? Well heres some good advice for you, you are not alone. You see, many couples today are just not secure in their relationships and there can be many reasons to it. But still, what really is insecurity in a relationship and what exactly could be the root causes for these kind of things? Heres some good advice for you folks, read on.

Insecurity well defined

You know, everybody in this world wants to feel secured whether its at home or at work or anywhere else. Lets talk about work for instance, what makes a person feel secured at work? Well its if they have a contract. Just think of it, having a contract makes you feel secure because without it you are not certain whether you will be paid or whether you will have the benefits you need.

In a relationship whether dating or married, the thing is you dont want the person you are with to ever leave you. When you suddenly begin to feel that they will leave you for somebody else and you just find yourself drowning in misery, then there is a likelihood that you are just insecure. Feeling insecure can be caused by a number of reasons but whatever reason it may be, it just makes you feel sad and unhappy. But then, why do people actually feel insecure anyway. Well heres some good advice for you, there are basically 3 reasons.

3 reasons people are insecure in their relationships

1. What they hear; Today, couples breaking up is just on the increase and nobody actually knows when they might also fall victim to it themselves. Ofcourse, such negative news can impact really hard on some people causing them to feel insecure in their relationships.

2. Past experiences; Sometimes life hasn't been so fair on any of us. Ofcourse, even when we have the opportunity to start afresh, thoughts of the past still come creeping in causing anxiety, distress and insecurity. To some people, if they experienced a breakup in the past then they may feel it will happen again thus leading to relationship insecurity in their current. Heres some good advice for you, if that happened to you in the past that doesn't mean it will happen again.

3. Happenings in their current relationship; If the person you are currently with is showing signs they may actually leave, then that can really create relationship insecurity. Ofcourse, sometimes that can be in our heads but can also be a sad truth.

Actions you should take now

You definitely need to take action because feeling insecure can just make you unhappy and consequently even affect your relationship. Heres some good advice for you, you need to be positive. Ofcourse, if there is solid ground to feel that the both of you may break up, you may need to get to the root cause and try to sort out the problem together. sometimes, feeling of insecurity may be in our minds and there may not be anything serious about to happen. Heres some good advice for you, you can do it.

All the best

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Things you should never do in a Relationship

You may have done it yourself?

Relationships are such a wonderful time to get to know each other but many times there may be things we do that can only see us out the back door. Heres some good advice for you, it can happen to anybody. However, when it comes to the world of relationships, what are some donts we should never, ever do. Well read on folks.

DOnts in relationship

1. Dont Cheat; Well this is pretty obvious and we all know that cheating is bad. Whatever reason you may have for doing it, the worst part is you are hurting the one close to you. Heres a question you should ask yourself if you have fallen into such a trap. Would you be happy to hear that the person you are cheating on did the same thing to you?

2. Dont speak ill behind their back; There is nothing wrong in seeking constructive advice from somebody whom you trust about problems faced in your relationship. However, it isn't really a good thing to speak ill about your partner to others, unless you ofcourse have a very good reason for that. The best way to sort problems out is to confront each other and talk. Heres some good advice for you, take that step today.

3. Dont be too busy; Always find time to be with the person you care so dearly about. Ofcourse, we shouldn't let career get in the way but it is always good, to have time to discuss and spend time together. Heres some good advice for you folks, communication is key.

4. Dont compare; You know, sometimes we seat down and ask ourselves how we wish our person was alot like her or alot like him. That is sometimes healthy because we all want the best in ourselves and the best for our loved ones. But it is far more important to appreciate the qualities that your love has especially if they really arent all that bad. If you notice that there are bad traits mushrooming in them, you can always try to correct the situation and help them improve. Ofcourse, if they can't change in the long run that can seriously mean trouble.

5. Dont be too possessive; Dont be the kind of person who wants to know everything about everything about the person you are in a relationship with. If they receive a call don't always be suspicious and ask who called. Ofcourse you may have a right to know but it shouldn't be too extreme. You see, you want to give each other some level of freedom with boundaries. But that doesn't mean you should be posessive. Heres some good advice for you, if you are like that get a hold of yourself.

All the best!!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

We are just friends

Are you really???

You certainly have a friend of the opposite sex whom you interact with alot and you probably have become really fond of each other. People who see you from a distance will conclude that the both of you are only dating however, when you give them a response you always say these words '"we are just friends". Ofcourse that can happen alot but the question you want to be asking yourself whether you two are really just friends. Who are friends anyway and where do we draw the line? Heres some good advice for you, read on folks!!.

Friends vs relationship partners

Alot of times we dont really know where the line should be drawn between just being friends and being in a relationship. However from observations made, being in a relationship should be really obvious in some circumstances. Here's some good advice for you, if you are in a relationship in most cases you are looking forward to one day being together forever. But lets look at 4 distinguishing factors between friends and people in a relationship.

1. How you feel; People who are just friends don't have romantic feelings for each other...people in a relationship usually do. So if you have high strong feelings for somebody and they have it the same for you, then the two of you are not just friends but are in a relationship.

2. Communication; Usually friends communicate alot but it goes the same with people in a relationship. Haven't you ever seen situations where two people in a relationship are also best friends? However, it is also worth mentioning that people in a relationship communicate alot because they want to really get to know each other with a possible future in view.

3. What you talk about; People in a relationship talk about things that are usually different from what normal ordinary friends would talk about. Wanna know? Friends talk about friendly staff while people who are dating usually go a step further. In a relationship what do people talk about? They talk about themselves and the way the feel about each other and when the right time comes, they also discuss about one day getting married.

4. Love and affection; Friends can love each other as friends but people who are dating love each other both as friends but even romantically.

How to graduate from just being friends

Usually when two people are friends, one would expect that over time the bond between the two of you will just grow automatically. Ofcourse it doesn't always happen automatically, but the point is sometimes you just feel within yourselves that you should be more than just friends. Just how should you begin the process? Well, you just need to open up to them.

I mean think of it, you have been communicating alot and you certainly know each other shouldn't be hard to open up. For starters you have to explain how you feel. You need to open up and explain, what is on your mind. Keeping thoughts locked up in your mind can only eat you up inside. Unless there is good reason not to tell the truth, let it all out.

Heres some good advice for you, expect anything. All the best!

How to plan your wedding?

Getting married is one of the most wonderful experiences in life anyone would be proud of. Ofcourse every successful wedding needs good planning and every good planning comes with wisdom.Although am not personally a wedding planner, I have seen quit a few weddings and one thing for requires your energy. Heres some good advice for you, don't mess things up.

Tips to making a success

1. Budget; Its very important to really understand what kind of budget you have at hand. You know, thats really where the engine to a wedding lies. You dont want to shy away from this and pretend it isn't an issue because the truth is, after you get married you have a life to start and a family to look after. Heres some good advice for you, come up with a realistic budget which fits your own income.

2. Venue; The venue for a wedding is also good to consider during the planning phase. Ofcourse the choice of the venue you may decide to choose will depend on the budget. But that's not all, you also want to make sure that the venue can accommodate the number of people you have invited, is it what you really want and can you really get good photos?

3. Invitation list; Its good to have a list of people you are going to invite, that decision should be made by the bride and groom. First things first, parents should always have an invitation card even if we all know they can still attend without one. Secondly, the people you choose to invite should obviously be people you know. Ofcourse many times we want to invite many, many people but heres some good advice for you, inviting too many guests can blow your budget or can make it really difficult for you to control the situation.

4. Find a good photographer; You can look for a good photographer who can take those memorable shots for you. You dont necessarily need to hire a professional but if you have a close friend, relative or other family members...they probably could be your best choice. You may even want to make sure that you know well in advance where you will take these photos from.

5. Decorations;  Decorating the venue including the vehicles that will transport you around is really fantastic. Ofcourse, most people like to go with white, blue, pink or yellow decorative ribbons, but in my opinion whichever kind of decorations you choose...the color combination should much. The right color combinations do matter alot.

6. Other important aspects; Planning a wedding isn't as easy as it looks and thats why certain people even hire wedding planners. But even so, there are still details you shouldn't forget. Always remember to work out a programme for your wedding stipulating exactly what activities will be undertaken and when. Remember your wedding attire and remember your maid of honor. Remember the kind of music you want to be played taking into consideration your guests.

All the best!!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

5 mistakes people make when looking for the one

Everybody wants to find that special person whom they can spend the rest of their lives with on this earth. Ofcourse we all know it isn't easy because often times we see people complaining of how difficult it is to find the one. Ofcourse it can be really frustrating especially when you have had to put in so much effort and keep on achieving less and less results. Well heres some good advice for you, there are usually 5 mistakes people make when looking for the one. Wanna Know??? READ ON!!!!

5 mistakes people make

1. Looking for perfection; Nobody in this world has the complete package that we are looking for and believe or not, everyone fails in one or two areas. The thing is, we have to be prepared to accept that. Ofcourse that doesn't mean we should accept whatever comes even if it is clearly bad, but heres some good advice for you, when choosing somebody to be with your expectations shouldn't be exceedingly high.

2. Impatience; Most times we tend to be impatient when it comes to looking for somebody to be with. We tend to feel like its taking so long and in the process, we end up being with the wrong person. Well heres some good advice for you, its good to cultivate a balanced level of patient even when it appears that some things are not moving as expected.

3. No background check; Sometimes before you even think of being with somebody, it is healthy to get to know his/her reputation. We are not talking about doing an FBI investigation here but what we are really saying is, you want to know how others think of the person you want to be with....especially those who know him/her well. Unfortunately very few people actually do that.

4. Being trapped by looks; We all know that looks are important and that isn't a bad thing because first impressions do count. But what may be wrong is if you are overly swayed by looks that you completely fail to read the facts. That can happen to anybody but it shouldn't happen to you. Heres some good advice for you, dont be trapped.

5. Not taking any action; Many people say they are searching for somebody but they completely make no effort to make it happen. Weird huh? Here's some good advice for you, if you want something you have to go out there and get it.

When to know you have found the one

Usually, things just fall into place because the one is most times somebody you really share the same interest with well. Ofcourse circumstances do vary as well as different relationships. But at the end of the day its really what you want and what decision you are ready to make. Heres some good advice for you, make the right decision. All the best!!

People you should avoid

Being around these wouldn't be for your good

Everybody in this world needs a companion because lets face it, nobody is an island. But you see, not everybody is a good companion and we have to be able to be sure whose right for us and whose not. Heres some good advice for you, lets be wise in our selection of friends or companions. Lets dive into this shall we.

People we should avoid

1. Negative talkers; Alot of things in this world is negative and thats the hard core truth. However, that doesn't mean we should always be consumed with negative things that our lives comes to a halt. Whatever, the case just because we experience some negative things in life doesn't mean we will always experience them. Some people like to paint everything bad until it even spoils your day....Heres some good advice for you, avoid those.

2. Rebels; Quit frankly rebellion has never really solved much in my opinion. Ofcourse, there may be a few incidences where it worked but if you dig dipper it might just get you into alot of trouble. Heres some good advice for you, keep away from rebellion.

3. Those who belittle you; There may be people out there you may want to be around with but the truth is every-time you are around them, they just belittle you and squash your self esteem. Heres some good advice for you, if you have been hanging around people who always look down on you and make you seem small and insignificant, they may just be the kind of people you should avoid. Heres some good advice for you, avoid those at all cost.

4. People who promote wrong; There may be things you see them do which you know fully well is wrong. Heres some good advice for you, if you know whats good for you, it might be in your best interest to keep away from them at all costs possible. You know what they say, bad association may spoil good habbits.

5. People who don't have your best interest at heart; Yes I know this may sound just a little bit way off but the truth is, you need to be around people who have your best interest at heart. Such people will be able to give you good sound advice on matters to do with life or other situations. Heres some good advice for you, do the right thing.

Things to always remember

Finding the right associates isn't always an easy thing because lets face it, life is never easy. But you see,you need to make the right decision when it comes to the choice of friends and the choice of companions. Heres some good advice for you, its your call. All the best!!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to be more atractive to your fiancee

You are finally approaching that day when the both of you will get married. We both know what that means right? well here's the truth folks, just because somebody is engaged doesn't always mean they will be married...Remember there are no guarantees in life. Here's some good advice for you, you have to continuously be the person your future spouse so desires.

Ways to be more attractive to your fiancee

1. Be yourself; The first thing you have to realize is that whatever it was that made your fiancee fall in love with you, it probably was because of the qualities he/she saw at a glance. Trying to be somebody else may not actually be a good thing. Try by all means to be yourself and act yourself because that's what your fiancee most probably loves most about you.

2. Look good; It is always a good thing to look good and look neat. Why is that important? isn't it obvous? Well another thing you should always remember is that even when you are introduced to other friends or relatives, you want to have a positive and lasting first impression about yourself to others. Looking good doesnt mean that you should look expensive or have the latest fashion, not everyone can afford it but heres some good advice for you.....look the best you can given your personal circumstances.

3. DOnt be mean; You know there are just some couples who are just plain mean. Whichever way you look at it, if you want to remain attractive to your future spouse make sure you dont be mean. Dont say things or do things that are harsh, unconcerned or arrogant. Even after you get married you want to remain gentle and patient. Heres some good advice for you, be sweet.

4. Be creative; Always look for things to do which both of you enjoy most. Things like going out or seeing places. Ofcourse one thing you should never forget to do is communicate. Whether its a long distance relationship or not, you should always keep the lines of communication open and never be afraid to tell the other how you really feel.

Attractiveness that lasts

We may have the looks and we may have the body, but the truth is one quality that will always last is somebody's personality. Beauty and looks always fades but heres some good advice for you, by maintaining your good personality that will take you further in your relationship. Heres some good advice for you, take your personality to a whole different level.

All the best!!

Grabbing life by the horns

Challenges always happen

You know sometimes there are situations in life that just make you feel much anxiety. I mean lets face it, life is just filled with anxiety if you really come to think of it. However, what do you do when you encounter a serious problem, well heres some good advice for you...You have to grab the bull by its horns. Its easier said than done right, lets dive into this shall we.

Situations in life that make you feel worthless

1. A ruined relationship; Many are the times when people make up or breakup. However, whenever somebody goes through a breakup, its nothing but disaster. Sometimes negative throughts just creep into our minds and sometimes we even blame ourselves for causing the breakup. Whatever was the real cause for a ruined relationship, the effects of that can simply be devastating. Some people have even failed to move on. If you are in that kind of situation, heres some good advice for you...grab the bull by its horns. Tell yourself that there is somebody better for you out there and with time you will find them. Take control of your thoughts and your emotions and remember never to give up.

2. Employment opportunities; Many people are struggling to get a job while others may have a job but dont derive the full satisfaction from it. If you are in a similar crisis remember that you are not alone. Key questions you have to ask yourself if you want to grab the bull by its horns is 1) is this job really what I want? 2) Is this job what I need? 3) Why do I need this job? 4) Will it give me something I already have or would it just add to the already existing anxieties I already carry in life? You see a good job should give you time to be with your family, should pay your bills and should make you happy. Heres some good advice for you, grab the bull by its horns by getting off your seat and searching for that job which is good for you.

3. A Failed Endevour; There may be things you tried so hard to achieve but failed to achieve them. It could be at work for instance, you set a goal of achieving something in the work environment but because of unforeseen circumstances it just never worked. It could be, you wanted to take a holiday trip with your spouse and kids but because of unforeseen situations it just couldn't work out. Heres some good advice for you, dont beat yourself too hard because nothing in this world is perfect. Whichever endevour you make, dont give up. But also remember, not every endevour in this world is worth taking.

4. A dicey situation; Sometimes we encounter situations in life that are so dicey we just dont know how to run away from them. It could be we committed a mistake or somebody else committed the mistake which impacted on us. That can be really dicey indeed. However, the truth of the matter is that sometimes we may worry too much that in the end we only make things worse.

Lessons that can encourage you

Sometimes we tend to exagerate what we are really going through which could be dangerous at times. However, one way to encourage ourselves is to really get to see what others in this world are really going through. You might actually be surprised at what you get to see because there are others who may be going through far much worse than ourselves but able to cope. Ofcourse circumstances do vary alot but heres some good advice for you, learning from other peoples experiences can actually help you become more wiser and experienced. Heres some good advice for you, lets make it happen.

All the best!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Preparing a romantic marriage proposal

Add some spice to the occasion

You know, Marriage is one of those things in life which most people look forward to with eagerness. Its never really a bad idea to make your proposal a little romantic and sweet. I mean think of it, it is a once in a life time opportunity telling your future spouse that you would like to MArry them. Just what are some very thoughtful ways you can propose to your future spouse and make it seem romantic? heres some good advice for and learn.

Things you can do

1. Sing a song; If you are really a fantastic singer and there is a song which both of you love so much, why not sing a song out loud in a soothing way infront of them. Ofcourse, it may come as a suprise to them but when they see you remove the engagement ring..they will definitely get the idea in an instant and realize that you have just begun a romantic proposal.

2. Buy some sweet flowers; You can buy some nice bunch of flowers and present them to your future spouse asking them for an opportunity to get Married. But it shouldn't be done imediately but wait for your future spouse to really appreciate the gift...then comes the engagement ring. When they see that, their faces will definitely light up quickly.

3. Propose at a special occasion; Maybe, you have been dating for 3 years and on the same day you met, you decide that that is actually the best opportunity to propose. Alternatively, you can decide to propose to them even at another special occasion which both of you know is special. However, heres some good advice for you, you decide.

4. Use the traditional way; The most widely used method, or atleast the method seen alot on T.V is were a man kneels down and presents the engagement ring to the person he loves so much. That by far is the most romantic thing any man can do to win over the heart of somebody in my opinion. Ofcourse that all depends.

When deciding to pop the big question you should always remember that this is a lifetime decision you are making and perhaps the most important. Heres some good advice for you, make sure you get rid of all the nervouseness and anxiety that comes along anybody who is about to take such an important step. Dont ask yourself "What if they reject my proposal?" because that will only spoil things.

Remember that Marriage is a big step and starting your life with another person will need commitment and love. All the best!!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The day you want to give up

Mr Right hasn't showed up yet

You have waited long enough haven't you and all that clicks in your mind is that person you have been waiting your whole life, may never show up. Ofcourse that can be really frustrating and heartbreaking but here's some good advice for you, it pays to be patient. However, lets say you have tried your level best to be patient and still Mr. Right hasn't showed up yet, what do you do? Read on folks!

Things never to do

1. Self Pity;  If there is anything you should never do is be left with self pity. If you let this happen, it will be like carrying a heavy load that keeps on growing and growing until it engulfs every bit of you. You see folks, you have to understand that even though you are sad don't let the energy drain you. Always stand firm and say to yourself that things will be okay one day in confidence.

2. Regret; You may sometimes be tempted to sit alone and think to yourself, how you wish you had dated a certain guy when the opportunity came. However, heres some good advice for you, holding on to a regret is like pulling yourself backwards. Heres some good advice for you, you have to let go.

3. Being overly impatient; It can be frustrating at times trying to wait for the right person to walk into your life. However, with too much impatience, you can end up falling into the hands of the wrong person. Heres some good advice for you, cultivate patience at all costs.

Don't give up

In a nut shell, the right person in anyones lives will come one way or another, however it is very important to realize that these things mostly take time. What are some things you can do to really find the right person? Well it isn't wrong to get to know some people with good characters and reasonable behaviors near you. Ofcourse the whole point is that you want to keep searching. Dont just seat at home hoping for things to happen, you have to act.

You can ask a well trusted friend or mature person if they know somebody they think has good qualities. Or there may be somebody you get along with but havent really talked about any possibilities. Ofcourse the choice is yours. Perhaps you can travel and meet people. However, whatever decision you make it should be choice that you can live with happily without having regrets.

All the best!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Is Age just a number?

A question that affects some couples

This is a question many people in this world can ask themselves simply because they are either in a relationship with somebody older or they are contemplating doing so. Well, the thing is ageing is something we are all going to face whether we like it or not, but then why does age have to be an issue when it comes to the dating world? Well for some, dating a man way older than themselves can be a real problem while for others, dating an older woman could be a problem too. Well whatever it is, you have to admit that age and dating is a really big problem. Heres some good advice for you, you can fall victim to this yourself too.

Why its a problem?

1. A problem for teens; Well for teenagers, the real issue especially since they are growing up is because they are still young. Ofcourse that is absolutely true because they are generally inexperienced and they need genuine guidance from loving adults to help deal with their feelings. Dating too young can be a real problem and thats when age can be called into question. However, this was the easy part, lets dive into the harder part shall we.

2. The problem for men; Guys who are young and are dating older women or are considering dating older women may be pressured not too. Well lets say a guy is 10 years younger than a lady, can that be a problem? Well some people think it is while others don't. Well whatever the case, its happening. But where do people see the problem? Well in some lands society just doesnt accept it while in other lands, people will tend to wonder why the young man has taken such a course when there are many other ladies around. Others on the other hand wont be bothered about it. However, whatever the case people have their own set of opinions.

3. The problem for ladies; Some ladies will may be seeing younger guys or guys who are old enough to be their grandpas. Well, people see that as a problem while others just don't.

Is Age really a problem?

Much of it depends on how the couple relate to each other. The thing about aging which we cant run away from is that in most cases people of different ages have different levels of maturity. So, if they are able to relate well with each other and realize what their difference in ages brings, then should it really be a problem? Well it depends on them. So, here is the bottom line folks, differences in ages wont necessarily be a problem as long as the couple fully get to understand what their decision will bring to them both in future and as long as they are both okay with it. Heres some good advice for you, its your choice. All the best!!

Things you can learn from past relationships

Life is filled with lessons

Whether a person has dated many times or a few times or not at all, there are valuable lessons that anyone can learn from past relationships. Some of these lessons could actually affect what kind of future decisions you decide to make and what kind of person you become. Do you really want to know? well heres some good advice for you, read on!!

5 lessons you can learn

1. Things are not always what it seems; Sometimes we fall in love with somebody thinking at the back of our minds that they are something like this or something like that. However, after getting to really know a person you soon realize that they are not really what you expected. Heres some good advice for you, it can happen all the time. Take some time to know somebodys character before actually choosing them for a relationship.

2. Communication is important; Everybody knows how vital it is for two people to communicate almost everyday. You see, lessons from the past have shown that once communication subsides, then two people may grow apart and run the risk of losing each other. It is very important to keep the communication strong.

3. Having a third person can complicate things; When two people are dating, lessons from the past have shown that if you bring in the third person of the opposite sex, that can really complicate things. You see, it is very important that you never jeopardize your relationship by seeing someone else or by spending more than the usual time with someone other than your love. Well, lessons from the past have shown that can only lead to disaster. Heres some good advice for you, do the right thing.

4. Trust builds; When two people are dating, trust can really play a vital role in instilling a secure environment between the couple. Most people who easily get jealous or are suspicious about the other person are just not secure enough. It could be also, they dont trust each other. Heres some good advice for you, it is important to have trust.

5. Rushing too quickly isnt always good; There is always need to give each other sufficient time to really get to know each other before you make important decisions of what you want to do with your lives. Take some time to really ask each other important questions so that both of you actually know what you both want. Heres some good advice for you, that can really be an important move for the both of you.

Making a relationship last

Relationships these days are breaking up alot and whichever way you look at it, sometimes its easy to know why. You see, to make a relationship last two people who are dating have to commit to each other. This thing of seeing different people all at the same time never really works and only ends things on a horrible note. Heres some good advice for you, commit, commit and commit. All the best!!

Friday, 8 November 2013

When you discover he/she isnt what you expected

We obviously have expectations in our minds about the perfect man or women. However, we all know the truth right, nobody is perfect. But still, sometimes we just feel tempted to hold really high expectations for somebody and when we actually begin getting to know that person, we either get dissapointed or we get really overwhelmed in a positive way. Heres some good advice for you, it could go either way. Lets dive into this shall we.

In which situation are you in?

1. Overwhelmed in a positive way; If the person you start dating with a hope of Marriage turns out to be somebody you never really expected in a positive way, then that could be a plus for you. Maybe you pictured them as reserved, self centered, boring or something else and then you soon discover after getting to know them that they are totally different, could be good for you right? Ofcourse, that's the beauty of getting to know somebody because you can't know someone by merely just looking.

2. When you are disappointed; Lets say you had really high expectations for somebody but soon discover that they aren't nearly as half as what you expected. Maybe because they have good looks, your expectations were they would be smart and sophisticated maybe...but whatever the case, your expectations weren't met and that can be really disappointing right? Well, here some good advice for you, maybe getting to know them better will make things a little better.

Seeing beyond your expectations

We have to understand that there is nobody in this world who have the full package. When our expectations are not fully met, there are two things you can do either walk away or give the person a chance. The second option is the most reasonable because you cant always rely on your expectations for everything, unless there is a genuine reason to. However, in any relationship what are you really looking for? in most cases, you want to know somebody and find someone you can spend the rest of life with.

Getting to know somebody takes time and qualities you should be looking for is somebody who is loving, respectful, and considerate just to mention a few. So when getting to know somebody, if they are generally okay, you can still give them a chance can't you? Ofcourse the choice is yours. Heres some good advice for you, you can do it. All the best!!

How to End the Relationship

Quit Awkward but Maybe necessary

Life as we know it today is just filled with supprises. Just when you thought things would be perfect, then reality comes knocking on your door. However, when it comes to the world of relationships, sometimes there are no suprises. You see, the whole point you need to remember is, sometimes you have to take action. Well, when is the best to time to end a relationship and how should you do it? Heres some good advice for you, Read on!!

When to end it in the first place

1. Abuse; If you are dating, the best time to end a relationship is when you are being verbally, physically or mentally abused almost all the time. You see, if you are going to spend the rest of your lives together one day you need to respect each others feelings and not ruin them. Heres some good advice for you, you may look back and be proud of what you did.

2. When he influences you to do wrong; If the person you are dating is always trying to get you to do things that are clearly wrong and that you know very well will only lead to trouble and more problems, if after repeated reminders he/she doesn't may have to end it.

3. If they are seeing someone else secretly; If the person you are dating is secretly seeing someone else and you just happen to find out somehow, then thats a valid reason to end it. Ofcourse, if he/she is willing to change there isnt any harm in giving the person a second chance. Heres some good advice for you, the choice is yours.

How to end it

You have a choice to end a relationship or to give it a second chance. But lets just say you have decided to end it, how should you do it. Well, you just need to find an appropriate time to tell them openly that you are no longer interested and also give them the reasons for that. If the person was cheating on you, it is ofcourse obvious that you want to break up because of their cheating.

But how do you end a relationship you know you love but know deep inside that if you were to continue with it, it would only lead to sad consequences. Well, in the first place you have to put yourself together and take a deep breath. You need to know the person very well to know exactly how they will react when they hear the news. If they will overeat towards you, then you have to find a proper way to tell them without them getting very angry or feeling horribly sad. The thing is, they need to know.

One way of ending a relationship successfully is to seat down together and start the conversation by commending them on some of the good qualities they have which you appreciate. However, afterwards, explain to them that you feel that the relationship can't continue. Afterwards, you can also explain why. If the person persists, just tell them it is over and that you are not ready to continue. You must be firm but yet not harsh at all. Heres some good advice for you, try to consider the feeling of the other person when doing it.

When all is said and done, you will soon realize how painful it is to end the relationship but if the reason is very valid you should remember that it might be one of your best decisions you have ever made in your life. Heres some good advice for you, do the right thing today. All the best.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

When in love with someone else

Making a choice between the two

You have been dating someone for a while and everyone knows how much you care for each other right? Ofcourse, you have had alot of wonderful times but you soon realize that actually, you are more inlove with someone else. What can you possibly do? well heres some good advice for you, important decisions are never easy. Who do you choose, the one you have been dating for a while or the new found love. Lets dive into this shall we.

4 Questions you need to ask yourself

Before you make any rush decisions in your life which may either cost you dearly or maybe make you more happier, you need to really ask yourself these 4 important questions. Heres some good advice for you...READ ON.

1. How long have you known the other?; You see folks, dating is all about getting to know somebody. As a rule of thumb, the longer you usually know somebody the most likely you will be confident of your decision to either accept them or reject them. If you have fallen in love with somebody else, you have to be sure that you know them well enough to give them your heart. 

2. Is it love or a crush?; You have to admit that sometimes we just have a short crush for somebody and then we call it love. The truth is folks, love doesn't really die but as for a crush it does die at some point. If thats the case with you, heres some good advice for you, dont fully rely on how you feel but consider the possibilities that you may be losing somebody really special should you go for your new found love or should you reject them. It can go either way.

3. Is your current relationship shaky?; You see folks, when your current relationship is on the rocks it is easy for us to want to seek comfort from elsewhere. Heres some good advice for you, relationship could be shaky sometimes but that doesn't mean it cant be fixed. Ofcourse, thats for you to decide. However, with your new found love in the picture, that could possibly answer the question as to why you have fallen for someone else. But again, is it real?? you be the answer of that.

4. Are you being selfish?; We have to admit that sometimes we just think of ourselves without considering the feelings of the current person we are dating. Heres some good advice for you, ask yourself these questions 1) am i being too harsh 2) how does the other feel  and 3) how would I feel if I were in his/her shoes?

Being in love

Being in love with someone is never a crime but we must always be able to distinguish real love from attraction or infatuation. You want to be sure that whatever decision you make will never cost you but will make you look back and say that you made the right decision. Heres some good advice for you, make your decision count today. All the best!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

9 reasons they are not interested

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever liked somebody so much that each time you wanted to be just more than a friend with them, they were simply not interested? Well heres some good advice for you,  that can happen alot in this time and age to so many people. But then, if you were ever rejected by somebody or they just weren't interested...what could have been the possible reason. Heres some good advice for you, there are many reason. Read on folks.

  9reasons they are not interested

1. Still healing; There are many people in this world who are just recovering from a horrible break-up and the last thing they want is to enter another relationship. Heres some good advice for you, if you detect that somebody is not interested in having a close relationship, you might as well just be friends for the time being with the hope of one day melting that thick ice away.

2. They hate the opposite sex; Believe it or not some people are not interested in dating because they hate the opposite sex. There could be many reasons for this but in most instances it could be negative experiences they have seen, heard or gone through in life. Heres some good advice for you, if you are one of them, you really have to find a way to move on.

3. They heard something negative about you; Sometimes a person may not be interested in dating you because of the negative rumors that have been spread about you to other people. You see folks, people react favorably if somebody is well reported on and negatively if the opposite is the case. Heres some good advice for you, do some investigation.

4. They are still persueing their career; Some people are not ready to get into a long term relationship because they are just so busy with their career. They simply do not have time to spend dating and getting to know somebody. They just simply dont have the time.

5. Past experience; If somebody went through a sad experience many years ago and simply can't forget the treatment they had to pull through, they usually think twice before entering another relationship with somebody. Its just as simple as that.

6. They don't like you; No hard feelings but everybody has their type and nobody has to explain to anybody why. Ofcourse you can try to be the kind of person they would like but heres some good advice for you, sometimes you have to know when to quit.

7. They are seeing someone else; A person whose committed will certainly find it difficult to be interested. Actually, they have to show their loyalty by rejecting you which in my opinion isn't such a bad idea.

8. They need more time; Others may not be interested atleast for a while because they need more time to think. Usually the thinking process can take from days to weeks or perhaps months. But during that crucial phase you can get further aquinted with them.

9. They are playing hard to get; Others may seem they are not interested but yet they are just playing hard to get. Ofcourse thats something you really must be sure about.

Bet you enjoyed reading this. all the best!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Why some couples never stop argueing

Fights all the time

Couples these days are just fighting so much we dont know whether its fashion these days or its something else. You see folks, we all know exactly what arguments are right but sometimes its so difficult to really tell why its so difficult for some to stop fighting. Heres some good advice for you, whichever way you look at it, fights are never good. But lets dive into this shall we.

5 reasons why some couples can't stop argueing

1. Jealousy; Some couples are trapped in the web of jealousy, well atleast one of them. You see, even if a person is talking with the opposite sex that doesn't necessarily mean they are going out secretly. Lets face reality, if we are always jealous about our love talking with the opposite sex that can really erupt into an arguement. Well unless you have a reason to always be jealous, heres some good advice for you it could ruin your relationship.

2. Thinking they re always right; Many people argue because they think they are always right. In my opinion that can happen to everybody but the problem is how far some people take it. If two people think they are always right then nobody can be corrected and thus leading to a serious argument.

3. Money; Many couples today argue about money. Money can really bring two people apart if left unchecked. Heres some good advice for you, money should be kept in its proper place. When money gets in the way that can really create alot of tension.

4. Deprived attention; If someone feels he/she is being deprived of some quality attention then that can really create some frustration. When frustration builds because of that feeling of lack of love, communication and affection then that can really lead to a real serious argument. Heres some good advice for you, this could be your reason too.

5. Guilt; Some people dont react well to their personal mistakes and that feeling of worthlessnes just creates a tension in themselves that sometimes will spill over to others around them including those close to them. That can create an argument and that can create further tension.

Resolving an argument 

When it comes to resolving an argument it is always important to remember that arguments will never take us anywhere if they continue. We need to resolve them....AND FAST. To start with when resolving an argument nobody wants to come out as a winner but the point is we want to settle matters whether it works against us or for us. One important thing is to be ready to yield to another persons opinion or suggestions and not to always get out of your way in proving you were right. Another thing is to remember to calm yourself down and don't easily allow your anger to skyrocket leading to more dire consequences.

Which ever way you look at it, you can do it. All the best!!

Dating an Unemployed Man?

Dating is really an enjoyable moment for anybody especially when they are looking to enjoy a really good future together. However, lets face it sometimes we all have expectations and whatever the case we also have hopes and dreams. If you are a lady who is dating an unemployed man, you definitely may have your expectations right? But is dating an unemployed man really a bad thing as many people think. Well heres some good advice for you, Read ON!!

Is it all that Bad?

Dating is all about getting to know somebody with the hope of finding that one person you would like to spend the rest of your life with. Well its not easy to say yes neither is it easy to say no about this topic but much depends on how both the guy and lady feel about it. Lets look at the following situations shall we?

1. When the lady is working; Alot of times these days you might just find that a lady who has a successful career is dating an unemployed man. Some ladies in such a situations dont feel its a bad thing while in other occasions a lady may have a really big problem with it. For some guys they feel so inferior that it gradually affects even the way the couple relates with each other. The thing is, if the couple feel it isnt a bad thing then there isn't a problem but if one of them feels its a bad thing whether its a man or woman then that can create tension. Heres some good advice for you, know how you really feel?

2. When the lady has high expectations; Some ladies have high expectations about the relationship, we all do. They want their man to buy them things and make them feel loved. They also want to show to the world that they have a man who is not just a man but THE MAN. Well, when a lady has such high expectations, Yes it can be a problem dating an unemployed man whether they met each other while he was unemployed or whether they dated but he later lost his job. Ofcourse it all depends, some ladies may be willing to sacrifice for a while.

3. When the lady is being persued by someone else; When a lady is being pursued by another suitor who actually has a job, it can be hard for some ladies to stick to there unemployed man. Ofcourse much depends on the ladies firmness to stick to her man. Ofcourse, there are times when some ladies feel they are running out of time in life and would rather take the chance with someone else. Whether its fair or not thats a choice they have made but what could it tell us, well in my opinion maybe it just tells us that being unemployed can be a bad thing at times.

Something we can learn

Much depends on the lady and the man in most cases. if they love each other very much then it shouldn't really be a problem. But it is also good to remember that in this world we all have to make a living somehow. In my opinion should a man and woman get married, the man should take charge of providing for the families needs. ofcourse situations vary around the world but heres some good advice for you, ask yourself these following questions.
  • Is my man showing any effort in finding a job?
  • What do I you really want out of a relationship?
  • If my man found a good job, would that make me love him more or would it just make my man hate me?
Anyway, its just my opinion. All the best!!