Thursday, 14 November 2013

Preparing a romantic marriage proposal

Add some spice to the occasion

You know, Marriage is one of those things in life which most people look forward to with eagerness. Its never really a bad idea to make your proposal a little romantic and sweet. I mean think of it, it is a once in a life time opportunity telling your future spouse that you would like to MArry them. Just what are some very thoughtful ways you can propose to your future spouse and make it seem romantic? heres some good advice for and learn.

Things you can do

1. Sing a song; If you are really a fantastic singer and there is a song which both of you love so much, why not sing a song out loud in a soothing way infront of them. Ofcourse, it may come as a suprise to them but when they see you remove the engagement ring..they will definitely get the idea in an instant and realize that you have just begun a romantic proposal.

2. Buy some sweet flowers; You can buy some nice bunch of flowers and present them to your future spouse asking them for an opportunity to get Married. But it shouldn't be done imediately but wait for your future spouse to really appreciate the gift...then comes the engagement ring. When they see that, their faces will definitely light up quickly.

3. Propose at a special occasion; Maybe, you have been dating for 3 years and on the same day you met, you decide that that is actually the best opportunity to propose. Alternatively, you can decide to propose to them even at another special occasion which both of you know is special. However, heres some good advice for you, you decide.

4. Use the traditional way; The most widely used method, or atleast the method seen alot on T.V is were a man kneels down and presents the engagement ring to the person he loves so much. That by far is the most romantic thing any man can do to win over the heart of somebody in my opinion. Ofcourse that all depends.

When deciding to pop the big question you should always remember that this is a lifetime decision you are making and perhaps the most important. Heres some good advice for you, make sure you get rid of all the nervouseness and anxiety that comes along anybody who is about to take such an important step. Dont ask yourself "What if they reject my proposal?" because that will only spoil things.

Remember that Marriage is a big step and starting your life with another person will need commitment and love. All the best!!!


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