Monday, 30 December 2013

When you feel you will always be alone

Negative feelings inside

There are some people in life who haven't really had it well in the world of relationships. They ofcourse have dated a couple of times but things haven't really worked out well for them always resulting in a painful break up. Others have actually never even dated in their life and even though they have wanted to, they just feel like nobody is really interested in them. Heres some good advice for you, if you are one of those people? you are not alone. Lets dive into this further!!

When you feel nobody cares

Yes, it is so easy to feel negative feelings in your mind right? Just think of it, everyday you walk down the street or take a bus or fly on the plane, you always see couples together happily showing affection to each other. Most times you may even ask yourself this question "Why can't that be me?" When you think of the many times you have tried to enter a relationship or when you remember those painful break-ups you went through, you just feel nobody really cares.

Having negative feelings is normal but the truth is, you have to control those feelings. First, you must realize in the first place that there are people in this world who genuinly care about you. You also have to realize that the reason you may be single could be because the right person hasn't showed up yet. But heres some good advice for you, if you continue to allow negative feelings to take control of your life heres what it can do to you.

1. Hate couples; You might start hating people who are already in a relationship simply because you are not in one yet. That can happen alot sometimes and you dont want to be a part of it because there are alot of couples out there in this world.

2. You might shut yourself out; Yes you might end up shutting yourself out from reality which can really have heavy consequences. That is something you shouldn't even think of doing at all.

3. You might reject any possibility of being in a relationship; Because you are so negative about yourself, there is always a chance that you would never want to be in a relationship...EVER!!

Ending the negative feelings

Start by talking about your feelings to a close friend or relative, it wouldn't hurt to pour your feelings out to them hoping to receive the needed comfort. Another thing is to remember that you will not always be alone because with time you will find the right person. Getting involved in hobbies and keeping busy all the time will truly help get something out of your system. Heres some good advice for you, only you can make it happen....All the best!!

Dealing with long distance relationships

When distance kills love

There are a lot of long distance relationships in this world today and the truth is, we all know that this presents a few challenges right? or maybe alot of challenges. However, you have to admit that many long distance relationships have also worked too. But what do you do when distance actually begins to corrode, erase or even kill true love? Well heres some good advice for you, you need to act quickly and FAST!! Since you may be dating lets dive into this shall we.

Why it happens?

Just why does long distance relationships fail to work sometimes or why do they even begin to kill true love? Well, you have to agree that being with someone in person and seeing their faces really makes a big huge difference. Alot of couples who are long distance can't just stand being alone and sometimes it hurts so bad that they begin to choose other options such as seeing someone else. Never a good idea!

While its true that these challenges do take place, there is still real reason to believe that things can still work. Love can conquer distance and the thing is, if you truly believe in each other you can still try to fight for your love. Heres some good advice for you, the key to maintaining a strong bond is communication, communication and communication.

Communication beats all odds

You have to communicate and communicate everyday. You see folks, you have emails, you have phones and you have many other form you can use to strengthen the bond. How often should you communicate? Well everyday. Communicate in the morning, afternoon and evening...make sure that your presense is felt even though you are so far away.

Are you thinking about what to talk about? Just talk about anything...Ask each other how the day was, ask yourselves about food, travel, entertainment. Heres some good advice for you, make it interesting, make it easy and fun.

When the time finally comes during the year, you can several times make visitations to each other and make each moment memorable. There is no copy and paste solution to this, but the couple has to pull through this together. Heres some good advice for you, make it happen. All the best!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Questions to ask yourself before breaking up

Something to consider always

There may be those times in life when we just think that the relationship we are in is going nowhere. That has happened to alot of people but still, should we rush into a break-up? or should we first seat down and understand some important questions. Heres some good advice for you, there are a couple of questions you should always do well to consider before rushing into a break-up. Lets dive into this shall we.

Questions to ask yourself

1. How big is the problem?; There are always valid reason why two people may choose not to be together however, is the problem that big that you can no longer be together? Ofcourse, thats for the couple to decide, but if a simple misunderstanding is present you really need to ask whether a break up is the solution or there could be other means. Heres some good advice for you, solving misunderstandings is key.

2. Any possibilities of giving the relationship a chance?; You know, sometimes we quickly rush into a break up without seriously considering the possibilities that the relationship can actually work if we give it a chance. Ofcourse circumstances do really vary but the truth is, if you seat down and reflect and then discover that you can actually give the relationship a second chance, why not do it.

3. How do you really feel?; Sometimes we may tell ourselves that we want to break-up but when you seat down by yourself you soon realize that you actually don't. Now we are not saying that you should remain in a relationship that is clearly bad for you however, for the relationship which is good and you know deep inside you dont want to break up, then rethink your decision seriously.

4. How do more experienced people feel?; It isn't wrong to get good and sound advice from people who care about you and are more experienced. However, remember that any decision you make in life becomes your responsibility and not the responsibility of your advisers, remember to weigh things carefully no matter what sort of advice you receive.

If your decision is to break-up

A break-up is never a good time for anybody. However, some break-ups are necessary while others are not. But heres some good advice for you, if you decide to break-up you have to live with your decision and make sure not to hold any regrets about it. There is need however to really think things through before coming up with a final decision. Be happy...All the best!!!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Work and Family

Maintaining a balance

Being part of a family unit is really something truly special. However, the truth is most of the times work can seriously get in the way of family. How so? Well the more time you spend at work, the less time we spend with our families. But the truth is, we all know that we have a responsibility to take care of our families however the question still lies, how do we maintain the balance? Heres some good advice for you, priorities do really matter.

Setting your priorities

1. Spending time with your spouse; Your spouse really matters a lot in your life and the truth is, they really need you. However, sometimes work can really get in the way of a happy marriage and if left unchecked can spell trouble. How do you get around this? well first things first, always include some quality time strictly for you and your spouse. It doesn't need to be the whole day but could it be sufficient enough for both of you never to complain? Ask yourself that question.

2. Spending time with your kids and going out; Yes the kids also need your time and help. Why is it crucial that you spend quality time with your kids, well the truth is you want whats best for your kids and the last thing you need is seeing them bring harm to themselves. When you seat down and listen to what they have to say, you give them the opportunity for you to become closer with them and get to know them in ways you didn't really know before. You don't want your kids growing up and never knowing you at all now do you? Act promptly.

3. Giving some time to yourself; There is something you should always remember, you as a human being also need time to yourself. There is no need to add so much pressure to yourself because the truth is, for you to function well and be beneficial to your family, you also need to be okay internally. Take some time off and do things to ease yourself from all the pressures in life. Go out with friends and have a drink or two. Heres some good advice for you, don't neglect yourself.

Accepting a well paying job

You might be privileged to be given a higher paying job but you have to ask yourself these questions...Will it give you sufficient time for family? Its your call...ALL THE BEST!!!

Single parent advice

Are you ready for remarriage?

Being a single parent is never easy because the truth is you become the father, mother, breadwinner and friend to your children all at the same time. Ofcourse you may think in your minds how wonderful it would be to have a spouse who would not only show some love to you, but also show love to your children. In this day and age everything seems to be a challenge but heres some good advice for you, are you really ready for a remarriage? if so, what are key things to consider before entering a remarriage? Heres some good advice for you, READ ON!!!

Considerations when thinking of a remarriage

Yes being a single parent is hard enough right? I mean think of it, everyday you are worrying about how to meet the costs of your children, how to meet their emotional needs and how to meet their daily concerns. Ofcourse, you also want to be loved by somebody and thus ease the heavy load away. Ofcourse, you should realize that not anything that comes your way is acceptable....The thing is, you need a spouse who will understand your situation well and understand that there are kids that both of you have to take care of.

If you have decided to remarry after losing your first marriage due to death or divorce, it is always good to consider the realities surrounding your circumstances. Heres some good advice for you, you need to analyze your situation critically and also analyze how the spouse you are considering remarrying also considers things. Take for instance, how does he/she view your kids? Quit frankly if they cannot love your kids or atleast try to, then that may spell just a bit of trouble. Ofcourse, you may also want to consider how they feel that your Ex will have to visit everytime and again.

However, when considering remarrying somebody, it may also be wise to consider how generally they handle matters as a whole. You know, you don't want to bring into your family somebody who will just give you an additional burden in your life and the life of your  kids, but you have to bring someone who will lighten your load, add value to your kids and make you happy. Ofcourse, love between you and your future spouse is also a good thing. Heres some good advice for you, ask yourself whether you really want this or not.

Announcing to your kids the good or maybe bad news

Your kids have a major role to play in the whole equation because the truth is, you care about them alot and the last thing you want to do is make them feel sad. However, what is good news to you may turn out to be terrible news to them. When telling your kids about your possible remarriage, dont drop it like an atomic bomb. But you should be able to tell them in a tactiful and gradual way. Just how do you pull it off?

Well you can start by asking "How would you feel if you had a new dad or mom?" or "How would you feel if I got married to a close friend of mine?" you know such questions will atleast push the idea into the childrens mind that maybe you are considering it or it may help you understand their reaction. All in all, you shouldn't expect it to be 100% smooth transition but whatever the case, they may have to learn to accept your decision as a parent.

Whatever the case, you can still be happy. All the best.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Making someone fall in love with you

Fact or reality?

There may be somebody you like so much and how you wish they could just fall in love with you too.Well the trouble is, no matter how much you try to make it happen it just doesn't happen. But before we even go any further on this one, is it possible to make somebody fall in love with you? Well heres some good advice for you, anything can happen in this world.

What falling in love involves

Sometimes love is just so hard to define because people fall in love with somebody due to a whole combination of things. Some people fall in love with somebody because of looks, others fall in love with somebody because of money. Well whatever the case most people see love as a really strong intensive feeling which engulfs a persons whole mind and body. To cut it short, its a romantic feeling which two people feel for each other.

Getting somebody to feel the same way about you is not an easy thing because the truth is, we all have our backgrounds, tastes and preferences. However, in my opinion I think what we like is not necessarily what we always need. But then, the question is how does somebody get another person to fall in love with them. Heres some good advice for you, it isn't easy. But here are three steps you can do.

3 Vital Steps to get somebody to fall in love with you

1) Find out what they like; Bingo!!!! you see folks the thing is we all have our tastes, likes and dislikes but the beauty about this is that if you are able to know exactly what the other person likes, then you might have a good chance in drawing them to you. So heres some good advice for you, its time to do your homework.

2) Give love to receive love; You know, you are not going to believe this but to some people who have completely no interest in you, showing them how much you care about them can make them think twice about turning you down. Yes, you have to give love to recieve love. How do you show that you care about them? It is by what you do and by what you say. Are you always there when they need somebody to cry their tears on?.....Doesn't always work but could work for you.

3) Do something sweet and show good qualities; You may have the looks but sometimes the people you want to fall in love with you dont even look for that,,,,they look for substance. You have to be able to exhibit good qualities that can draw them to you. Good qualities such as being well mannered and behaved, having a good reputation e.t.c ofcourse not everyone goes for that but in your case, that may be something really, really important. If its a lady, get her some flowers for crying out loud.

Remember, there is no text book way to do these things but the bottom line is, you just want to make the effort and who knows, it might just work. Heres some good advice for you, make it happen today!!

How to have a successful relationship

Little things that make a difference

You have to agree that relationships these days are on the rocks and make no mistake, each and everyday presents couples with new challenges. But to have a successful relationships really calls for two people to really commit themselves to each other and thats THAT. However, why do many relationships fail and how can relationship be a success always? Heres some good advice for you, sometimes its the little things we do that can spell success. Lets dive into this further shall we.

Things each couple should do

1. Generosity; You know alot of times these days couples find themselves trapped trying to make ends meet that they have little time for each other. Heres some good advice for you, you need to be generous with your time, affection and love. Yes, being generous with your time will go a long way as you get to know each other.  Work and hobbies shouldn't get in the way of any arrangements you may have.

2. Trust; It really matters a lot when two people have trust for each other because thats what can really make the relationship work. Have you ever seen how insecure some couples are simply because they dont trust each other, that can bring alot of anxiety in the relationship. Trust conquers suspicion and trust also strengthens the bond. Both people in the relationship should also work hard at earning their trust. 

3. What we say; Abusive speech and anger between two people can really tear things apart. However, when our everyday conversation is always upbuilding many couples find themselves lasting together for a long time. Ofcourse, differences will be there but whatever we do, it does count what we say and how we say it.

4. Forgiving; Ofcourse its easier said than done but you have to admit that when two people are forgiving it really keeps the relationship going despite what mistakes could have been committed. Whichever situation we may face this is really something we should all consider.

5. Commitment;  there is only one person in our lives not two or three or four...JUST ONE. Most successful relationships know this very well.

Hope this helped, All the best!!