Friday, 27 December 2013

Making someone fall in love with you

Fact or reality?

There may be somebody you like so much and how you wish they could just fall in love with you too.Well the trouble is, no matter how much you try to make it happen it just doesn't happen. But before we even go any further on this one, is it possible to make somebody fall in love with you? Well heres some good advice for you, anything can happen in this world.

What falling in love involves

Sometimes love is just so hard to define because people fall in love with somebody due to a whole combination of things. Some people fall in love with somebody because of looks, others fall in love with somebody because of money. Well whatever the case most people see love as a really strong intensive feeling which engulfs a persons whole mind and body. To cut it short, its a romantic feeling which two people feel for each other.

Getting somebody to feel the same way about you is not an easy thing because the truth is, we all have our backgrounds, tastes and preferences. However, in my opinion I think what we like is not necessarily what we always need. But then, the question is how does somebody get another person to fall in love with them. Heres some good advice for you, it isn't easy. But here are three steps you can do.

3 Vital Steps to get somebody to fall in love with you

1) Find out what they like; Bingo!!!! you see folks the thing is we all have our tastes, likes and dislikes but the beauty about this is that if you are able to know exactly what the other person likes, then you might have a good chance in drawing them to you. So heres some good advice for you, its time to do your homework.

2) Give love to receive love; You know, you are not going to believe this but to some people who have completely no interest in you, showing them how much you care about them can make them think twice about turning you down. Yes, you have to give love to recieve love. How do you show that you care about them? It is by what you do and by what you say. Are you always there when they need somebody to cry their tears on?.....Doesn't always work but could work for you.

3) Do something sweet and show good qualities; You may have the looks but sometimes the people you want to fall in love with you dont even look for that,,,,they look for substance. You have to be able to exhibit good qualities that can draw them to you. Good qualities such as being well mannered and behaved, having a good reputation e.t.c ofcourse not everyone goes for that but in your case, that may be something really, really important. If its a lady, get her some flowers for crying out loud.

Remember, there is no text book way to do these things but the bottom line is, you just want to make the effort and who knows, it might just work. Heres some good advice for you, make it happen today!!


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