Monday, 14 October 2013

Dangers of having negative thoughts

Negativity could be destructive

There are so many negative things happening in this world today and we see it on T.V, hear it on the news and even face it in our own lives. But lets get to the point, is being preoccupied with negative thoughts justifiable? Well heres some good advice for you, ITS NOT!! You could actually be exposing yourself to some dangers. Lets dive into this shall we.

Dangers of negativity

You know what? there isn't really anything wrong with having a measure of negative thoughts in our heads. Why? Well having a portion of negative thoughts may help us even avoid dangers in life. Take for instance, you know very well that lions are dangerous animals and having the negative thought that should you get near one, you would be eaten could actually help you avoid that kind of danger. However when does negativity become so bad?

You know, there are many negative experiences in life which we have gone through and for some it would take forever to forget. However, we want to avoid being overwhelmed with negativity. Being overwhelmed with the negative things in life could actually deprive us from being happy. Being too negative could also affect how you relate with others and how you will generally take life. So what are some steps you can take to remove those negative thoughts from your mind?

Steps to removing negative thoughts

1. Socialize with positive thinkers; Having a measure of associates who are not always negative could actually help you think positive. Remember to take caution when choosing the right kind of associates to socialize with.

2. Train you mind; Take full control of your thoughts and what you think about. If something negative gets into your head, try by all means to throw it away.

3. Keep busy; Get into things or hobbies you enjoy that make you feel happy and relieved. You can jog or play some sport, just quench all that negative energy you once had away.

Although there could be other ways to get rid of negative thoughts heres some good advice for you, you want to be happy. Whether its easy for some people or hard for others to do, the point is atleast you made the effort. All the best and don't give up!!



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