Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to avoid falling into the same trap

Pain is no gain sometimes

The pain that comes with being in a relationship filled with heartbreak and sad moments, yet that is what alot of people these days experience. You see, it isn't anything really new because the truth is relationships are becoming more and more dicey these days. Some may wonder whether its better to be single and alone, or to spend the rest of our lives waiting for Mr/Mrs right. Well heres some good advice for you, the right person is out there somewhere. However, incase our relationship ended, is there anyway to avoid falling into the same trap? Heres some good advice for you, we may need to learn from our mistakes.

Learning from mistakes

Many relationships these days are started because two different people fall for each other. Well, the thing is, as they begin getting to know each other they soon realise that what was once beautiful turns out to be nothing more than ugly. Relationships in itself is not bad but the thing is, we ourselves can turn it into undesirable if we are not careful. In my opinion, we need to learn from our mistakes. Here are some common mistakes people can make which only leads them into pain and heartbreak.

1. Falling too fast; Some people fall inlove with somebody too quickly without allowing sufficient time to pass in order to really get to know somebody. The thing is, we need to allow sufficient time to pass before we can actually give our heart to someone we just met. Sadly, many have had to learn the hard way such that when they find out the true colors of the person they are with, it just turns ugly for them.

2. Expecting perfection; Ofcourse we all want the best of somebody nomatter what it takes, however, we must not expect perfection. It is definitely easier said than done but heres some good advice for you..we need to face this reality. Nobody is perfect!

3. Ignoring harmful traits; There are times because we are in love we just fail to take note of the warning signs. That can happen to many people alot these days. However, you have to realize that in the end its you who pays. Dont want that happening again dont you? heres some good advice for you, take note of the warning lights at all costs. Dont say you were never warned.

4. Jumping into conclusions; You know sometimes because of past experiences we have faced, we may be tempted to conclude things so quickly. When we ring somebody's phone and they don't pick up the phone we may actually think that they are cheating on us. Well, running into conclusions so quickly can eventually destroy the trust you once had for each other and just destroy everything all together. Here's some good advice for you, take it easy. When you hear a negative rumor, the first thing you want to do is know whether its true but not to conclude that it is actually true.

Valuable advice from people who care

Believe it or not there are people in this world who are genuinely concerned about your welfare. Usually its family members but there may be also close friends. While you have the final say on how you want to lead your life, it does help to take in sound advice from people you know really care for you. Older folks may actually have alot of knowledge and experience that can help you make the right choice. Anyway, that's just my opinion but here's some good advice for you, it does sometimes pay to listen. All the best!!


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