Monday, 14 October 2013

Love at first sight

Fact or Fiction?

Is there really such a thing as love at first sight? Well, ofcourse we all see some of these things in movies or in novels but the thing is we have to be able to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction. First of all what exactly is love at first sight? And who says it doesn't really exist? Well heres some good advice for you, in my opinion maybe it does but not all the way.

Love at first sight

What exactly is love at first sight? Well, have you ever seen in the movies or read in the novels where two people meet for the first time and within a few seconds or minutes they just fall in love....That is love at first sight. Ofcourse, many people out there will confirm that they did actually fall in love with somebody just by meeting them for the first time and everything seemed to fall into place. But then you would ask, was it really love or was it an attraction?

You see heres the news, even though there are some cases of people who fell in love just by meeting each other for the first time which eventually led to Marriage, the truth is those cases are rare. The love we all know takes time to build. Love involves some form of generosity, patience, fellow feeling, sacrifice, interest, kindness and a combination of other desirable qualities. When somebody meets you for the first time what really attracts you to them could be their looks and the wonderful first impression they give you. Lets be honest with ourselves, even if we fell in love with a total stranger would that mean you truly love them from the heart? Highly unlikely.

Here's another good example for you, imagine you fell in love with a total stranger you met for the first time and later learn't that he/she is a hardcore criminal...Would your love for them endure? If it does, then maybe that's true love but in the real world, your interest for him would just die away. Here's some good advice for you, lets face reality.

Cultivating love in a relationship

Truly falling in love with somebody should all begin with getting to know that person as an individual and eventually developing love for them. In cultivating that love, we shouldn't expect it to just happen over night but lets give the love time to grow. Here's some good advice for you, love is like pretty flowers that blossoms forth. All the best!!


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