Monday, 14 October 2013

5 reasons why people date

Dating is one of those things in life we probably will all go through in life because lets face it, our desire to want to be with somebody and probably share the rest of the life with that person is really high. However, believe it or not, people have so many reasons why they want to date. Wanna know? Here's some good advice for you...Read on!!

5 reasons why people date

1. Peer Pressure; Some people date because they are pressured to date. Whether they are ready or not, the people around them may exert an overwhelming influence on them that makes them feel that if they can't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, then they are outcasts. Heres some good advice for you, date because you are ready to and because you want to.

2. Fun; People these days date because they just want to have fun. Well whether thats good or bad the thing is, people are doing it. In some cases because some people in this kind of situation wont take dating seriously, this only leads to a break up within just a few months or weeks.

3. Marriage; Some people date because they would like to get Married. In the process of searching for somebody they would like to spend the rest of their lives with, they soon discover some qualities they are looking for in a  person with the view to Marriage in the future.

4. Make a statement; Other people date not because they really want to but because they just want to prove to the rest of the world that they can go out with whoever they want, whenever they want. Wierd reason right? but its true for some people.

5. Love; There are people in this world who never really thought of ever dating because at that time in their lives they never found the love of their life. However, when they actually fall in love with somebody they really find it in themselves to begin dating without any letups. Heres some good advice for is like pretty flowers that blossoms forth.

Why you should be dating

Dating at the end of the day narrows down to one point, you want to be with somebody you love and whom you can spend the rest of your entire lives with. So, when thinking of dating there is every reason to think of the possibilities of tying the knot one day. Ofcourse, that's really your decision but in my opinion I think dating should lead to Marriage. Here's some good advice for you, the choice is yours.


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