Monday, 30 December 2013

Dealing with long distance relationships

When distance kills love

There are a lot of long distance relationships in this world today and the truth is, we all know that this presents a few challenges right? or maybe alot of challenges. However, you have to admit that many long distance relationships have also worked too. But what do you do when distance actually begins to corrode, erase or even kill true love? Well heres some good advice for you, you need to act quickly and FAST!! Since you may be dating lets dive into this shall we.

Why it happens?

Just why does long distance relationships fail to work sometimes or why do they even begin to kill true love? Well, you have to agree that being with someone in person and seeing their faces really makes a big huge difference. Alot of couples who are long distance can't just stand being alone and sometimes it hurts so bad that they begin to choose other options such as seeing someone else. Never a good idea!

While its true that these challenges do take place, there is still real reason to believe that things can still work. Love can conquer distance and the thing is, if you truly believe in each other you can still try to fight for your love. Heres some good advice for you, the key to maintaining a strong bond is communication, communication and communication.

Communication beats all odds

You have to communicate and communicate everyday. You see folks, you have emails, you have phones and you have many other form you can use to strengthen the bond. How often should you communicate? Well everyday. Communicate in the morning, afternoon and evening...make sure that your presense is felt even though you are so far away.

Are you thinking about what to talk about? Just talk about anything...Ask each other how the day was, ask yourselves about food, travel, entertainment. Heres some good advice for you, make it interesting, make it easy and fun.

When the time finally comes during the year, you can several times make visitations to each other and make each moment memorable. There is no copy and paste solution to this, but the couple has to pull through this together. Heres some good advice for you, make it happen. All the best!!


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