Sunday, 24 November 2013

We are just friends

Are you really???

You certainly have a friend of the opposite sex whom you interact with alot and you probably have become really fond of each other. People who see you from a distance will conclude that the both of you are only dating however, when you give them a response you always say these words '"we are just friends". Ofcourse that can happen alot but the question you want to be asking yourself whether you two are really just friends. Who are friends anyway and where do we draw the line? Heres some good advice for you, read on folks!!.

Friends vs relationship partners

Alot of times we dont really know where the line should be drawn between just being friends and being in a relationship. However from observations made, being in a relationship should be really obvious in some circumstances. Here's some good advice for you, if you are in a relationship in most cases you are looking forward to one day being together forever. But lets look at 4 distinguishing factors between friends and people in a relationship.

1. How you feel; People who are just friends don't have romantic feelings for each other...people in a relationship usually do. So if you have high strong feelings for somebody and they have it the same for you, then the two of you are not just friends but are in a relationship.

2. Communication; Usually friends communicate alot but it goes the same with people in a relationship. Haven't you ever seen situations where two people in a relationship are also best friends? However, it is also worth mentioning that people in a relationship communicate alot because they want to really get to know each other with a possible future in view.

3. What you talk about; People in a relationship talk about things that are usually different from what normal ordinary friends would talk about. Wanna know? Friends talk about friendly staff while people who are dating usually go a step further. In a relationship what do people talk about? They talk about themselves and the way the feel about each other and when the right time comes, they also discuss about one day getting married.

4. Love and affection; Friends can love each other as friends but people who are dating love each other both as friends but even romantically.

How to graduate from just being friends

Usually when two people are friends, one would expect that over time the bond between the two of you will just grow automatically. Ofcourse it doesn't always happen automatically, but the point is sometimes you just feel within yourselves that you should be more than just friends. Just how should you begin the process? Well, you just need to open up to them.

I mean think of it, you have been communicating alot and you certainly know each other shouldn't be hard to open up. For starters you have to explain how you feel. You need to open up and explain, what is on your mind. Keeping thoughts locked up in your mind can only eat you up inside. Unless there is good reason not to tell the truth, let it all out.

Heres some good advice for you, expect anything. All the best!



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