Saturday, 30 November 2013

How to engage with your audience?

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If you are priviledged to be in the working world, you will know straight away how difficult it can be just to get stuff done. Some people find it so difficult to really be convincing at what they do and what they say. The truth is, sometimes its not really the qualifications you hold in the working world that counts, but its whether you are able to engage with your audience and be convincing. Heres some good advice for you, lets make it happen.

1. Engaging with your boss

Your boss is the most important person you should be pleasing in the working world, take it or leave it. However, lets just say each time after talking with your boss you always get the feeling that he/she just never listens to you. Well, many people these days might feel that way for a number of reasons but heres some good advice for you, sometimes it isn't anything to do with your boss but it may have everything to do with you. Ofcourse we have bosses that are difficult, but the question to you is how do you get around that? By engaging contructively with your boss.

First things first, you want to be able to lay out your points clearly and to the point. You have to be convincing and you have to get them to understand your innermost concerns. Make sure to read between the lines and know when they are in a good mood or not. Know when its the right time to talk and know when they are available to your concerns. One important thing every employee must learn to do if they want to engage with their bosses easily and get to be listened, is if they cultivate a friendship with their bosses. Ofcourse having a sense a humor isn't a bad thing but what your bosses want to see is bright fresh ideas on how to bring the company or organization to its best performance.

2. Engaging with people at a meeting

You may have been assigned a presentation to make at a meeting and you just feel that your audience is intimidating and that you wont get the answers you are really looking for in a discussion with them. Ofourse that can happen to alot of us, but you see when at a meeting the key thing you want to do is make adequate preparations. Making adequate preparations before a meeting is important because when you are prepared then can you participate, then can you be convincing and then can you be engaging.

In a meeting it is vital that your ideas and comments to the other people is valuable and contributes to something. If you are making a presentation, why not pose some questions and see whether those questions can be a starting point for discussions. Remember whatever the case, be friendly at the meeting.

3. Engaging with co-workers

In every organization , you have to realize that you and the rest of the employees are a team. You can't run away from this fact but the truth is no matter how you see things, having a healthy relationship with fellow employees is good. How do you engage with fellow coworkers? Well heres some good advice for you, gossip, backbiting and back stabbing isn't a good thing. As coworkers we have to learn to build each other up by discussing good bright ideas.

Heres some good advice for you, lets make it happen. All the best!!!



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