Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to be more atractive to your fiancee

You are finally approaching that day when the both of you will get married. We both know what that means right? well here's the truth folks, just because somebody is engaged doesn't always mean they will be married...Remember there are no guarantees in life. Here's some good advice for you, you have to continuously be the person your future spouse so desires.

Ways to be more attractive to your fiancee

1. Be yourself; The first thing you have to realize is that whatever it was that made your fiancee fall in love with you, it probably was because of the qualities he/she saw at a glance. Trying to be somebody else may not actually be a good thing. Try by all means to be yourself and act yourself because that's what your fiancee most probably loves most about you.

2. Look good; It is always a good thing to look good and look neat. Why is that important? isn't it obvous? Well another thing you should always remember is that even when you are introduced to other friends or relatives, you want to have a positive and lasting first impression about yourself to others. Looking good doesnt mean that you should look expensive or have the latest fashion, not everyone can afford it but heres some good advice for you.....look the best you can given your personal circumstances.

3. DOnt be mean; You know there are just some couples who are just plain mean. Whichever way you look at it, if you want to remain attractive to your future spouse make sure you dont be mean. Dont say things or do things that are harsh, unconcerned or arrogant. Even after you get married you want to remain gentle and patient. Heres some good advice for you, be sweet.

4. Be creative; Always look for things to do which both of you enjoy most. Things like going out or seeing places. Ofcourse one thing you should never forget to do is communicate. Whether its a long distance relationship or not, you should always keep the lines of communication open and never be afraid to tell the other how you really feel.

Attractiveness that lasts

We may have the looks and we may have the body, but the truth is one quality that will always last is somebody's personality. Beauty and looks always fades but heres some good advice for you, by maintaining your good personality that will take you further in your relationship. Heres some good advice for you, take your personality to a whole different level.

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