Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ending the Suspision

Challenges in every relationship......Trust

Whenever two people are courting or are on their way for a happy Marriage, the road could get very dicey or sophisticated. Trust becomes very difficult at times between two people especially if because of past experience, rumors or anything else sometimes such staff can really create deep suspicion. Heres some good advice for you, a relationship or Marriage filled with suspicion can really drain the happiness from two people. What really creates suspision these days? Heres some good advice for you, read on!!

Situations that always create suspicion

1. Rumors; Its not always the case that rumors are true nor is it always the case that they are not true. But the point is, how do you react to rumors? Most times rumors about a spouse can really destroy a really happy Marriage and create alot of tension.

2. Past experiences; Sometimes we may have gone through past experiences which have shaped our understanding of the world around us. Sometimes we adopt the policy "I can't trust anybody....Including my spouse" While that may be quite genuine, a world without trusting completely nobody is quit dangerous.

3. The Media; Sometimes the news we hear from the media usually shapes our understanding of life in general and because of that, we usually tend to be suspicious about our spouse and family members. Movies we watch and music we listen to could also be a contributer.

How to control a suspicious attitude

Not that having a level of suspicion is bad, the thing is we shouldn't allow it to control our lives. Heres some good advice for you there is need to build trust in your spouse. Couples have different ways of doing that but you can achieve this in your own way. A key note is to talk to your partner if there is something really bothering you or hitting on your chest.

If you have a valid reason to investigate matters then you can do so depending on what you think. However, trust should always be encouraged.

How do you react to rumor? Well there are valide steps you can take to really get things under control. Here they are below;

-Dont quickly believe what you hear
-Verify the source of the information and whether its a trusted source
-Talk to your spouse about it and get their views
-Dont quickly jump into conclusions but if there is valid reason, do a thorough investigation

All the best!!


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