Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Being Jealous of your friend

Trying to find a lasting solution

There are some friends out there who become jealous of their fellow friends not because they want to but because of a number of reasons. Sometimes they can't just stand how successful their fellow friend is while at the same time they hardly get to achieve anything even when they try so hard. Its like their colleague gets to be the best while they on the other hand feel cursed. Ofcourse that can happen to alot of people these days especially in a world were you can't necessarily have everything. If you are that Jealous friend and you dont like what you are feelings, here's some good advice for you, you have to destroy those negative feelings. Lets dive into this interesting topic shall we.

Why friends get Jealous

Most friends get jealous because they just dont understand how on Earth their fellow friend can be getting what they want in life, while they on the other hand are failing. Lets say that two good friends completed high school together in the same year with the same quality of grades. Friend A gets a well paying job and finally manages to buy himself a car while Friend B on the other hand doesn't get a well paying job but finds himself struggling in the streets of the city trying to make ends meet. How do you think Friend B may feel about Friend A? Sometimes, Friend B may get just a little bit Jealous....Maybe even alot.

The danger of Jealousy folks is that if left unchecked can really ruin a good friendship you both had and can lead to even more serious wrongs. Being Jealous does not reflect well on the true meaning of friendship and can bring you more harm than what you think you may be feeling towards your friend. You have to root it out of your chest, you have to destroy it. Just how do you successfully do that? Heres some good advice for you, destroying Jealousy requires you to take action.

Destroying Jealousy for your friend

If you value your friendship so much as you say you do, you have to take immediate action. The first thing you can do is force your self not to be Jealous of your friend. When your friend talks to you remove the negative things that you feel for them and cast them out. Lets look at it this way, suppose a needle accidently pierced your finger, what will you do? You are going to remove it from the depths of your finger no matter how painful it is, you are going to force yourself to do it because you value your body and your life.

Similarly, when you have Jealousy you have to take action and you have to force yourself to destroy that feeling and remove it from your system forever. Another thing that may help is not to focus talking about your friends achievements but talk about other more important things as well. Things that both of you can enjoy without necessarily developing negative feelings. Also learn to accept the situation that your friend has managed to achieve things in life while at the same time realizing that even you have managed to achieve great things in life in a different way.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but whats important is...Atleast you tried. Heres some good advice for you, remove all Jealousy today.


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