Friday, 30 August 2013

Being friends with your Ex

Making peace

Being friends with your Ex isn't really a bad thing because why be enemies. However, friendship between the opposite sex is really a sensitive issue because it almost always leads to one thing. However, making friendship with your Ex is not really about getting back togather, well atleast thats what most people want to believe. We need to realize that some people want to be friends with their Ex just for the sake of being friends while others want to be friends with the aim of getting back together again. Both are not necessarily bad but heres some good advice for you, you can' have it both ways.

Hope of getting back together

Its so much easier if the two of them want to get back together, but if one of them wants to and the other doesn't, then that can get complicated. You see, if you accept to have friendship with your Ex, for whatever reason, you should realize it can go either way. Basically your Ex is a free person and isn't getting any younger...If they tell themselves that they dont want to date you but would rather date someone else and get Married to them in future, don't hold it against them.

However, how can you begin to hint to your Ex that you wan't to get back together? The thing is, you have to tell them how you feel. It all narrows down to letting them know that you wan't to reconcile because you still feel for them. However, when you tell them that, you should realize that might just affect the friendship you worked so hard to build. Heres some good advice for you, the choice is yours.

Being friends as just friends

In my opinion being friends as just friends is always going to lead to something, However lets assume that the boy/girl friendship is just like any other friendship in this world, what can we expect? Well for starters, you have to realize that even though you are just friends, your Ex is free to date whoever he/she wants. So, when you see that happen you shouldn't get jealous. Secondly, you should be a good friend by being a good advisor and not really trying to tailor things for your own advantage.

You should also realize that should your friend decide to get Married, there is a possibility that the both of you will become distant. Heres some good advice for you, let your friend be happy and dont try to interfere in their Marriage.

Sometimes, depending on circumstances, in my opinion it would be wise to think seriously about being just friends with your Ex. Anyway thats just my opinion. All the best!!


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