Saturday, 5 October 2013

Do you feel bad about your looks?

A nightmare that can affect anybody

Sometimes we just look at ourselves and feel that maybe we are not as good as we want to be. Perhaps you would like to have a better appearance in the color of your hair, or your eyes or your body. Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with the idea that we don't look good enough that it just hurts inside. Are you one of those people? well here's some good advice for you, you are not alone. Lets dive into this shall we!

Conquering negative energy

You see, many people struggle to conquer the negative feelings inside because they think they look bad. Some people will tell them so but in other cases, nobody says a single word at all. But whatever the case, it just feels bad and removing that feeling of hurt is a really big challenge. The thing is, what you think of yourself or how others think of you has an impact on your self esteem. But then, what really is the problem? Well there is nothing wrong with having a balanced view of yourself when it comes to your appearance but it is very important that each and every individual exercises caution on the way they view themselves.

You don't want to be overwhelmed by negative feelings. Sometimes you may think you look bad but others may actually feel you look fantastic. There are important things we should do well to remember. There are things you can change about yourself and there are things you will never be able to change. In my opinion I dont recommend plastic surgery unless you have an absolutely good reason for it. But there are things you probably can change about yourself to make you appear better infront of others. Heres some good advice for you, read on!

Things you can change

1. Your personality; Believe it or not, even people who were born beautiful can turn ugly if they are not really happy. So, if most times you are always angry with others and negative, you might just find that your appearance to others will definitely be soiled.

2. Your daily habits; There are some habits that can really make you appear bad instantly or even in the long run. Lets say this for example, some people's cloths are always untidy and they never take time to pay attention to themselves. That can definitely make them appear bad. However such can only be changed if we turn the bad habits we are so used to doing into something good.

3. Some of your looks; If you were so poor at combing your hair, in order to look better start combing your hair properly. If the attire you wear isn't really appealing, start wearing something modest and appealing. In short, make the effort to change looks about yourself that can actually be changed. Ask somebody close for an opinion and work on it if possible.

There is nothing wrong of being conscious about the way you appear. However, lets not easily be too carried away by what we see on T.V, but try to be realistic on what you can change about yourself and what you just can't. Here's some good advice for you, appreciate who you are. All the best!


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