Sunday, 6 October 2013

Asking for a second chance

Not easy at all

Most times we make mistakes in relationships whether big or small that offends someone we care about. However, it is usually the big mistakes that can cost somebody. Why is that the case? Well the truth is, we hurt the feelings of the one person we care about and it is never easy sometimes to be given a second chance from the one we care about. You see, mistakes arent really supposed to happen but the truth is they happen so heres some good advice for you, you can be given a second chance if you only take the following crucial steps.

Steps to being given a second chance

1. Accept your wrong; When you make a mistake it is always important to accept that you erred and that you were responsible for your actions. In short, there is no need in trying to come up with excuses as to why you did it because that will only make it difficult for the other person to forgive you. Ofcourse, you can tactifully reason to the person why and how it happened.

2. Be persistent; Because of the seriousness of the wrong you did, some people will clearly refuse to give you a second chance. Its not that they don't care about you, but the thing is you hurt their feelings so much that they don't really see why they should continue going through the pain. Heres some good advice for you, in order to be given a second chance you have to be persistent. You have to keep on letting them know that you need them in your life and that you didn't mean to hurt them...Even if they push you away.

3. Get some help; There is nothing wrong in having a close friend or relative talk with the person whom you offended. They may be able to help you save your relationship and you might be surprised at how much of an influence they can have on the person you care about than you thought.

4. Patience; Sometimes after putting so much effort you soon realize that things are just not working at all. Well heres some good advice for you, you need to cultivate patience. Sometimes allowing a bit of time to pass may give the offended person time to think and reflect whether there is any possibility for the two of you again. During that time they try to establish whether you have really changed or whether you really mean what you said. Patiently allowing them to think matters through will show that you have their interests at heart too.

When not given a second chance

If by some reason you are not given a second chance, then that can be a sad thing. However, remember not to hold it against the offended person because they obviously had their reasons. Heres some good advice for you, use that experience to learn about where you should have done better and what you can do to improve. Dont lose heart, all the best!!


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