Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Distractions that can hinder your progress

Making progress at Work and with Family

Making reasonable progress at work and with the way we interact with our families is a good thing. What kind of progress are we talking about? Well, when it comes to work life, we are talking about progress made in the way you handle work responsibilities. Do you effectively do your work assignments properly? do you meet deadlines? do you get it right? e.t.c And when we talk about progress made in the family, we are talking about being with your family and enjoying quality family time. Both Work and Family are areas if left unchecked can possibly impact on your life in a way. What kind of distractions can hinder you from making any progress in these two areas, here's some good advice for you...READ ON!!

Some common distraction

1. Television; Although this is usually found in the home you may find it to be a distraction even at the place of work. Ofcourse the television offers a wide array of information which can be really enticing at times. But being the distraction that it is, you may just find out that valuable time you should have spent on work or with family is invested so much on the Television.

2. Internet; The world of cyberspace is just so exciting sometimes. However, so much time spent on the internet whether through our phones or by use of the computer have robbed family time as well as time which should have been invested in work.

3. Personal problems; We go through alot of problems today don't we? However, most of the time we spend alot of time trying to solve problems in our head which just acts as a distraction in making progress in our family lives as well as at the place of work

4. Hobbies; There is obviously some hobbies that you really love to do right? however, those hobbies can actually be a distraction if left unchecked. They can actually rob you of spending time making progress at work or with family.

If you have noticed from these four distractions what exactly is the common feature in all? well its time. The thing is, we all need time and effort to really make progress. Unfortunately time is not a luxury and no matter what we do, time will always be limiting. Heres some good advice for you, we should learn to manage our time wisely.

The principle is to plan our day effectively and efficiently not allowing for any distraction to hinder us from making the much needed progress. By doing so we will derive maximum benefit. All the best!!


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