Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Your friend is being cheated on

To tell or not to tell?

The world we live in is just filled with cheating in relationships. Ofcourse, thats the kind of world we live in and that's the way it has been for a long time. However, the worst can happen if you are the victim yourself right? Well heres another one, what if you found out that your best friend is being cheated on and you actually were an eye witness to the cheating...what do you do??? Well heres some good advice for you, its never easy. READ ONNNN!!!

A friendship that can be strengthened or destroyed

The difficult thing here is, whether to tell your friend or not about what is happening behind their back. Ofcourse what comes into your mind is whether they will believe you or not, or whether they will think you are trying to wreck their relationship for whatever reason. It even gets dicear if the cheater actually knows that you found out.

Well heres some good  advice for you, whatever the situation you have to act with discretion. The mere fact that you know about your best friend problems gets you automatically involved. However, whichever way you look at it, sometimes a friendship can be strengthened or even destroyed just because the truth was revealed. So what should you do in such a situation? Well heres some good advice for you, you have to think things through really carefully.

What can result when you reveal the truth

You would be doing your friend a really big favor which one day they may come to thank you for. Just imagine if you had been in their shoes, wouldn't you like your best friend telling you the truth? Ofcourse it's never, but the good news is, when somebody in any relationship cheats it could signal the following things namely;

1. They are of bad character; It could be your best friend is dating the wrong kind of person and now is the time for them to wake up to reality and take corrective measures.

2. The relationship has had serious problems; When somebody cheats it could be there are problems in the relationship that perhaps your best friend didn't even really know were so serious. Cheating is never justified for whatever reason, but that can really act as a wake up call to him/her that something isn't right.

3. There are serious questions that need answers to; You know sometimes we are blinded by love that we really fail to see what is really standing right in front of us. Sometimes we should have answered important questions but we deliberately chose to ignore them. This provides and opportunity to answer them folks.

Ofcourse in worst case scenarios the friendship you once shared with your best friend could be ruined but if they really get to put themselves in your shoes, they will understand eventually what you were going through. Whatever the outcome, heres some good advice for you, you did the best you could. Take care!!




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