Friday, 2 August 2013

Freindship with someone older

Something you should definitely consider

Most times when we are choosing friends we usually like to have people who are of our same age group and for obvious reasons. There really isn't anything wrong with having friends of your own age group but then, you can also consider also making friends who are older than you too. This Advice Blog isn't just talking about a few years older, but here we are probably looking at the possibility of having a friend who is even 25 to 50 years older than yourself. You may be asking "Now why would I even want to do that?" Here is some good advice for you, there are so many benefits. Lets dive into this further shall we.

Friendship with the older generation

There are benefits you can derive from cultivating a friendship with someone older than yourself. First of all you must realize that whichever age a friend is, basically a friend should be someone whom you have something in common and doesn't instill in you badness. This is a topic on its own though, however as earlier mentioned you can derive so many benefits. Lets look at 3 benefits of having such a friendship.

1. Experience; There are usually a tone of experiences that an older person has gone through in life which you may be experiencing already. They will definitely offer you practical suggestions which could help you pass through the experience with success.

2. Maturity; Obviously because of their vast experiences in life and personal growth they are definitely mature in the way they handle situations in life and other people.

3. Great Advisers; They will always have something to advise you on because of the knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Something you can take advantage of.

However, every situation is unique and even the benefits listed above shouldn't always be taken as gospel truth. However, here's some good advice for you why not give it a try. Don't be cheated, old people are not totally old fashioned...they can actually add real value to your lives.

Who can be your Older Friend?

In my opinion, you can start with even your own relatives like your grandfather or grandmother. However, even some people or neighbors you regularly meet at social gatherings can be your friends. There are many ways to initiate such a friendship but like all friendships it all begins by initiating some form of interest. Maybe a question about something you are not clear about. Usually the older folks have a lot to say about almost everything and are willing to give you good advice or sound advice. But remember, every situation will be unique. There are some older people who give bad advice you know. So, always be careful and try to come up with your own good conclusion. Good advice!


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