Monday, 23 September 2013

when should you give up the chase?

Warning signs you shouldn't ignore

Alright, you like somebody and you definitely want to begin dating. However, we all know that you can either be successful or can be unsuccessful. One thing for sure, there are always signs before hand that tell you whether you will be successful or not. These are warning signs you should never ever ignore. Here's some good advice for you,  you can save yourself the embarrassment if only you considered the signs.

Warning signs you wont be successful

1. Reply to messages; When there is somebody you like, it definitely hurts if they cannot respond to your messages. However, that shouldn't surprise you if there answer is NO. The thing is, some people have different ways of rejecting any more advances, some of which includes not responding to messages.

2. No saying Hi anymore; lets say you used to say hi but after you opened up about how you feel, they stop saying hi to you. While it may not always  be true that they have rejected to you, you have to consider the possibilities. The thing is, by not saying hi to you or suddenly ignoring you they are trying to push you away.

3. They tell you; If somebody tells you they are not interested it doesn't always mean that they are not actually interested, but sometimes it does. The point is for you to know whether they are serious or not.

Handling a rejection

Handling a rejection is not always easy especially if you were sure that things may work. But that isn't the end of the world because the next time you will certainly be successful. All the best.


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