Monday, 5 August 2013

10 Things why couples break up

Understanding Break Ups

Breaking is the most horrible time for any couple in the face of this planet. There is no doubt that whenever two people on the verge to marriage get together, the last thing on the back of their minds is to experience a break-up. You want to know the truth folks? There are 10 common things that lead to break ups. Take my good advice and read the following pointers below.

10 things that lead to break-ups

1. A Broken Heart; This reason usually tops the list of the over many reasons people actually break up..Disappointment and broken heart. Sometimes when people are dating and heading towards that wonderful time when they can actually exchange marriage vows, they go through problems. Because nobody is perfect, one of them makes a huge mistake which breaks the heart of the other hence leading to a breakup. Here's some good advice for you, don't break your friends or fiancees heart...Atleast not on purpose.

2. Incompatibility; Each and every human being is different whichever way you look at it. Everybody has their own share of experiences, desires and memories which actually makes them who they are today. When two people get together, it is often these days that the couple just cannot agree on important issues. The constant fighting and quarreling ends two love birds on their way to marriage breaking up. Here's some good advice for you, yield.

3. Unfulfilled Expectations; Before two people decide to walk the path of romance and joyful feeling, they usually have a list of expectations. Everybody does including yourself. It isn't such a bad thing to want to have expectations but it does matter to what extent. Heres some good advice, being too ambitous in your list of expectations can lead to breakups.

4. Communication; Some couples who are courting are not communicating as often as they should. The situation becomes a whole lot worse if both individuals are separated from each other by distance giving them a kind of reluctance sometimes to pick up the phone or send a text. Lack of communication can create a void which can eventually lead to a break up. Here's some good advice, communicate often.

5. Misplaced Commitment; Some people enter romance not because they actually want to have anything serious. Usually they know deep inside that this relationship will not take them anywhere. Heres some good advice for you, don't toy with other peoples hearts.

6. Memories from the Past; You wont believe this but sometimes people break up because of things that they did in the past which has come to haunt them in the present. Because of that feeling of worthlessness or betrayal, they feeling of worthlessness or betrayal, they feel they cant just measure up to anybody. Heres some good advice for you, forget the past and move on.

7. Family Pressure; There are times when the person you are courting is being pressured by the family not to go out with you because of certain reasons, good or bad. However, depending on the situation and circumstances some people give into the advice and then end a relationship with no questions asked.

8. False Accusation; Unconfirmed rumors about the person you love can really hammer hard on your relationship if you are not careful. The last thing you want to hear is negative news about the person you are dating. Because some couples just can't handle the rumors properly, the relationship ends in a breakup. Heres some advice, confirm the rumors then talk.

9. Trust; Trust is so important that every relationship needs it. No trust No gain. Lack of trust usually leads to a breakup. Heres some good advice, build your trust.

10. Careers and Financial Barriers; Sometimes status and power can seriously get in the way of true love. It may sound crazy but its true. To some people, Courting somebody without a good career or money in the pocket can affect any kind of love in them.

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