Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Mobile Phone and tension in Marriage

Why is it such a concern?

The Mobile Phone wherever you go around the world is a very useful tool when communicating with others in the world around us. Over the years we have seen the Mobile Phone evolve to a device that is not just used for communicating alone but also for planning your day using calenders, viewing information on the internet and also other fun staff. In recent times the phone has actually brought tension to a Marriage.

How the Mobile Phone brings tension?

In some cases the phone has brought tension to a happy marriage. Sometimes it isn't about the phone but about what a Marriage mate is really thinking about at the back of their heads when they see their spouse's phone ringing especially when it is during late hours of the day they get suspicious. If the Marriage mate is spending so much time on the phone which could have been used for recreation with the spouse, that can also create jelousy. Heres some good advice for you, read more about this below.

1. The Mind of the Spouse; As earlier mentioned, when the phone rings in the middle of the night sometimes the marriage mate may get suspicious. Now depending on the level of trust between the couple usually more suspicion is created if one of the two doesn't openly reveal who actually called. In the Mind of the Spouse, it looks like he/she is having an affair. As soon as that thought enters the mind of the spouse, then tension will build in the marriage bed.

2. Time Stolen; If a marriage mate is always on his phone even when he/she shouldn't be, then this can create jealousy and tension within the family. Why so? because it is felt that the phone is stealing valuable time which could have been used for recreation purposes.

3. Handling his/her Handset; Some marriage mates detest the idea that their spouse should handle their handset with or without their permission. Because of the personal stuff on the phone, some secrets of Marriage mates have been exposed resulting in very, very serious tension between the two.

Good advice to keep it in its proper place

Having a phone in itself is not a bad thing at all because we need to communicate. However how do you keep the phone in its proper place when you are with your marriage mate.

1. Switch off the phone at late hours or put on silence
2. Don't substitute quality time with your spouse for phone time
3. Don't be easily offended if your spouse raises a concern over your phone usage
4. Respect your spouse's privacy when it comes to phone usage and also build trust between each other. (however don't hide secrets)



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