Sunday, 4 August 2013

What really is the Perfect Family?

Is the ideal Family just a Dream?

The family unit in society constitutes a very important component wherever you go. This is because from the family you produce responsible adults and it is from the family you actually get to see growth in population and also value. Often times it really isn't easy to preserve the family unity because of quit a number of things and one of them being divorce. Divorce can be a really bad thing that can hit any family in this world today. However, when two people get married the first thing on the back of their minds is to have an ideal family that is generally the kind you read in books, watch on T.V or hear from others. A family where everybody is happy, where everybody's needs and wants are generally satisfied. But what do you think? is this really happening? In my opinion, it really leaves much to be desired. However, lets dig dipper and try to understand whether having the Perfect Family is really just a dream or can actually happen. Here's some good advice, it all depends.

What really is the ideal Family?

The ideal family is really the type of family were everybody is happy. Everybody from the man of the house to the little children that play around. There are some important things that make every family happy and these are the following namely;

1. Love; This is the most important ingredient to an ideal family because when you have a home with so much love in it, you will find that everything just seems to fall into place. Love is like Pretty Flowers that needs to blossom forth. But love between whom? Love between everybody in the home!

2. Understanding; Every member of the family has to really understand each and every member whom you are sharing under the same roof with. Husband needs to understand the wife and parents need to understand their children. Understanding each other means really getting to know a persons way of behavior, why they behave a certain way and what you usually do to help. What are their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Generosity; Every family member has to be able to be generous. And when this advice blog talks about being generous we are not just talking about giving or sharing tangible items but here we are also talking about sharing of somebody's time. If you are parents, how much time do you spend with your children?

4. Access to Services; Every family to be happy needs access to all the necessary services that will give them a measure of security. They need access to health care, education, water, housing and all the other staff.

5. The third most important person; This you have to find out for yourself!

Why Many Families Fail

Basically family these days fail to stick together because they don't really follow some of these important points mentioned in the preceding. For instance lets talk about generosity, parents are too busy trying to make ends meet that they rarely have time for their dear children. Parents, children need you more than you think and if you are rarely available, you will find that your child may grow up to be rebellious and reserved more than what you really expected to see. Your children need love and care and you must be able to render effective discipline if need arises. Here's some good advice for you, be generous with your time by spending quality time with your children. Quality time....It has to be meaningful and your children have to learn something valuable at the end of the day.

Good Advice to have the Perfect Family

In reality there is no perfect family because no one in this entire world is perfect, however there are steps that could be taken to have a family that is filled with warmth and fellow feeling. Here are some important tips;

1. Learn to spend some quality time together
2. Learn to freely express yourself when something isn't right or could be better. Don't easily water down anybody's opinion
3. Learn to Love and Respect each member of the family.


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