Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ever thought about Plastic Surgery?

Whats your Opinion?

The world as we know it today places high respect on the young, beautiful and attractive looking people. Everybody wants to look good which isn't wrong in itself and as you walk the streets, read any newspaper or watch T.V, so much is being advertised on how to look your best. Most celebrities these days have undergone a plastic surgery in one time or another and it seems that the trend is likely to keep on growing. It was reported that Americans spent over $ 1.4 billion just on face lift and eyelids last year. There was a study conducted that actually shows that Plastic Surgery wont make you more attractive...OUCH!! For more information Read This. In my opinion, if this study was true as they say it was, I also have to ask whether having a plastic surgery is actually worth it? Here's some good advice for you, in my opinion it depends what you are really looking for. Read on folks and find some answers.

Is Plastic Surgery really Worth it?

Most people do plastic surgery because they want to look young and beautiful. Remember, the beauty industry and the world alike is promoting beauty like never before in the history of this world. There is so much money being spent and generated all through plastic surgery. Well, there isn't anything wrong with having a healthy measure of trying to look more beautiful but is there really a need to alter your natural looks just to look more attractive. Well in my opinion, that's a decision subject to an individual but I will tell you a couple of things when plastic surgery can be bad in my opinion.

1. If you alter everything; Plastic surgery in my opinion should be about correcting a defect, improving your looks and making you look reasonably younger. However, if you want to change everything on your face when your natural look isn't all that bad, then it just seems you don't appreciate what you have. That is just wrong.

2. If it drains your finances; You know if you are going to drain all your hard earned savings dry all on a surgery which will probably not give you the lasting satisfaction you are looking for, then there may be need to think twice. Here's some good advice for you, try keeping all your savings.

3. If you want to be someone else; You know some people do plastic surgery because they want to look like somebody they have seen on T.V. That just doesn't seem right.

Things Plastic Surgery will never do for you

Plastic surgery is good and in my opinion its really a personal choice. Before you undertake any plastic surgery it is always important to do a lot of reading and alot of consultations with doctors just to verify that there are no health risks. But you should also remember that plastic surgery will never do the following namely;

1. Reverse aging; You know you may enjoy a measure of youthful looks but unfortunately plastic surgery will never reverse the sad occurrences of aging. We are all going to grow old and die and no matter what you do it is just irreversible.

2. Improve Personality's; Plastic Surgery may improve your looks but won't improve your personality. You see in this world today, there is so much attention on the outward appearance without drawing attention to a very vital component which is the inner beauty. In my opinion, it is important for everybody to work on their inner beauty and personality as well.



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