Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Boyfriend who suddenly begins to change

How to React

When you notice that your boyfriend is suddenly changing in the way he treats you, it can be a really big concern because this is somebody you are considering of one day spending the rest of your life with. How he treats you really matters no matter what others may tell you. It is important to take action but you should also know that how you react can either solve the problem or aggravate it. Here is some good advice for you, don't aggravate the problem. Here are some relationship questions for you 1) What changes have you noticed in your boyfriend? 2) Why have they occured and 3) What can you do to change them? Follow through this advice blog as it enlightens you further on what this situation could mean to you.

Boyfriend is no longer acting the same way

This has happened quit a number of times to couples in a relationship where the guy suddenly or over some time starts behaving or acting differently. What are some of the common things that changes in a boyfriend?

1. Communication Slows Down; Your boyfriend may not communicate as regularly as he used to and this can pose a real problem because the first question that comes into your mind is why?

2. He becomes Moody and Argumentative; Some guys suddenly turn into moody people when they suddenly change and especially when they are around their girlfriends. And then you start to wonder why?

3. He rarely has time for you; Your boyfriend may have been eager to spend quality time with you and then all of a sudden he isn't eager anymore and most times he just isn't available. And then you start to wonder why?

Good advice to handle such a situation

A sudden change in a boyfriends character obviously didnt happen over night and there may be a valid or invalid reason why this is happening. You are definitely going to get a lot of advice from people telling you what they think could be the problem. But don't quickly run to the idea that his cheating on you because quite frankly it isn't always the case and it shouldn't always be the case. Here are some questions you will do well to ask;

1. Why the sudden change? Could it be that his going through a situation in life that he hasn't yet shared with you? Could it be his lost interest in you (If yes then why?),  Is pressure mounting on him at work or home?

2. Have close family and friends noticed this change too? Sometimes friends or his family members may know something that you don't which could actually help you know more details about what is actually transpiring. Remember, concluding that his cheating on you should be the last thing and not the first thing on your mind.

3. Is he willing to talk about it? If you have noticed a problem in your boyfriend then you should be willing to share your thoughts on the matter to him and not really jump into conclusions. Give him a chance to explain himself (that's if he is willing to explain himself to you). If he isn't, then there is valid reason to be suspicious.

When you notice a change in your boyfriend you want to establish the real reason and he has to be able to tell you. But here's some good advice for you, don't immediately jump into conclusions. More on this will be discussed in later articles but in mean time, keep safe.


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