Saturday, 3 August 2013

Anger and You

Controlling the boiling anger in You

Anger is one emotion that is really hard to understand sometimes because people these days just get angry even because of the most simplest of things. You know one person had to burst into so much anger and flare simply because somebody else had accidentally bumped into him. The world we live in today is just filled with anger and this is seen in homes, work, restaurants...Oh and not forgetting YOU and Me. Atleast sometimes. But here is some good advice for everyone, to beat anger we just have to learn to control it. But then, what is anger? and why do people get angry anyway?

Causes of Anger

People get angry for a variety of reasons and it is no wonder that most times, anger just creeps in like a theif and before you know it people begin argueing. Lets look at some of the causes of anger this time around in this world,

1. Injustice;  Injustice today is the number 1 reason why so many people get angry. When somebody goes through a situation in life where they felt they were unfairly treated, such thoughts just leads to boiling anger.

2. Clashes in Personalities; Every body has their own story to tell and own story to write. Because everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences, there is likely going to be arguments and clashes between people which only leads more boiling anger.

3. Entertainment; Usually people who are inclined to entertainment that promotes anger and violence will also be shaped in that part of the emotional aspect as well.

Good Advice to controlling your Anger

Anger is not such a good thing because all too often people who become angry end up doing things that they  later come to regret. It is important to control your anger at all costs because your future may depend on it. Here is some good advice to learn to control your anger;

1. Be Patient; When somebody says something mean to you or does something bad, your blood definitely begins to boil. That is completely normal however, that doesnt mean that it shouldn't be ignored. As a rule of thumb, instead of replying back to the offender immediately why not hold yourself for 10 seconds then see the results. In short, don't be too quick  to retaliate but take a very deep breath and then act in a calm and respectful way. Some good advice, Just walk away.

2. Think about the Consequences; Most of the times when we are boiling with anger, we aren't thinking straight. It is important to get in touch with yourself and think about the sad consequences should you over-react due to anger. Usually the consequences of anger are bad.

3. Keep yourself preoccupied; You may have gone through an injustice that keeps eating you up each and every day. It could be really hard getting yourself to forget what you went through and nobody can blame you for that. It is however time to open a new chapter in your life and begin preoccupying yourself with something new that can get you to forget everything that caused you pain. It isn't easy but it is worth a try.

4. Forgiveness; Perhaps not a desirable word for many but think of forgiveness as simply throwing away a heavy load you were carrying in your heart into the vast masses of the pacific ocean.

5. Share your feelings with somebody; By letting your steam out to someone who can sympathize with your problem, you will be taking the necessary steps to calm yourself.

There are eventually health issues that can develop as a result of keeping anger in your chest for a prolonged period of time. So, it is always important to control your anger and live a happy life. Hope this good advice helped!


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