Friday, 2 August 2013

A Memorable Wedding Anniversery

Some Good Advice for Newly Weds

If you recently got married, you may definitely feel on-top of the world after achieving your long awaited dream. Yes, finding that wonderful marriage mate you spent so many years looking for has suddenly paid off. Watching a grand Union like this and seeing your love blossom like pretty flowers is really exciting indeed. But the sad news is that sometimes happy couples these don't really last and before you know it, there is the most undesired word called divorce that comes knocking on their door. However, you will be pleased to know that some couples have survived many good years of marriage like the couple who are celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary...WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT! for more details see this link 56th Anniversary. Here is some Good Advice for Newly weds, if you want your marriage to be really meaningful, in my opinion try being together for over 50 years WOW!! But then, what does it really mean to be together for that long?

Being with your Marriage Mate for over 50 years

You know originally being married to someone for over 50 years wasn't a big deal because Marriage if you come to think of it is supposed to be everlasting. However, in this present day world divorce rates are really, really high. In my opinion I don't need to share the statistics with you because you can just google on the internet. But then, what does it really mean to spend over fifty years with your partner and still Love each other, sounds wierd huh?

1. A forgiving heart; Over those 50 years there are obviously going to be alot of quarrels, misunderstandings and differences. Alot of mistakes made over the years will also be present as well. But being together for that long will require two people that freely forgive.

2. Endurance; 50 years of marriage to only one person really calls for great endurance indeed. Temptations run high to make wrong decisions, but sticking to only one partner really calls for self discipline and endurance. 50 years is really a long time indeed!

3. Love; There is no doubt that Love is the most important ingredient for marriages that last over 50 years. Some people confuse Love with Passion. Here is the Good Advice folks, love is actually more important than passion.

What will you do?

There are definitely many out there who would have wanted to be married for over 50 years but because of some circumstances beyond their control things just couldn't work. However, if you are still nursing your wounds and trying to get your life back on track here is some Good Advice for you, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you are lucky to have been married for over 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 years you can feel free to share your comments and greatest moments you have had being married for such a long time. All the best!!


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