Thursday, 1 August 2013

Being Self Motivated and Positive

What Motivates You?

What really motivates you? Is it your looks, what you have or what you know you can get? Is it your background and past achievements? Many questions but maybe few answers. The truth is, many people have a list of things that's motivates them as individuals which they either know or do not know. It is always important for people to think positive. Why is that important? the truth is that if you think positive about yourself and the world around you then can you have the drive to actually fight to victory. Here are some self motivational questions for you 1) What motivates you? and 2) What can you actually do to improve your positivity? In my opinion you should tune into some good and sound advice.

Think Positive and Act Positive

Being positive is a good thing and you know why? well isn't it obvious, you want to have the drive and motivation to make things right. Here is some good and sound advice for you, nomatter what kind of problem you may have gone though or whatever it is really eating you up which is preventing you from making that step forward, you can still make it right. Remember that life will not always be perfect, but you can atleast try to make things right. You have to think positive and act positive. Here is some good and sound advice on three areas you can actually learn to think and act positive.

Three areas you can learn to be positive

1) In the way you think of yourself; For whatever reasons, some people just don't feel good about themselves. Sad isn't it? Well it could be because of past experiences in life, maybe what negative things people said or because of past failures and stuff like these. If you are one of those people you have to realize that the load you are carrying each and everyday is a heavy one and you have to throw it away. You have to begin to feel good about yourself. You have to act now. Here is some good advice for you, start by choosing the right friends. Choose friends who look at life in a postive way and who will also look at you in a positive way as well. Dont waste your time with people who are always negative. Also, try to preoccupy yourself with activities that will get your mind off negative thoughts such as your career, hobbies you love and even taking time out on a vacation. Think Positive and act positive by taking practical steps.

2) In the way you handle lifes challenges; Life is just filled with challenges and we all know that don't we? But here is some good advice for you, Just because you failed to achieve your goals doesn't mean you are an absolute failure. You have to keep trying and trying and trying. Remember, realistic and achievable goals are really the  best goals to aim for. However, when setting goals in life make sure it doesn't affect your time with your family, friends, special loved ones and perhaps a more special relationship which you may have with somebody. There are things worth fighting for but not all of them are worth it. The good advice is this, when you fail or go through challenges always get up and start again. Don't give up!

3) In the way you handle criticism; People will always have something to say whether good or bad. That's just how people are. However, you have to admit that some criticism is good for you. So what is the principle here, when you are criticized don't always take it personal or think so negative about everything but fine tune your mind to learn from what others have to say. We are not saying that you have to surrender your principles or morals..NO, NO, NO. But the point is, you want to turn something that was seemingly negative into positive.



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