Thursday, 1 August 2013

Proposing to your Husband to be

Women actually proposing?

Finding somebody to be with and eventually get married to is almost everybody's dream. It is a well known fact that guys have to go through the trouble of actually making the first step of initiating an actual marriage. But did you know that women could do it to? Well according to whats on the ground, in my opinion there isn't anything wrong for a woman to make a proposal to a man....especially if they love each other. But in most cases a man will take the first step in initiating a proposal for marriage but it can go the opposite way as well. Now, depending on culture or the society you come from, a woman taking the first step could be met with mixed feelings. Here are some relationship questions for you 1) Is it wrong for a woman to make a proposal to her man? and 2) How should she actually do it? Lets tune in to some really good advice and sound advice.

Proposing to the husband to be, Good or Bad?

The best advice for you if at all you are in these shoes is this, in my opinion it isn't wrong at all. However, usually the society and culture that you live in will usually have a real hold on what you can and cannot do. But here is the news, marriage and love is like a pretty flower that is blossoming and why should you miss the opportunity to be happy? Proposing to your husband to be doesn't show that you are desperate as some may say but on the contrary it shows that you are serious about starting a family, blossoming your love like a pretty flower and growing old together. If the guy isn't serious about love then that's his problem. 

Good advice on how to Propose to your Man

Here is some good and sound advice on how to propose to your man if you are a lady reading this post and you feel that you want to really blossom your love. First things first in whichever part of the world you are living in, it wouldn't hurt to seek good advice from close experienced family members or very trusted friends who understand issues like these very well. Why is that important? well because circumstances vary from place to place and situations are unique. So, the way you see things as a young lady may not exactly be the way a more experienced and older woman sees things. Remember that good advice is usually hard to find and is usually not the most desired.

Secondly, you want to prepare yourself for possibilities of not getting the answer you are looking for. Sounds funny right? but it is true. When it comes to a lady proposing to a guy we are not really saying that you have to out rightly ask this "Frank, Would you Marry Me?" NOT EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SAYING. However, as a lady you are really trying to establish whether your man sees any future for the two of you. If you want, you can still go straight out and ask him but in my opinion you will still survive by simply asking him these following questions;

1) Frank where do you see the two of us 2 years from now?
2) Frank, we have been dating for over 2 years and I want to know what next for the two of us?
3) Frank, do you ever think of having children one day, do you ever think of marriage? (Only use this one when the first two have failed).
4) Frank do you really love me? (wait for response) What about Marriage?

If your man is serious enough then he will definitely see that a proposal has been made. Now, since it is a well known fact that the man has to get on his knees to pop the question, he will definitely take that step at some point. Hope this good advice actually helps.



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