Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Benefits of Being Yourself

What it means to be Yourself

Whenever you hear this phrase "Be Yourself" what exactly are we talking about here? You see, being yourself is all about being you and appreciating your uniquness even when others in the world around us may seemingly have better qualities and attributes that we so desire. Here's some good advice for you, being yourself is always going to be the best option for you where ever you may go. However here are some self development questions I have for you 1) Why do people shun being thereself and 2) What are the benefits of being yourself? Continue reading this advice blog.

Why some people shun the idea

Many people in this world today shun the idea of being themselves because of a number of reasons some of them can be controlled while others can't. However, some of the common reasons why people shun the idea of being themselves are the following namely;

1. Society wont let them; The society we live in is always dictating what we should be or shouldn't be. Ofcourse this trait of society is a good thing especially if its trying to instill in people the need to be good, responsible, reasonable, lawful, friendly and hardworking citizens, that's a good thing. However, sometime society may go too far in defining what you should be and what you shouldn't. For example, is it really wrong for somebody to be single for a while until they find the right person in their lives? Well some places will call such a person as being self centered, greedy and out of this world especially if she's a woman. Heres some good advice to single ladies, if you are not ready for a relationship anytime soon there is nothing wrong with that.

2. Their Peers; Peer pressure can be really high and because of that many who desire to be themselves fail because of that desire to be accepted by others especially their peers. Take for example, if your peers all go for a beer immediately after work, it can be really hard not to drink eventually. Because you feel like an outcast you will eventually join the fold. Heres some good advice for you, if you don't like the idea just don't force yourself.

Benefits of being yourself

The benefits of being yourself are many. Please take note that as long as being yourself instills in you good, responsible, reasonable, lawful, friendly and hardworking attributes then whats wrong with it? There are many benefits of being yourself namely;

You wont feel like you have been forced to be like others
You will have a freer mind
You will definitely be somebody you enjoy being
You wont have to be constantly checking whether you have got it right or not
Your good qualities will probably attract others to you.

Ofcourse being yourself doesn't mean that there still isn't any need for improvement in your personality or the way you relate with others. Here's some good advice for you, being yourself may make you happier. Continue reading this advice blog folks.



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