Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Healing old wounds

Healing your Inner Wounds

Everybody goes through heart break and injury of the heart at least once in their lives. It could be because you were disappointed, betrayed or even mislead. The thoughts of those moments constantly being replayed in your mind just makes it worse each time you try to forget. Your chest begins to feel hot or warm because the pain is just too much to bare. You know, you are not alone when it comes to healing old wounds from the past but it is just so sad that many these days actually fail to move on. It is obvious that some memories may be easy to forget while others take a lot of time. Here's some good and sound advice for you if you are going through this same problem, you can heal those dip wounds.

Why so difficult?

It is so difficult to heal old wounds because the truth is everybody is human and have their own emotional deposition which is each unique. When we go through a horror in life at whichever time or place, that incident leaves a lasting impression in our memories which also triggers alot of emotional inclinations such as sadness, anger or even bitterness. All these emotional tendencies are all not healthy and can even lead to health problems in the future which may even be serious. For some reason, some people find it hard to forget while others find it a little bit easier depending on their unique situations in life. There is no text book way to forget whatever bad things happened in our lives, but its important we at least make an effort. Different situations in life affect people differently but there is still a way to get out of that sorrowful world of hatred, misery, sadness and anger. How so? try this good advice below.

1. Share the problem; There are people in your family that can sympathize with your problems. Get it all out and even cry if you have to because the truth is the load is too heavy.

2. Preoccupy yourself; Keep yourself busy with activities which you really enjoy alot. These activities could be jogging, taking walks, doing sports e.t.c The point is, you want to forget the bad memories that are constantly being replayed in your mind.

3. Dont isolate yourself; It is always good to be around your friends and family as often as you can. You don't want to walk that journey alone and begin feeling sorry for yourself but you want to enjoy association with people that will encourage you.

If somebody Offended you

This advice blog doesn't talk of offenses that are against the law, however we are talking about offenses that really impacted on you really heavily. For instance, such which include somebody's betrayal. When somebody offends you whether its serious or not, the point is that you have been emotionally affected. Here's some good advice for you, it is possible to forget such an offense.

One thing you should always remember is that some people don't deliberately try to do a wrong deed but it just happens because of certain circumstances. Reasoning in those lines wont take away the pain but at least it is one step closer to resolving the issue. If it is possible, you can try to speak with the offender...That's if it is possible to resolve the problem that way after considering your unique situation. Ofcourse it is always important for the offender to apologize, but if he/she doesn't you should just try to move on and forget about it. Holding it in can just stress you. Anyway, please note that if you need any help you can always write to advicealexander@gmail.com. And this is free advice on anything in your heart.


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