Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Instilling good qualities in your children

The Challenge of Parenting

If you are a newly wed or are young parents you will agree that the process of raising children is never an easy task....AT ALLLL!! You know the real problems that goes with raising children has to do mainly with a mouthful of staff. In this world today as parents, you have a career to protect, dippers to change, kids to take to school, spouses to take care of and bills to pay. The list can go on and on but the point is, raising children isn't easy. Just what is the problem? here is some good advice, if you really want your children to grow up to responsible adults there is a whole lot of tasks to be done. Besides you should know this better than I do, you re the parent.

Taking care of your children's needs

When children are growing up there is a whole lot of positive and negative things they are exposed to and that's a fact. Not everything in this world is bad and not everything in this world is good either, however to a child they just collect anything that comes. As a parent if you are providing all the needs to your child such as food, shelter, water, clothing e.t.c you are doing a great job but the truth is, more is needed. Children are exposed to so many things and you as a parent have to be able to instil in your child good qualities. Every parent wants to see their child grow up to responsible adults who will add value to both themselves and possibly others.

One thing that parents fail to realize as they raise their little ones is that children are good or even execellent observers. If you are going to tell your child that shouting at people is wrong and yet you are actually one person in the home who shouts at his wife or her husband, a child will easily collect that and say that "Okay, so its okay to have double standards" Ofcourse there is no perfect parent in this globe but here's some good advice for you, lead by example.

Children need time to be with, time to play with, time to ask questions and answer questions and time to be loved. There are alot of stuff that children see either at school, in their neighborhood or even at home alone which they need answers to...You as a parent have to answer their questions. If you are never available to answer their important questions, they might just end up receiving those answers from some other people who do not have their best interest at heart. Here's some good advice for you, be there for your children always.

Qualities Children should always have

Children need to be able to learn that the world around them isn't a safe or friendly place. They need to be taught to respect grown ups. Apart from that they need to be taught how to be responsible for their actions and how to settle problems with friends at school or even in the neighborhood. Its always important to remind them how bad fighting is and that it has not really solved anything except cause more pain and suffering. Children should also be taught how to treat the opposite sex and the dos and dont's when around them. You want to discipline them only when it is necessary. Never forgetting instilling into them the warm quality of LOve.

All the best in your parenting


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