Wednesday, 7 August 2013

5 Ways to Maintaing a Good Conversation

Good Conversations Matter

Whenever you have an opportunity to converse with anybody in your social circles it can be really hard to maintain a conversation. Why is that a problem for some people? Well, it could be due to a combination of things some of which you don't want to hear about. But the thing is, whenever you find it hard to maintain a good conversation especially with somebody you like it can really feel frustrating especially if you are going to be labelled as somebody really boring afterwards. Here's some good advice for you, to maintain a good conversation is not hard at all, just follow these five important steps below.

5 Ways to Maintaining a Good Conversation

1. Be Attentive; Whenever the person you are speaking to is saying something always be attentive. It can be really irritating if each and everytime the person speaks you keep bringing back to the previous sentence he said before. That can just slow down the conversation and make the whole interaction process plain boring. Being attentive will allow you to also respond appropriately and thoughtfully.

2. Show Interest; It is always important for you to show some interest to the one you are conversing with. You can show this by nodding your head when he makes a point and also by maintaining some eye contact. When you show that kind of interest, the other person will really appreciate that and will in turn build interest in you. You can also ask questions but they shouldn't be too personal.

3. Talk about Familiar Topics; Please, Please, Please don't talk about things which are out of this world such as biotechnology or in depth physics or Advanced Calculus. Talk about things you are 100% sure he/she is familiar with such as interesting current events or news.  Ease the occasion a little and don't make the conversation so difficult that alot of thinking has be done. Here's some good advice for you, take it easy.

4. Have a Sense of Humor; Don't just be serious all the time, put up a smile and maybe make a comment that can make both of you laugh. The whole idea of doing this is to keep the conversation live and interesting. Relax and don't be so formal.

5. Be Yourself; Don't try to be someone you are not when conversing with somebody, just be yourself and try to be confident.

Example to starting a Conversation with somebody

After a family get together, You spot a former school student whom you used to school with at the same party. Although you only new him/her facially at that time, seeing him/her at your family reunion just make's you happy especially after noticing that its not everyday you see a former student at a school you went to. How do you start a conversation? Heres some good advice for you, that is so easy. Lets name the former school student as Kim.

Example 1

You: Hi

Kim: Hi

You: Your face looks very familiar, did you ever in your life attend Junior School at *******

After you ask that question then the conversation can begin easily.

Example 2

Now imagine that Kim actually walks to you but doesn't actually know you where both at the same school once upon a time. Whats even better, she politely asks you for the time.

Kim: Excuse me, whats the time?

You; Its 5 pm

Kim: Oh thanks (she quickly wants to leave)

You: Excuse me, but before you look like a girl I knew many years ago when I was young. Did you ever attend school at ********

If you come to think of it, this kind of scene is a piece of cake to most people. However, there are much more difficult scenarios where starting and maintaining a conversation is just so difficult. Here's some good advice for you, make it look easy. All the best!!



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