Wednesday, 7 August 2013

4 big ways to propose marriage

Will she say yes?

As a guy who has been dating your love for lets say 2 years +, you definitely feel you are more than ready to settle down. Besides, you are not getting any younger right? However, you know all to well that nothing is straightforward when it comes to these things because you are really dealing with emotions, thoughts, personal reservations and experiences and other things as well. However, we both know how much you Love your lady and how much you really want to get married to her, but you can't just figure out the best way to pop the question out. Here's some good advice for you, this article is going to tell you 4 ways on how to pop the big question. Nobody said it would be easy.

4 ways to pop the big question

1. During a normal date; When you go out with your lady on a certain day perhaps accompanied by a chaperon, ofcourse at some point you will need some privacy. However, when you are seating down eating your normal desert and stuff, then you can simply hold her hand and look at her straight in the eyes. Shes gonna smile a bit or look suspicious, however she will least expect what you are about to ask her. This is how you do it. Lets say your woman is Catherine.

You; Catherine (wait a few long seconds).......I have something important I want to tell you.

Catherine; I hope its not serious, is everything fine.

Then you slowly remove the engagement ring and slowly slide it through her finger even if she may hesitate at first. Then say these words;

You; Catherine, I don't know how much you mean to me. Would you Marry Me?"

2. At her place; Lets say your lady lives with her parents and you just can't wait to say what you have to say and so you decide to go to her place regardless who is there or not. Here's some good advice to actually make this a real success, do it right at the door step. Crazy right? Okay, I know you are asking "What if I embarrass myself in front of everybody?" That's the great part, you actually wont. You just have to do it abruptly, straight to the point and without thinking really about others. Here's some good advice to get you started

Buy some flowers wraped in the best material that you can find
Wrap the engagement ring carefully and thoughtfully as a present
Look your best 
Feel your best
Remove the worst possibilities from your mind

Caution; 1) Know when its the best time and 2) be a gentleman

3. Before traveling very far away; You could be travelling very far away on a mission or for some emergency and you couldn't have thought of a better moment to express yourself. Heres some good advice on how to pop the big question. Imagine you are just about to leave, and both you and your lady are at the airport.

Catherine; So I guesse this is where we say bye...

You; Guesse so, but I will be know that

Catherine; Ofcourse

After looking straight into her eyes you just pop the big question to her, it is as simple as that

You; Catherine, I couldn't have thought of a better moment to ask this question than now. I know this sounds crazy but I want you to know that you mean alot to me. (after removing the engagement ring you then ask) Catherine, would you marry me?

4. At a Wedding Ceremony; A wedding ceremony of a close friend or relative could also be the best moment to propose marriage. Because everybody is in a marriage mood there is no doubt that she might actually say yes. Try it!!



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