Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Can a Man and Woman Just be Friends?

What exactly is Friendship?

Every human on the face of this planet just needs a friend because that's just how we are, we are social beings that learn from each other and interact almost all the time. Friendship is all about being attached to another person by feeling of affection and personal regard. When two people or group of people go out for a drink, discuss matters of the day, share experiences, pull through experiences together or even have to make some sacrifices, they are friends. Remember friends and acquaintances are two different things. Here's some good advice to keep a friend, you have to be a friend.

Man and Woman Friendship

If you come to think of it based on the definition above, a Man and Woman can just be friends....AT-LEAST FOR A WHILE. Friendship between Man and Woman is not usually an ordinary friendship like you would have with a regular friend of the same sex. Why Not? Well it is simply because of the nature. When a Man and Woman are just friends they get to know each other which in turn leads to emotions which in turn leads into attraction which in turn leads into something SERIOUS. Thats just the nature of Man and Woman. Ofcourse there are some very rare cases when some people have just been friends but not really.

You see folks, thats why it is just impossible for two different people from different marriages just to be friends. It first begins with a simple hi, then it jumps to the just friends thing and finally it results in an affair. The idea of friendship is good but in my opinion, somewhere along the way there will be talks of a relationship and then Marriage. However maybe the whole thing just depends but in my books, somewhere along the way they will certainly become a serious couple. In short Man and Woman may be friends for a while but later that friendship will grow to a serious relationship. In short they can't just be friends.

Friendship between Marriage Mates

Friendship between Marriage Mates is one of the best Man and Woman relationship that is really fulfilling, rewarding and something to write home about. In my opinion, a good Marriage Couple that exercises friendship has something super. Why is that the case, well because the understanding of each other and their attachment is at a higher level. As like many friendship even Marriage Couples would have their small differences as friends. But ultimately, that should make their bond stronger and as they go through experiences, even their Love would certainly grow. Here are qualities of a good friend.

Friends stand up for each other
Friends make sacrifices
Friends communicate
Friends are generous with their time and resources
Friends Love
Friends bear with some of your weaknesses
Friends are there in both good and bad times

If you are thinking of a strong relationship, why not start it out as friends which can eventually lead to Marriage. Good advice indeed!


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