Thursday, 8 August 2013

Does Love Really Die?

Case of Deleted Files

Did you actually know that the files you deleted on your computer are not really deleted? According to this Link, even when you empty the trash bin on your computer the file is not actually empty but is simply marked as empty. So all in all when you come to think of it, nothing is permanently gone and the best way to keep your data 100% safe is simply to keep the hard drives of your old computer.You know in my opinion, it kind of reminded me of a relationship that had a strong Love at one point but suddenly died over time such as like deleting a file from a computer. Does Love really Die? In my opinion, Love doesn't really die and just as the case of a deleted file from the computer there are always going to be traces. Here's what you should know.

Does Love really die?

Real love is something that is not easily thrown away as some might think perhaps of the experiences they went through. Even when two people break-up probably because of circumstances to do with differences in opinions, heart break or other stuff the wonderful joys and experiences they shared together doesn't really go away. It even becomes more difficult to forget such a Love if their new found relationship is not as exciting as the previous one.

As is the case with most breakups, the two people don't easily forget each other especially if it is the first love and especially if they went through wonderful times and moments. Think of it friends, if you have ever fallen in Love before, how did it feel looking into the eye's of person whom you thought would spend life forever with? It must have felt great right, and simply throwing all that away in a bin and thinking you have actually thrown it away and its gone forever isn't really true. If what you shared was real Love, then there is indeed some small traces of feelings somewhere.

However, why do most people actually think that real love really dies? Well for starters, most people just don't believe in Love in the first place. There are many reasons for this which could be best explained by them but one common thing why many feel that Love doesn't exist is because of what they see. Also, perhaps what they themselves have experienced over the years to do with the L word. 

Giving Love a second chance

Nobody said that finding Love would be a piece of cake but here's some good advice for you, you can actually give Love a second chance. You don't want those feelings of loneliness and self pity control the whole of your life forever, when you are ready why don't you give it a second shot? Obviously you have acquired sufficient experience that has better equipped you to handle future relationships in a more mature and straightforward manner. Remember only when you are ready, only then can you take such a route. All the best in finding your marriage partner!



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