Thursday, 8 August 2013

Violence against Women, A serious Poison

A Worldwide Pandemic

Violence against women is perhaps one of those things people are talking about alot these days because many women unfortunately continously have to face sexual, emotional and physical harrassment either from their own spouses or men in their communities. As this bad vice has been growing it is something that is unfortunately slowly being seen as normal by the victims due to cultural or traditional norms. This is really sad and in my opinion, this advice blog definitely joins the many others worldwide in saying NO!!!! to Violence against women. What has been some of the common causes of violence against women in some parts of the world, in my opinion see the following.

Causes of Violence against Women

1. Marital Disputes; Some women fall victim to violence from their husbands due to marital disputes which eventually gets heated up and eventually leads to fist throwing and clashing. Women in such cases become severly injured resulting in a lot of other complications.

2. Cultural Norms; Some cultures just don't tolerate women having the freedom to do what they really want in life. For example, some cultures just don't allow a woman to select who she wants to get married to and when shes forced to marry somebody she doesn't love, she obviously doesn't buy into that. However, some woman because they are human maybe try to run away or something and because of that they end up getting punished for it.

3. Male Dominance; In my opinion, men do have an important role to play in the family circle however that is not to say it should be abused. In short, Males use violence in order to control their wives which is out- rightly an abuse of human rights.

Good Advice to end Violence Against Women

Ending violence against women is a long shot but in my opinion it could really end if both men and women were given the best education and sensitization on the best way to resolve issues, to respect the opposite sex, to work together, to help each other and to end the violence. Heres some good advice;

Ending Violence against women requires global action
Ending Violence against women requires sensitization and education 
Ending Violence against women requires committment 



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