Wednesday, 4 September 2013

5 Reasons you were rejected

Why she rejected you

There are times when you think you like somebody so much that you re sure if you asked her out, things will definitely work. But what a shock you recieve when the answer is not what you expected. That can happen a lot of times in this world today and being rejected by somebody you really like and want is not an easy thing indeed. However, here is some good advice for you, you have to swallow it in. However, just why would a lady reject a guy? In my opinion there are basically 5 reasons.

5 reasons why you got rejected

1. Not her type; Okay lets face it and no hard feelings, the truth is every one of us have our own kind of people we are looking for. Nobody has to make sense of it but it just has to happen that way, I mean thats just how it is. So when a lady says no, she may actually be saying it because you are not her type.

2. Dating someone else; She may be dating someone else and that is always a possibility. Or if she is not dating someone else she is considering of dating someone else. So if a lady actually says no because she is dating someone else it can actually be true but at the same time it may not be true and she is just trying to push you away.

3. She is a player; Some ladies just enjoy having fun in make and breaking guys hearts. Why they do it well, maybe because alot of people are doing it or they fell victim to it themselves. Usually, if they reject you because they were just playing, try to take this advice....Dont push it.

4. Not ready for a relationship; Some ladies are not ready for a relationship just at that point in time because maybe they are committed with school or committed with work. However other ladies are not ready for a relationship because they had experienced past disappointment.

5. They like you; Believe it or not other ladies simply reject you because they like you very much. Now there are two things to this 1) They like you and reject you in order to hope you will try again so that they can be sure and 2) They like you but can't really handle the way they feel for you. Point 2 is quite confusing heh?

Dealing with a rejection

When you get rejected that's an opportunity  not to feel crushed but an opportunity to learn. However, there are two things you can do. You can either try again or you can just call it quit and hope for a better opportunity. Heres some good advice for you, The choice is yours. All the best!!


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